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[Those who check the contact list may notice there is now only one Jane Shepard listed, but this user looks almost identical to her, just mad.]

Suggestions for ways to change your appearance? Long term but not as permanent as that asteroid's genetic modification, both things that can be done on the trip and recommendations for service providers for when we get back.

[All Nova's replies will also be in text unless otherwise specified.]
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[Red isn't shy, but she doesn't like making a spectacle of herself unless it's a concert. Even still she's having a bit of a problem finding what she needs and so hopefully there is either a techie out there or a musician or a mix of the two.

Her smiling face appears on the feed with a wave of one hand (why yes, her nails are freshly painted just as bright red as her hair, thanks for noticing!)]

Hello, World.

I'm looking for a synthesizer board and cannot find one for sell. Is there anyone here who might be able to custom build one for me? What's it called on your worlds I can only guess.

[She thinks a moment, eyes cast to the side before looking to the TAB again.]

It's a board with programmable buttons that play the recorded sound to the beat you set. You can play back the samples and create music. I hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about!


Aug. 3rd, 2017 07:03 pm
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[Weird looking bug eyed aliens aren't anything new on Thisvarou, so one popping up on the network isn't all that out of place. Unfortunately, nobody that this alien has chatted with so far seems to have any idea what a salarian is. That's honestly far less troubling than the fact that she's here at all with no way to leave, and everyone she's chatted with so far haven't been the most helpful. In all fairness, she seems to have shown up in the wake of some kind of horrible catastrophe, sooo she's just not going to bother the technicians any more than she has to.

Which brings her to the network instead. Despite her frustrations with pretty much everything, Raeka looks perfectly calm, not quite cheerful, but certainly professional.]

Judging by the chatter I've heard around the Ingress complex, it would seem that I've arrived at something of an... inopportune time, so I'll try to be brief. I'm looking for any information that you can share with me in regards to Thisavrou's scientific departments. I specialize in ecology myself, and feel that my expertise would be put to greater use in a laboratory or on the field than it would be testing for bugs in the TAB's map application. Not that I don't appreciate having work secured for me, but I can't help but wonder how many other people are given jobs that are so unfitting.

Unrelated, but in the off chance that anyone from home might be here, this is Pathfinder Raeka, with the Andromeda Initiative. Any status reports you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.

That's all for now, thank you for your time.

text; 1

Aug. 2nd, 2017 01:18 am
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[The username reads as 'Bismarck.' The picture is of a nondescript piece of purple-painted metal. Is there a pattern here with the previous post? Huh, he didn't notice.]

Tell me a little about your world?

[The request is simple, and harmless enough. No one is obligated to answer, no one is obligated to answer with details if they do.

[It's just a little bit of recon, that's all.]


Aug. 1st, 2017 11:28 pm
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[ "Augusta" is the name attached to this TAB. The picture is of curved white metal with a stripe of dark orange — leg armor, for any who may recognize it. ]

UNSC. Marines. RT-636.

[ In order: the military Maine knows, the branch he's in, and the hull classification symbol for the Mother of Invention.

[ North insisted on gathering intel while keeping a low profile. Maine's only interest is in returning to their mission. This is the result of compromise. ]
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[ Life had taken so many twists and turns that Adrien had been sitting on certain events for a bit longer than he had originally anticipated. He had been pulled in multiple directions, which was nothing new in his life, watching over a friend, treating other friends and watching events from the shadows.

He hadn't been affected by the shadows, mostly because he suspected that whatever was causing them had taken one look at him and overloaded before retreating.

Also in the mix, was the consideration of just what to do with the information. To go underground with it or above board. He suspected his feed would be watched, fuck the Fates but he was used to that level of scrutiny. In the end, a specific and recent event, a finding during his most recent follow-up had prompted him to his next actions.

It was late, late enough that his electricity had gone out like clockwork. A fire burned in the hearth, it's light casting an amber glow and shadows across his face as he actually put himself in the frame for once. ]

Let me tell you about a child )

[OOC: Link to the log event some of these details/dialogue comes from ]
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[Those present at the start of May might recognize the high, insistent tones that come across the TABs. Along with the small, floating orb-shape producing them. For those that don't...]

