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[It’s unfortunate that he has to turn to the network. Unfortunate, but unsurprising. He can only go so long without energy and his handlers hadn’t provided nearly enough guidance for him to find a solution on his own. He had hoped someone would give him further instructions before he hit hard limits, but after almost four days without charge, the situation is urgent enough for him to make a general request for assistance.

Calla elects for text over video or audio. He has no illusions that he’ll pass for a Creator with the message he’s about to post, but at least he can spare anyone from hearing his audio glitch. Plus, if what he’s doing is somehow against protocol, at least no one will have a face to match with his offense.]

Hello everyone.

[He reads and rereads the opening words a few times. They seem inoffensive enough...]

I was hoping someone would be kind enough to answer a small question of mine. I’m sure it’s a silly thing to ask, but I can’t seem to find any charging stations in the Ingress Complex. Would anyone please let me know where I might find any available for public use? I haven’t been installed in my new function yet and I just need enough power to tide me over until then.

[Calla can’t detect anything objectionable in that request. Perhaps it comes across as a little slow—the lack of readily available information on the subject suggests common knowledge—but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for a Created. He thinks for a moment and then adds another line.]

Liquid energy would be acceptable as well.

[Liquid energy had been a luxury in the Gardens, a novelty reserved for those who accompanied paying Creators. But given how strange this new world is, Calla can’t rule out the possibility that it’s the norm here.]

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Mar. 19th, 2017 05:45 pm
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My name is Kazuhira Miller. I've been around for a while, and mostly I've been focusing on building my own small business. But I have noticed that there are a good number of us that, while there are some general assignments the Savrii provide for extra wages, still don't have a good use for our talents, so I'm gauging interest for a project. [There's a splash of water and a clank of glasses. Ignore him, he's multi-tasking.]

What I'm proposing, and what I will bring before the Savrii if there's adequate interest, is a Rescue and Recovery program. With Ingress activity having the potential to go awry or with natural disasters in Ingress accessible worlds, or allying worlds that might need to call on us for help, some people with appropriate skills could go on rescue missions. Especially when there are children or endangered animals at risk. It wouldn't matter if it was a complete disaster or a low grade backyard rescue. We have a lot of people and a lot of resources for it.

It would require investors, donations, part-time or volunteer work. People willing to offer medical facilities for recovery, since it wouldn't really be fair of us to rescue someone and then charge them for the retrieval.

[If you run that kind of business then you ask for the money up front.]

Also people actually going into these situations would be deserving of hazard pay. Even for a less than strenuous mission.

And... I was thinking- [here's the catch] -the best way to draw attention to the need for money in this sort of venture would be some sort of regular broadcast. I'm not sure how shows [television? hologram? How do semi-future planet media] work here exactly but that's something I would need more information on and another reason this project would require more than one handler. [And there goes the clank of some plates.]

I've not received any approval for the project but I thought I would gauge interest. [And a metallic clatter and crash in the background.] Shi- [Cut off silence. After a beat?] Let me take care of this and then I'll be back.

Does anyone here know how to fix the lid to a futuristic industrial dishwasher? That I can pay for myself.
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[The video opens on Alan, eyes going from the MID camera to something offscreen.]

Hello everyone. This is Alan Bradley. I, uh, seem to have been sent something through the Ingress.

[The camera shifts outward and you manage to catch the barest glimpse of something small and blue before it flies offscreen, accompanied by a single word in a tuneless, buzzing voice.


Hey, hold still a second-- it’s just a camera!

[There’s another blur of blue as the object zips closer and then finally comes to a standstill in front of the MID, almost as if it’s inspecting it. The shape is more-or-less round and about the size of a grapefruit and though it’s no longer zooming around the room, its surface is still in constant motion, blue angles and planes forming and reforming at a constant rate.]

See? Nothing to be afraid of. [”...No.” The word is accompanied by a startling change in shape and color, the object flashing sharp and red before returning to a neutral blue.]

Right, [Alan says, keeping both his eyes and the camera on the hovering shape.] I’m… really not sure what it could be, but it’s been following me around for the past couple of hours. And the captains seem to think it’s mine for whatever reason. [”Yes!” the shape agrees, this time flashing smooth and yellow, its flat voice sounding somehow cheerful.

Alan continues:]
It says it’s not any kind of robot-- [”No” the shape concurs.] Or program-- [”No.”] Or an organic-- [”Nononono!”] So I don’t think I’m getting it right anytime soon, [Alan finishes, sounding somewhere between amused and exasperated at the constant interruptions.

The camera turns back towards Alan -- though he’s quickly joined by the shape hovering over his shoulder.]
I’m recording this video in case any of you might recognize what it is. Or if you have any educated guesses. You can ask it questions too, so long as they can be answered with yes or no. I’m sure you figured that out already.

[So… anyone up for 20Q?]