Jun. 29th, 2017 05:43 pm
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[Liquid considered just using text for a message, but who needs to bother with that, huh? So here he is, looking into the camera, and while he seems a little annoyed, it's not much.]

So, now that we're confined to slightly less exciting adventures...

Who wants to bet on the next horrible thing making its way around? My entirely hypothetical money's on whatever that 'flesh goo' nonsense is.

[He might be slightly bored.]
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[Ordinarily text is their preferred method of communication. It is simple, to the point, and allows them ample time to compose their response with as many polysyllabic words as possible, as if that might compensate for their apparent youth. But there is little to no time for that, now. So the transmission, when it occurs, is audio only.

The tone of the speaker is that of a child's - albeit a cold, brisk, and businesslike one.]

Some time ago, it seems that a significant portion of the Moira's crew, when it existed, was abducted by a group of interdimensional slavers. They were held against their will. Exploited for the purposes of others.

[A hiss of a match being struck, and the crackle of something being set alight, and the voice continues:]

There were children among them.

[A moment. A halting intake of breath, the fluid cadence of their speech disrupted. Muzzling the impulse that swells in their chest, the boiling ember of rage that eats at what passes for a SOUL, for one such as them. Expression flat, words dull. Control. Control. Always, control.

Speak as though nothing is wrong.]

I am transmitting the Ingress signature one may use to access this world. Those that possess a conscience, or those that simply wish to have something to fight - [The last word twists into something else, a live snake coiling into a promise.] - I would encourage you to take action.

private to METTATON:
The way is open. Try not to get killed.

[Attached is the Ingress signature. They've already wasted more words than he's worth, honestly, but if something should happen to him, both Frisk and Asriel will very likely have something to say about it.]

private to ASRIEL and FRISK:
I will be away on a mission of sorts for a few days. Do not worry about me, and please, do not follow. I am well equipped for the task.

[[ooc: head on down to the mingle log if u want to do a slaver ass-kicking]]

( video )

Mar. 5th, 2017 07:02 am
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( The device is carefully placed before the video starts, letting it show only the piece of paper in question. It's not quite the wanted signs of the past but it'll do the job.

ستة وسبعون

76. She's calling him out.

The video only stays on for five seconds before it switches off. It's done its job )


Feb. 21st, 2017 07:01 pm
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[Liquid sounds really, really frustrated here. He's not having a good festive time.]

I could handle the tanglesnakes. Sure, they got all up in my things, but that happens when you decide to live in a tree. Fine. Piss off the local wildlife, why don't we. Fine. I get it.

But did they really bloody have to turn this into that... party planet all over again? I'd been flirting with random passersby for entirely too long before I found out what was happening.

I can't sleep in my own bloody home because apparently the plants are drugging us. Isn't that exciting?

Maybe don't hang out around R3 if you don't want to embarrass yourself.


Jan. 8th, 2017 08:36 pm
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It occurred to me the other day that I haven't had a chance to write anything, and that's, to me, a little depressing. There's been so much here that's happened, not just to myself and the friends I've made, but to everyone else. To you.

My day job, back home, for those of you who don't know me, it deals with investigative journalism. I write to uncover the truth, to shed light on scenarios that are otherwise dark and bleak.

Since I got here, everything has been nothing but a whirlwind of events. Each month there's been something new; whether it's stopping off at various planets, or it's daily occurrences on the ship. [ RIP Moira. ] There hasn't been time for me to sit down and write it all out.

[ Elena pauses and her eyes drift downward, off to the left. For those who knew about the incident with the Descendants, how she'd walked away from that moment on the ship with her left arm broken and bleeding out where it'd bitten her...she no longer wears a splint and padded cast. There's no visible sling. It's almost as though none of that had ever happened.

An injury as deep as that, bones needed time to mend. They needed a full two months. It's been less than that.

It shows that she's trying to think of how to word what she wants to say next, without giving anything away.

I'm interested in writing about abilities. [ Here she looks up, looks directly into the TAB camera. ] I'm interested in learning about them.

If you're comfortable with discussing this, that's great. I'm available for one-on-one meetings, if you would prefer, or you can reach me privately through the messaging system.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about the stories I've done, I won't mind sharing. Ask me anything you'd like.

[ Except you, Flynn. ]
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I've got a question for the peanut gallery, is this whole changing appearance thing the usual here?

