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[This entire conversation sounds spontaneous. Even for Mettaton. But at least he's socializing, right? Though...if he gets any responses, he might socialize a little strangely seeing as he's in an altered state.

It appears as if someone's located some recreational substances catering to his species, and now he's more chatty than he usually is...or has been.]


Apr. 26th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[ The video starts up with the camera staring into the face of a teal/aquamarine/lightish blue helmet that's part of some pretty serious looking combat armor. Once Carolina is sure the TAB is recording she starts speaking. ]

This is Agent Carolina and I'm looking to make contact with the Reds and Blues of Project Freelancer as well as Agent Washington. Or anyone associated with the United Army of Chorus, honestly. If you know what any of that means I'd appreciate the information.

[ She reaches up, the seals on the helmet hissing as it releases, and pulls off her helmet to reveal her face, looking a bit tired and maybe a bit worse for wear. ]

And if you idiots are out there, let me know. I'd rather not have to track you all down again and if I have to you won't enjoy it.
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[ Seeing how Mei lives on Chioni with all of four other people, when her dreams have her running to her balcony to be sick over the edge, she doesn't organize a block party afterwards to discuss it. Instead, she goes back inside and creates a cocoon out of the blankets on her bed. She tries to read, but there's a listlessness to her now. A gnawing in her stomach and an odd feeling that feels very... isolating. She shivers and opens up her TAB. There are different kinds of isolation, but the kind that reminds Mei of a cryogenic tube and being the last left alive is the kind that frightens her. She needs to know she isn't alone. ]

Is anyone else awake? Would you like to keep each other company? I woke up not feeling very well and I don't think I could fall asleep right now.

[ text ]

Apr. 26th, 2017 01:05 am
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I've never been particularly strong at making friends. However, lately, I have been wanting to gain some new friendships. In my world, this would have been hard enough to figure out how to connect. It seems even more daunting now that I'm trying to do it here, away from -- I guess the comfort of my own home.

Not that I don't have a new home here. It's very transitory, though, isn't it?

Does anyone else share similar desires to make new friends and difficulty figuring out how?

Or does making connections come easy to you?
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[Some of the residents of these strange planets may recognize the building visible in the background when the video turns on: the X-mansion, at one point intended to be a boarding school but a little short of that vision right now. Those who don't know specifically what it is will just see that it is a very large house (seriously, Charles, who needs that much house?) surrounded by grass and trees.

Look who's venturing out onto the network again. Good for him.]

It seems to me that what this place could benefit from is some self-defense classes. Just in case anyone ever has a need to defend themselves.

[Or finds themselves in an arena again. You never know.]

There's plenty of space in the basement for just that. There are no regular class times yet, so if you're interested in learning, let me know.

[For a fee, of course. He has to afford food somehow.

Then he adds, almost as an afterthought:]

There's regular classroom space too, if anyone has a subject they're interested in teaching.


Apr. 22nd, 2017 09:04 pm
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Tell me friends.

Are there those of you who find it difficult to forgive another?

I am curious. For personal reasons -- there is no judgment here.

v o i c e

Apr. 20th, 2017 05:42 pm
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[Illidan's voice is deep and melodic, sounding both speculative and resentful.]

So many things lost worth saving, and so much time spent in preparation and reparation for our chosen paths. Yet, when you look back on your life from the vantage point of these new worlds, what perspective have we?

[He's silent a few moments, speculating answers himself, before speaking again.]

Our presence here does not alter nor reverse what we did on our worlds, nor why we did them. Our mistakes follow us, as do our own truths. The injustice bore on our shoulders follows us too, as it had shaped us before so does it now.

[Illidan's silence this time doesn't last as long, and the resentful tone slips away to leave only a questioning sound to his voice.]

How much can we reshape ourselves here, to find new causes here?

Is there anything here worth sacrificing for?

[Now is the longest pause, and he adds as an obvious side-note not at all related to the ponderings he's shared just now:] And where is the best brothel one can recommend on these worlds?
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 [When a project is complete, the next natural phase is to test it. Which is the phase that Pidge has reached with three makeshift television sets and an experimental game system Pidge had to build in order to play what appears to be a video game that was randomly found at the market. And maybe Pidge had been holed up in the bedroom room more than usual lately, and maybe without saying much about why to anyone.

Well. Everyone's about to find out whether they like it or not.

Because when the feed comes on, it's clearly accidental. Mainly because the first words that come through are:]

Oh, COME ON!! Getting in close doesn't work, ranged attacks don't work, no blindspots from behind or on the sides-- How the fucking quiznak am I supposed to beat your ass?!?!