This is T-O-D, Deputy of Ingress Contingency Coordination, reporting a catastrophe of UNPRECEDENTED proportions!

On Day 77 of our current cycle, two recent residents of Thisavrou exceeded their clearance. They were discovered in a restricted sector of the Ingress Complex, engaging in Acts of Deliberate Sabotage. And fighting! The damage to the Ingress is currently unknown, and under evaluation by our finest technicians.

As a result of these barely-speakable crimes, the Ingress is currently restricted to authorized personnel. This means outbound travel-- like those idiots who brought the flesh goo back-- is currently forbidden. If you have to ask, that means you! If you don't have to ask, it's still you!

More information will be forthcoming.

[[For information not biased by a certain lawbot, check out the OOC post here!]]
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[On June 24th, another official video message appears on the network, once again showing ambassador Daniel Wright. He looks significantly more solemn this time around, and perhaps a little less well-rested.]

Hello everyone. This is Daniel Wright with the CCOA again. I’m afraid I have some troubling news. [A glance offscreen.] Over the past couple of days, several Created have gone missing. There was a pattern of property damage involved with each of these cases, though thankfully no one was injured. The circumstances surrounding these disappearances… well, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of so many disappearances in such a short amount of time.

[His expression grows apprehensive. He takes a breath as if to steel himself.] Unfortunately, given the timing of all this, I’ve been asked to pass on this mandate to all offworld visitors to Eastgate: you are all required to report to CCOA headquarters for questioning and, if applicable, code checks. Once we find out who or what is responsible for these disappearances, you will all be free to go. Until then, nobody is allowed to depart through the Ingress.

[He sighs.] I’m very sorry about this, but these circumstances are highly unusual and I’m afraid it’s only logical to suspect that there was an offworld influence involved. If you cooperate with our investigation, I’m sure you’ll all be released shortly.

Thank you, and apologies for the inconvenience.

(For more information on this development, see the OOC post for details!)


May. 20th, 2017 07:12 pm
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[The video clicks on to a turian face -- one who hasn't really made an appearance on the network so far. And, for anyone familiar with turian expressions... she looks annoyed. Exasperated. All of the above.]

Okay, so we've got a psychic, parasitic blob scooting around, dead men walking, security checkpoints, and fights over decontamination.

That sound about all, or am I missing some other catastrophe?

Either way, this is one hell of an introduction.

[And she thought the Nexus and its uprising was bad.]

Something tells me I'm going to hate asking, but where's an enterprising turian going to find a job with all this panic? If the briefing's right and that's what we're supposed to be doing around here.
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[ Nihlus looks extremely nauseated, even under all the neon green. ]

It's name is Mother. The emptiness is gone now, I don't- I can't- find it again-

[ Here, he stops for a moment, running his hand over his crest, trying to regather himself, trying to regather his thoughts. They'd scattered the moment the recording started and it was so hard to find the words to describe everything that'd happened in the past couple of hours. ]

I am Nihlus Kryik. One of people who'd been part of the diplomatic venture to Asteroid 276.

The Ingress glitching had given me temporary powers, similar to what many of you seemed to have experienced.

On top of a myriad of other abilities, I was able to form a psychic link and establish... contact with what I believe to be the source of the contaminant. Whatever the being is, this Mother, they are linked to illness we'd gotten from that station.

And they are hostile.

If you have any form of psychic abilities, do not try and connect with it. It is dangerous and it can pull you deeper under its thrall if given half the chance to. Its intentions are unclear, but whatever the may be, they do not seem particularly friendly.

Please. Keep in network contact with someone uninfected, either a friend, family or a medical professional. Anyone who is available to monitor you. Report to them any changes in your condition.

[ He pauses for a moment, just staring at the TAB, trying find some angle to make everything he'd just said not sound as horrifying as they did. But there's nothing he can think of. ]

... Take care of yourselves.