[Because he woke up today looking like he should, not like some fresh faced twenty year old any longer. Now he's got a problem on his hands, possibly. The video shows off his mid thirties look, which honestly isn't that different from when he was younger, hairline up a fraction, a lot more tired looking, hair a bit thinner a billion wrinkles.]

I'm getting the feeling I should start to worry if I'm gonna wake up looking ninety years old one day. Reassure a guy won't you?

[To continue pretending to be mentally in his early twenties or not, that is the question.]


Oct. 12th, 2016 07:24 pm
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[At first, it seems like there's nothing on the video. It's lower quality than the video from the MID, suggesting an outside source, and there seems to be something in the way of fog or mist onscreen. Or smoke, actually, as it gets a little darker and thicker. Occasionally it seems to take the shape of a humanoid figure, then just seems like a cloud again.

After a few moments, Liquid Snake's voice can be heard.]

Just a tip. If someone's coming towards you with smoke billowing from their orifices, run in the opposite direction and never look back. Don't try to fight them, as much as you're sure you're going to win. You can thank me later.

[Sounds like he speaks from experience. Soon enough, something materializes in the air: a clenched fist, then an arm, then part of a torso. He's trying.]

Public service announcements aside, did anyone see the Flyers at the championship? We bloody shredded the competition. Make sure to check out the highlights if you get a chance. A shame about Xoxxorx, but he did what he had to.

[Xoxxorx will have a lovely memorial.]

They've been begging me to stay for next season, but I think my sports career's done for now. Not quite sure I can handle the groupies anymore.
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[ Brevity is a virtue of Venom's: he doesn't mince words when he throws his very concise, very curt statement up onto the network, staying pragmatic for the sake of time. It's a bit of a deviation from his standard to rely on text for communication, but he's in a bit of a bind right now. ]

Don't wander near West Leslie’s Fish Market and Creatatorium. It's one tourist trap you're gonna want to avoid.

[ He's absolutely not going to say that something fishy is going on because that pun is terrible, but it's implied. Heavily.

Actually, you know what, a picture is worth a thousand words: he sends a photo attachment approximating the area he's stumbled into, which he figures should speak for itself. A dim room with people strapped onto a bed, hooked up to suspicious-looking fluids; not exactly a vote of confidence cast in favor of this colony.

Try to exercise discretion.

(( OOC: this is a post to let people know about this plot right here! feel free to ask him about deets (he's still there, in this weird fishroom, texting and trying to figure out a gameplan), and feel free to drop in here to give him backup!

if you want to plot anything, go ahead and PM me or PP me at [ profile] deuil as well! depending on what happens here, i'll be setting up a starter on the event log post— hit me up with anything and everything, peeps, i'm def here for all your input! ♥
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Look, if I've been seeing you for anything regularly I need you to come by later. I'm not going through this shtak again and am packing up to head out the very next chance I have. But I'm not leaving any loose ends.

☄Filtered | Solid Snake and Liquid Snake

Get your asses down here like they're on fire. We need to treat your aging right now. It'll take you being in cryo for a day. Sorry if it puts a crimp in your plans but basically thanks to these wankspatters you have no time left. It has to be done now.

Move it.


Aug. 31st, 2016 09:11 am
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[Good morning, Moira. You are greeted with a strange video feed this morning. It opens with an untouched cup of steaming coffee and a plate that seems to have been emptied of food, save for one piece of alien fruit. A set of silver claws very carefully and painstakingly carving a face into said strange piece of alien-looking fruit in the mess hall, pulled from the plate once its completed its masterpiece. It doesn't look like much of anything, unless perhaps you've seen a certain visor around these parts. Then you might vaguely recognize the shape. Its not drawn very well.

The video feed holds on the masterpiece for a few seconds before said silver-fist comes slamming down on top of it and sends fruit juice and bits flying everywhere.

That's all, it seems, feed holding on the remains of the work of art, before a deep undead rasp speaks up off camera.]

Is breakfast still the most important meal of the day? Been a while since I had to think about it.
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☄ Audio
I've not had the chance to bring it up. However, a while ago I added some competitive programs to the training simulation room. They're meant to give people another healthy outlet for conflict and hostile energy as well as improve skills as matched by an opponent.