[The camera seems to have turned on by itself after getting knocked down off of something. It's clearly laying on the ground, tilted up so that Pidge's face is just barely in sight. The controller is more clearly in the center of the frame as it's being used, fingers pressing buttons furiously as Pidge curses up a storm at the TV screen. Things like "C'mon c'mon c'mon mother fucker just try that punk ass move one more time" and "you piece of shit AI, you've got one job!"

Someone should probably interrupt.]
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[ To say that it is taking some effort to adjust to the new reality Ororo has suddenly found herself in would be quite an understatement, but she still manages to look perfectly calm and composed as she offers the network a polite smile.

Would she like to maybe have herself a minor little breakdown? Sure. But she has absolutely no idea what sort of consequences that might have considering the quite substantial storm that is already going on outside the Ingress Complex, and there really just isn't time to fall apart right now. Maybe at some later point she can allow herself to fully absorb the shock of what has happened, but for now she has to keep moving forward.

Hello. My name is Ororo Munroe, and I'm a relatively new arrival here. Where I'm from I'm a teacher, mostly ancient history which isn't really going to be too useful around here unless some of you are dying to know about the Roman Empire, even if that was never a thing on your planet or in your timeline.

What I also am, is a mutant, which in my case means I have the ability to control the weather. I can survive in just about any climate, and I can get all sorts of information about what is going on in the environment around me because I am basically wired into it, which is a gross oversimplification but you didn't come here for a lecture.

[ Damn, but it feels pretty good to not hide what she can do. Screw anonymity, she's nowhere near Earth and its mutant registration act, and she is going to be completely and unashamedly herself. ]

I'm mentioning these things because I'm going to be needing a job pretty soon, so I figured I should put myself out there. Thank you for listening.

[ Her expression shifts into something a bit more amused, and at the same time sort of sad. ]

Oh, and if you have any good hangover remedies? Feel free to share them.

[ She's asking for a friend.

No, seriously, she is.
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[The video feed flickers to life, although there is currently nothing that is recognizable. Everything looks shadowed and tinted gray, like something is covering the TAB up.

A faint sound of footsteps, some other shuffling noises, then the camera shifts as the darkness is lifted away, revealing Kurt staring down at the device. Honestly, he looks a mess, clothes and hair disheveled, eyes rimmed red and bloodshot for some reason.

For the longest time, the cobalt-tinted mutant says nothing, simply stares blearily at the TAB, one hand still holding the blanket that'd been blocking the view before. Kurt opens his mouth, hesitates then sighs heavily, head dipping forward in defeat.]
He's gone, [he whispers, barely audible, despite the fact it's eerily quiet, wherever he's at.

He releases the blanket without much care as to if the video is still going or not and the lightest footsteps can be heard retreating, but they don't disappear. Alternatively, there's a rather loud thud before the feed finally clicks off.

That was just Kurt, hitting the floor. Everything is totally fine. (No, it's not.)]
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[The woman on this video transmission has green hair everywhere -- on the top of her head, her eyebrows, her eyelashes -- and green eyes to match. She's wearing all green, too; in addition, her lips are green -- but that's just because she has green lipstick on, not because her lips are naturally green.

She's levitating her device by way of creative use of her mutant powers, so at least people aren't getting an extreme close up of her face.]

Sooo, I guess I'm doing the multiverse and-slash-or space thing again. Cool. I mean, new places and worlds are kind of par for the course for me at this point, so I'm more fascinated than disturbed -- at least for the moment. I'll see how this shakes out.

[A beat. She is super chill right now.]

Anyway -- name's Lorna Dane, AKA Polaris, also on and off member of teams of the likes of X-Men and X-Factor.

[She says all of that in hopes that someone here will know at least one of those names. If not, oh...well?]

I've been poking around and seeing what I can, but if anyone wants to tell the newbie here the less obvious do-'s and dont'-s' of this place, I would be much obliged before I make a dumbass out of myself.

[Or, you know, people can start taking bets on how long it is before she gets in trouble, some way, some how.]


Apr. 10th, 2017 10:19 pm
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[It's been an extremely rough day. Venom woke up to an empty side of the bed, and Jim nowhere to be found. He's spent all of his waking hours looking for him, with his only clue being the Starfleet badge that was left on the nightstand.

Night has fallen, and the former assassin turns on his TAB.

Needless to say, Venom doesn't look like his normally elegant self. He looks rather panicked despite the hair blocking his face.]

My apologies for the late hour of this transmission, but my partner is missing. His name is Jim Kirk, and I've not seen him all day. I thought perhaps he went exploring, but he never leaves his badge behind, nor does he leave without contacting me.