[ Spirits, he really hopes he's wrong. ]


Apr. 26th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[ The video starts up with the camera staring into the face of a teal/aquamarine/lightish blue helmet that's part of some pretty serious looking combat armor. Once Carolina is sure the TAB is recording she starts speaking. ]

This is Agent Carolina and I'm looking to make contact with the Reds and Blues of Project Freelancer as well as Agent Washington. Or anyone associated with the United Army of Chorus, honestly. If you know what any of that means I'd appreciate the information.

[ She reaches up, the seals on the helmet hissing as it releases, and pulls off her helmet to reveal her face, looking a bit tired and maybe a bit worse for wear. ]

And if you idiots are out there, let me know. I'd rather not have to track you all down again and if I have to you won't enjoy it.


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:28 am
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everybody loves polls, right?
cause i got one for all of you, and it's important.

"clones are an abomination": Y/N/elaborate your thoughts

figured this might be a timely question to ask, you know, considering the asteroid's a goddamn genetic nursery.


Mar. 31st, 2017 10:20 am
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looking for an engineer for a side project.
experience with bioweapons preferred.
if you need ultimate execution details to work, don't bother.
you'll just be wasting both of our time.

information is need to know.

[And, for visibility's sake, he attaches an image of one of these sitting on the railing of his treehouse.]


Mar. 19th, 2017 03:50 pm
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[ the feed flickers once, twice, before it settles on Thisavrou's latest Turian resident. ]

I have heard of machine-gods that could harvest entire civilizations and render them into nothingness in nanoseconds, or even create a symbiotic relationship between machines and organics...but I have never heard of the likes of machinery that could resuscitate the dead.

Yet, I am led to believe the technology here is so highly advanced that it is as common as any other glitch in a program. Is that right?

[ here, Saren pauses, clearly disbelieving. ]

I seek more credible answers, which surely someone must have uncovered by now. Is there more to how we arrived here? What is known about our gracious hosts, is there information regarding them or their government?

Humans are known for their arrogance and non-compliance. I cannot imagine that all of you have been content to act as no better than cogs in a machine, submitting so that our gracious hosts could reap the benefits of your contribution.


Mar. 11th, 2017 06:03 pm
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So, listen--

[Anybody who pays attention to any of Elizabeth's network activity probably notices something odd about this: it's a video. She uses audio only almost as a rule. But maybe she's not really thinking. It sure looks like she's not up for much deep thinking, if the unfocused way she keeps looking around the bar she's in is any indication. There's a glass in front of her, but who knows how much she's actually had.]

Who here... knows a thing or two 'bout 'attachment'? Because God, I could talk about it for days. About how great it is at first, but then in the end, it utterly destroys whoever it manages to get in its steely little claws. [This is accompanied by a very appropriate 'claw gesture' with all nine and a half of her fingers.]

Because the only thing that's ever constant... [She has an amused little laugh at the word, like it's a private joke.] change? Who wrote that... Hey! [She snaps her fingers over at someone behind her.] Who wrote 'the only change is--' No, 'the only constant is change'? Who wrote that when you're from? ...ah nevermind, you probably couldn't read your own name. [She turns back to the camera, disgruntled noises coming from the insulted party. But Elizabeth doesn't seem concerned.]

What I'm saying is-- nobody warned me, so now... [She points into the camera.] I'm warning you. You start liking somebody, start thinking you have a home someplace, and someday, somehow--

[The camera jerks as Elizabeth takes a punch to her temple. Somebody didn't like being called an idiot by someone half their size. Something close to the camera glows blue and then Elizabeth's got a beer bottle in her hand and she's screaming bloody murder. The feed swings wildly with her hand and cuts out with the sound of breaking glass.]


[An indeterminate amount of time later...]

[Elizabeth is back at her apartment with a split lip and a bruise under her eye, but she hardly looks embarrassed.]

I meant what I said. Nobody warns you until you're in pain. Consider yourself warned.

[She looks like she could say more, but apparently decides it would just be a rehash. So she turns the feed off.]