There are several games as well as the option to customize your own. There are also two settings. One "honest" where cheating will absolutely not be tolerated. One "deceptive" where cheating is so long as the AI referees don't catch you and you don't cause serious harm to your opponent. Surprisingly, both have their merits.

This is also a reminder that you can get hurt in there. It is possible, so ask a Med Bay staff member if to come along if necessary.

That said, I'd like to speak to someone on the medical staff if you have the time. At least I'll have a better idea of who people can request aid from while I'm at it. But I understand with recent changes you might have to wait.


Aug. 3rd, 2016 07:32 pm
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Hellooooo Moira! This is DJ Lúcio comin' at you live from the Moira's all new radio station based in the Hub! The lovely Mettaton helped me get set with everything and now I'm bringing to you the radio station for the crew, by the crew. Name pending.

[lúcio's speech is punctuated with a few dramatic flourishes. he's ridiculously excited, and it shows.]

Now, what I wanna hear is what you want! I can give you the music, the call outs and the news, but you guys gotta let me know when you wanna come and star to impart some wisdom unto the ship.

I'm not askin' you to do my job for me, but this wouldn't very well be a good radio if it was all from my point of view, would it? [even if he does think he has Good Opinions, lúcio is all about encouraging people to express themselves.] Anyone who wants to contribue anything, temporarily or permanently, give me a call on the MID. I'm taking music requests for the rest of the day, starting off with something that'll make you feel better!


Aug. 1st, 2016 10:08 pm
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I've made arrangements with the new leadership to carry through with my plans to open the tattoo studio as of today. Apparently the power for it is going to be provided since it's a recreational morale booster or something.

Please contact me here for an appointment. Fair warning that the only artists on board are me and Nihlus and we've only just learned how to do this.

[ A link is provided for the MID network page that lists the location and information about the tattoo studio. ]

Closed to Kobra Kid, Liquid Snake, and Levi:

I'm giving you priority on appointments since you previously expressed interest in receiving a tattoo. Let me know when you'd like to do this.


Jun. 23rd, 2016 06:34 am
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[When Liquid posts things, he's usually on video, often looking pretty damn smug or something. Today, he is not. He doesn't sound so good, either. In fact, he sort of sounds weak. The FOXDIE cure apparently has a few side-effects here, but hey, at least he's not kicking the bucket out of nowhere like his father. In the background can be heard some barking, and some music. Some pretty loud music. Sorry, roommates.]

Ugh. What a great time to still be ill.

First, I want to throw my opinion down on the pile that this splitting into hastily-chosen teams thing is bloody stupid. There's no point in splitting up if we're not going to actually involve things people specialize in. But even if I'm supposed to be bedridden I want to make it clear I am not down for the count. I'm available for whatever I can manage. That just... probably won't include any actual combat. Beyond that, I have plenty of leadership experience and if you need some advice, or just want me to tell you what to do, I'm your man.

[He pauses for a moment because of a coughing fit.]

Second, whoever sent the music, I really appreciate it right now. Can't believe I've never heard of this "Slash Monkey" before.
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[Solemn silence reigns for the first few moments of the broadcast. A shuffle of papers, a clearing of his throat -- or technically, a very good impersonation of it. There's no throat to clear. Anyway.]

Okay, so. I know there's been a lot of back and forth lately, kids. And I don't wanna add to the tension, but as long as we're ripping off band aids? I figure there's no time like the present.

[Another deep breath. Clearly, this is weighing heavily on the guy.]

I'm gonna say a few words that'll mean a lot to you guys. Bran. Oatmeal. Raisins. Words that should never even brush against the word muffin. And yet every Saturday, seems like those are the only muffins I see. I'm not gonna point fingers or anything. I dunno if the blame lies with the people taking the decent pastries or the persons allowing those ingredients to infect perfectly good muffins in the first place, but it's a tragic miscarriage of judgment and for the safety of the crew, I think it's important we all address the massive, raisin dotted elephant in the room.

I'm mean, jeez, guys. There are kids on this ship. What if they mistake them for chocolate chips? We're all responsible if we do nothing. Get it together, Moira.

[Another deep breath. He's said his peace. When he speaks again, it's as if a completely different person is grinning into the mic.]

And hey, as long as we're all here, feel free to air your various grievances too. Y'know, to save the Captains their bandwidth. Let it all out.


Jun. 3rd, 2016 07:39 pm
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Hello. Liquid Snake here with a bit of a public service announcement.