This isn't like him and I'm rather concerned. If you've seen him, please alert me immediately. Thank you.


Apr. 7th, 2017 08:16 am
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[ The video shows a pleasantly cheerful boy, all golden curls and dimples, very comfortable in front of the camera. He's outside, a large field stretching out behind him, and he gives a friendly wave as he starts talking. ]

Hey, hey guys!

[ The camera turns, Matthew disappears, and after a split second of blurry grass and flowers, this 170lb creature appears. The dog gives a happy boof, sitting up and wagging its enormous tail, and Matthew laughs delightedly from offscreen. ]

What should I name my dog?
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Listen, I know it's like three a.m. ship's time, so it's perpetually Thursday on this planet. And Thursday is the worst, because it just sits there, when it could be a perfectly good Friday instead.

But I digress.

Most of us have been through a lot together, whether aboard the good ship Moira or here in the utopic gardens of Thisavrou.

And I know we're in for nasty weather, and there's lava beasts cutting swathes through upper Kauto midtown, but.

But, all that aside, I have a desperate and serious conundrum. I mean, like, I've got a real problem.

Right now.

And I need your help.

Which of these looks most like an apology to you?

...Bonus points if you can rationalize why.


Apr. 4th, 2017 06:27 pm
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Out of curiosity, is there anyone here capable of controlling the classical elements? Fire, water, air and earth, maybe some others.

And if there's such a person around, would they be willing to mentor someone else?

And for those that have nothing to do with that stuff, what's the coolest think you can buy with sencs?


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:28 am
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everybody loves polls, right?
cause i got one for all of you, and it's important.

"clones are an abomination": Y/N/elaborate your thoughts

figured this might be a timely question to ask, you know, considering the asteroid's a goddamn genetic nursery.


Apr. 3rd, 2017 08:24 pm
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Is anyone good with things like power and plumbing in a new building? to set those things up.


Apr. 3rd, 2017 06:32 pm
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[ Someone may or may not have already been exploring the asteroid. Hard to tell, as the video appears to be back on Kauto.

This time, rather than picturing the orchard, there is a nice interior shot of his kitchen, along with the crashing of pans. Who the fuck knows. ]

Question to those of you who dabble or "don't dabble" in the clandestine arts. Where do you draw your moral line? Do you have a moral line for short term ... shall we say results and perhaps a separate moral line for the longer projects?

If you potentially had access to a methodology that would extend your prospects of survival in a long term op, but it was seriously sketchy from the moral side of things, would you pursue it?

[ On that note there is a massive crash and the sound of some very inventive cursing, before he continues. ]

Alright, that's it. Civilian life is driving me right over the edge. It's either find someone to fight or the other word that begins with 'eff'. As my requirements for the former are more easily achieved than the latter so let's stick with the former.

Inquire for details within.
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I didn't run away to join the circus, only the circus archaeologists. [Wanda's TAB displays a stone carving of an acrobat, and then a figurine of a bull. They're sitting on a shelf, and the wall behind the shelf looks like rough stone.]

They're replicas... I asked if I could have one of the real ones, because there were about a million of them just in the tiny tunnel we were excavating, but they wanted to catalogue them all, so I went to the museum and bought the acrobat. The bull...I carved that myself, to the pattern of the real ones. It's only a keepsake...

It's funny, there are a million of the acrobats in the archaeological records of Deslora, but the bulls were new to the site I was working on. They want to discover what it means, whether the acrobats and the bulls are connected. They think the site used to be... important... Sacred dances and ritual danger -- that's funny too. Ritual danger.

But I missed the fun house and the crowds, I went to the fair and all I got were these tiny figurines.

[She zooms the camera view out, so that the whole shelf is visible, dwarfing the few things on it. Two figurines, a few origami figures.]

Oh, and this is my house.

[Zoom again, and pan to show a very simple room with wooden furniture that looks like someone fashioned it with an axe. There are a lot of cushions, though, in many bright colours and patterns, and a number of plants growing out of the floor. There are no windows, but light filters in from somewhere above, skylights perhaps.]

I'm still working on it, I've mostly been away...

[Zoom in, back to the shelf.]

It'll fill up with memories, eventually. At least that's the idea...

[Wanda sighs.]

It doesn't really feel like home.

[She turns the camera on herself for the first time. Looking directly at the camera--] What do you think makes a home a home?


Mar. 31st, 2017 10:20 am
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looking for an engineer for a side project.
experience with bioweapons preferred.
if you need ultimate execution details to work, don't bother.
you'll just be wasting both of our time.

information is need to know.

[And, for visibility's sake, he attaches an image of one of these sitting on the railing of his treehouse.]