((OOC: Feel free to action-ify the first prompt, bar brawl for all. Otherwise Elizabeth will reply to any immediate reactions/messages/jeering the next day!))
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[ It's pretty clear that whoever is handling the TAB is having difficulty figuring it out. Following some muffled profanities and crackling as the video is essentially a moving blur, the image clears to the visual of a young teen. Her red hair is messy, pulled back into a loose bun where her bangs continuously fall in her face. Different from her initial arrival, she is clean and devoid of any showing injury. There's a very clear scar on her eyebrow, which seems to have uniquely ceased the growth of hair, leaving a wide gap. That very brow wrinkles as she leans over the TAB and inspects. ]

Is this stupid thing working or what?

[ "Stupid", says the one who found this thing super awesome five minutes ago. The charm died out when she realized just how incapable she is of utilizing most technology. ]


Oh, I see it now. It says "recording".

[ Ellie's voice is a touch hoarse, so she speaks quietly. She leans back in her chair when she is comfortable in knowing it's working. The teen takes a deep breath, exhaling heavily before speaking. ]

Okay, so I'm... Basically being told here that I should take a shot at, [ Ellie shrugs, waving her arms a bit to make a gesture. ] this. Getting acclimated, socializing, or something.


[ She waves, lips curled in a crooked, awkward and shy sort of smile. ]

What's up? I'm Ellie. I've been here a few weeks, but I haven't done anything on the network yet. So, er.

Nice... To meet everyone? I guess.

[ Her glance shifts away, and she eventually shakes her head and begins to reach for the TAB. ]

So that was pointless. How do I shut this thing off?

[ Ellie picks up the TAB, where the camera shows a pretty full image up her nose and under her chin as she flips it this way and that. A few more profanities, and eventually the feed shuts off. ]

( text )

Feb. 12th, 2017 02:51 pm
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What made you believe this? That we're where they said we are instead of it being a dream?

( Or worse, though Claire's ideas of worse would probably not match up to anyone else's. That said Claire can't say that she really took in too much of what was being said to her, so she does need the confirmation )

What did you do? Or want to do?

( Because she doesn't know, not yet. There was considering going out from the Dollhouse and trying to find something but to end up in another world entirely? She doesn't know where to begin )

TAB - Video

Feb. 6th, 2017 01:20 pm
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[ When the video clicks on, immediately the scene on display is a modest sized farmhouse with what look like orchards in the distance. From the fairly temperate looking climate a good guess would be that this is on Kauto.

The video turns about, giving a flash of a large block of wood and what looks like smaller pieces scattered around it. Good guess is that someone is chopping wood but has taken a break for the moment. This is born out when Adrien's face comes into the feed, the doctor is dressed in a t-shirt rather than his usual uniform.

Slightly out of breath, his dark hair is plastered to his face at the temples and forehead. Yep, someone has been chopping wood, rather aggressively if the sweat is anything to go by. ]

I'll keep this short and to the point. [ Par for the course. ] For what it's worth to those you who are accident prone or otherwise given to ending up injured, I've applied for duties at the local hospital in Region One. [ He doesn't expect he's the only one but he'll let Angela and Alva speak for themselves. ]

I'm also -and I can't believe these words are leaving my mouth- using some of the equipment salvaged from the MedBay on the Moira to equip a private practice here at this location. [ He made a vague motion in the direction of the house. ]

If anyone feels more comfortable ... [ These words are delivered in a neutral, non-judgmental tone. The Savrii have been nothing but generous to this point and this is not to suggest there is a problem. Rather, he knows what it's like to be paranoid as fuck. ] ... well, what's the saying? The devil you know?

[ Pausing for a drink of water, he fiddles for a moment with the bottle, before gazing up and over the top of the device, his eyes obviously scanning the landscape for something. He takes a breath, stops the words but then quickly finishes. ]

Uhhm ... I'm not sure, who else is on Kauto but ... has anyone happened to seen Courser in the past couple of days?

[ Though his tone is level, to anyone who knows him well, there is a definite edge of anxiety in his voice and in his expression. ]