[Liquid's in his area of the room, lounging on a plastic lawnchair like he's king of the world or something. He seems to enjoy doing that. There's the sound of a puppy barking in the background.]

If, for some ungodly reason, anyone feels they have to play on my bed, or whatever the hell happened, it'd be wise for them to take their belongings with them when they leave.

[He holds up a strange
mask in view of the camera on his wrist, for long enough for people to get a good look at it.]

As it stands, the rule of "finders keepers" is in effect. So if this is yours... too bad.

[He puts the mask on and leans back, a hand reaching down to pet the barking puppy.

He probably won't be so smug about all this later.]
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☄ Audio

Ahab's not here. Ocelot assumes he went home... hope so. Says DD couldn't find him.

But there's something else. I keep noticing things. [His voice is gruff, almost angry. Festering because it keeps happening and he can't do shit about it.] Have you seen someone else? Wide hat? Skin burned, grey? Makes him look a little like a skull. I've heard him, I'm pretty sure. This deep voice, sounds like a smooth talker.

But every time I hear it, I can't catch up with him.

Or- or fog, mist...? In some places? Or is that just for me? Someone else must have saw something.

[He can't be sure with all the things he's seeing. But they can't all just be in his head...] Just tell me if anyone sees anything unusual.
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....we gotta get it out......[The feed is knocked on accidentally to show a writhing, sweating Venom Snake clutching at the sheets of his bed obviously having some sort of nightmare. His breathing is ragged and his words are spilling uncontrollably from his lips, as he battles in his dream.] time for anaesthetic....we-we have to open her now......

[More crying out in pain. What was he dreaming about? He is in pain, it's all over his face, as he winced during a bad scene in the dream.]

...Boss!...b-breathing's active bleeding.....she's clean I'm closing her up......

[Snake grabbed his sheet and let out another ragged cry of pain. Ripping the sheet clean off the bed, beads of sweat on his brow.]

.....hold her to be a- continuous suture....

...n-no!! you bastard.....

[Snake ripped the bed sheets in two, as he eyes snapped open and a silent scream left his lips. He awoke to the sound of DD barking loudly, obviously upset at seeing his master having a nightmare. He jumped onto the bed and began licking at Snake's face. What the hell? He swallowed hard, his chest rising and falling rapidly. His dream felt real. Too real. He wasn't aboard the helicopter now and Paz was no longer there. Big Boss was there neither. Kaz, Chico.....everyone gone. He was aboard the Moira. A nightmare. Another flashback. He wiped his forehead and felt sweat there. How long would these dreams effect him? He petted DD and tried to reassure him. Damn.]
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[The feed comes on to a strange rattling sound and the sight of a black, angled mask. Circuitry burns in a steady red-orange, two streaks on each side of the helmet and a clustered tetra-amino underneath. While it's the first time he's posted a video to the network at large, Rinzler's been prowling the ship for months now, and might be recognizable by the lights alone, though he's hardly the sort to stop and chat up strangers.

Case in point. The noise persists, an odd rumbling whir that brings to mind either broken machinery or a very insistent cat, but there's no speech. When words finally come through, it's as lines of text, scrolling in beneath the video.]

ID: Rinzler; ship-function: Transporter Supervisor.
Providing update.

Flight Deck facilities upgraded. Additional data available on public screens for flight tracking and pilot contact.

Additional update: system for transporter use.

[The camera moves, focusing after a moment on one of the Flight Deck displays. A list of names, jobs, and contact information is visible—only eight names, at the time of posting.]

Assigned transporter crew responsible for import/export of personnel and cargo.
If private use of transporters requested by other Moira crew, flight testing required. Will be added to access list once proficiency is demonstrated.

Training also available on request.

[The camera returns to the masked figure, helmet now angled slightly critically at the display. That is the most words Rinzler has ever had to word. Ever. But he thinks he managed to format it to user standards? An attempt was made. One more line flashes across the screen before the feed goes dark.]

Contact for additional queries.

[[ooc info here!]]


Mar. 21st, 2016 10:42 pm
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I got something in the mail from home that got me thinking about a few things:

- Has anyone ever made it back to their own time/place?

- Has anyone ever escaped and been recaptured by the Moira? If they have, did time move at all while they were away from home?

If you don't know, I'm also curious about the general morale. Do you like/dislike the ship? Why?