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[ Scott's been here a few days, but he hasn't posted on the network or done much other than rest, recover, and plan. He is eight different kinds of not okay with the fact that he was just brought here out of the blue. He's worried about the others back home, worried about how his parents are going to take a second child just... gone. They weren't exactly the best, but they deserved better than a pair of empty caskets and a ton of questions. And then there was where he actually was and all of what that meant.

He'd spent a few days trying to figure out if they were messing with him, but from everything he'd been able to see or find, it looked like the people who'd brought him here weren't trying to trap him so much as just couldn't send him home. He'd stewed a little in that, frustrated with himself and his lack of scientific knowledge to ever refute such an idea, but that didn't really help anything and he'd turned towards something to do here soon enough. Honestly, it's amazing that took as long as it did, given Scott's general impatience. That's why, with his couple of credits and his ridiculous job recommendation (hey, if he could rock it, he'd rock it for money. Pride's never paid his bills...) he's finally dipping his toe into treating this place like his 'real world' for the moment instead of just a screwed up nightmare scenario.

He's looking pretty good for a kid from 1983 with medically required wrap around sunglasses as he grins into the camera and offers a laconic sort of thumbs up. Teenage boys are a menace and should be stopped. ]

Hey, so... if I say 'mutant', what does that make you all think of?

[ The mun would like to note that due to the fact that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out in May of 1984, she was unable to make a totally tubular reference and she would like if you would all be sad for her at this deep temporal injustice.

Scott, on the other hand, is testing the waters in a sort of obvious but not really entirely obvious but pretty obvious kind of way. Though to be fair, he's doing it in front of the most non-descript bit of wall in the Ingress compound he could find and fully intends to take off the eye-catching bright neon yellow jacket and stuff it in his backpack as soon as he's done. Nothing to be done about the telling sunglasses, but he's trying. Who knows what could come back from this? ]
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You ever think that someone is writing our lives, and we're part of some comedy shitshow that the gods are playing out? If that's the case, then I'd like to have a talk with whoever's in charge.

Shadow demons? I can name at least five Thedosian books that played it better. Caught up on feelings and regrets toward people? There are better ways to damage a person. I can think of twenty bad memories that we didn't even touch on.

That's why, if you want good plot twists and thrilling concepts, you should subscribe to Tentacles and Shields publishing. This month we'll be producing a story about last month: The Shadow and its Paramore. Stay tuned for details.


Jul. 12th, 2017 09:57 pm
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[diana has been here just over a week and already this world seems to be falling apart. between the power outage and these strange creatures with black pits for eyes, her first impression of thisavrou is not exactly ideal.

but she's an optimist at heart, even when the situation seems impossible.

she has propped her TAB up on one of the walls outside her new home and has fiddled with it until she's figured out the video function. thank goodness she's a fast learner and that the information packet had lived up to its name. the amazon stands tall, tiara upon her head, armor shining, lasso of hestia glowing at her waist, and shield slung across her back. once she's certain the video is recording (resulting in a few seconds of her just standing there silently), she clears her throat and addresses the strange little device.]

I am Diana, princess of Themyscira.

[she wonders, right after she says it, if she should have kept the disguise that steve had given her in london. but she isn't in london, and steve... steve isn't here. she will not run away from who she is, or the duty that comes with that identity. it would not be right.]

I am new to this place, but not to battle against creatures from another realm. These mimics cannot be allowed to spread their corruption across this world. Already, I have seen them attack innocent people. If they are allowed to roam unchecked, I believe they will wreak untold havoc.

[she pauses, believing this is a good and fair assessment of their current situation. she exhales slowly.]

I do not know if they can be killed so easily. Certainly not without weapons. I attempted to stop one, but my intervention did not seem to faze it, and eventually it fled. So I am in need of a sword. A spear or bow will do. If nothing else, I need direction to a smithy where I might make my own.

[diana pauses, shifting her weight. she doesn't know if this is exactly the same as leading troops into battle, but--]

I cannot do nothing. Whether or not you join me is your choice.

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[ Tired of shadow people going stabbitty on your loved ones and ruining your family dinners? Then listen up, because here's a psa from your friendly neighborhood blue-toned mutant and a cute boy who's never had parents (don't tell him that): Kurt Wagner and Matthew Lynch!

They appear close together in front of the camera, leaning forward earnestly, and both of them start talking at once. ]

Hey, guys--

[ They didn't practice this in advance, it was more important to get the message out as soon as possible. Matthew looks at Kurt, nods, then back to the camera. ]

We know how to stop them. All those clone-- people. You can get rid of them if you make, like, a sacrifice.

Exactly, ja. There seems to be multiple ways of doing this, whether you decide to forgive someone who has wronged you in the past, disclose something personal, admit to feelings for someone, allow yourself acceptance and closure of people you've loved and-or lost, or facing the one thing that you fear most. Then, and only then will you be able to defeat the shadow being. [Pause.] Or reason with them, at the very least.

Right, yeah. All of that. Or, they said you can give up a memory about one of those things and that'll do the trick, too.

[ Who said what exactly? Matthew doesn't think to explain where this information came from. ]

So, that's all you have to do, and then everything can go back to normal. [ He looks to Kurt again for confirmation. ] I think.

[There's a brisk nod from the teleporter, a brief glance from his peripheral at Matthew then back toward the screen, apprehension clear on his face.] I'm sure I speak for the both of us when I say this, but ... be careful.

[Kurt exchanges a final look with the dream boy before ending the feed.]

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[Wash appears on the screen, grudgingly out of armour, his face drawn and pinched around the mouth. He looks exhausted, eyes sunken and dark with exhaustion. Arriving here is just one more thing that seems specifically designed to fuck up his life.]

My name is Ag- [No, he's not Agent Washington anymore is he? He's not with the UNSC. He's not with project Freelancer. He's not anything.] My name is Washington.

They said that- [He can't believe he's saying this. His life is a fucking joke and his death will probably be the punchline. Until then, he is stuck dealing with this shit. Assuming he hasn't snapped altogether. That's also a possibility.]

They said that I have been sucked in through some kind of bullshit dimension hopping. [Yes, his teeth are gritted as he says it.] I'm looking for anyone who knows what the UNSC is.

[It's not that he wants to find anyone from home. There's no-one he cares for left alive and even then... well, he tries not to think about them too much. But he just needs someone to remind him that that wasn't all fictional.]


Jun. 19th, 2017 10:19 am
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Hey, so guys? I totally do not recommend eating wild berries. Tasty though they look, gentle on your stomach they are not. Oh, man. It was like being on the test team program all over again. Ship going backward sand forwards, up and down, side to si--

[He goes a little green and cups his mouth. When he speaks again he sounds strained.] Alright, okay, cool. So enough of that. That is officially all of that that's gonna happen.

So, yeah. No berries. Bad plan. Don't do it.
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scenario: bae is mad cuz u didnt fuck him good

& now there ain't nothing making it right. not all the fucking cocaine and free porn and $900 scotch and diamond encrusted watches and faberge eggs (literal) and novelty dildos and dick sucking in the world. in two worlds. i'm talking about two fucking worlds worth of that shit on offer, and he still mad.

what the fuck am i supposed to do

waht do you do

what have you done. only solutions that work thx
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[Ordinarily text is their preferred method of communication. It is simple, to the point, and allows them ample time to compose their response with as many polysyllabic words as possible, as if that might compensate for their apparent youth. But there is little to no time for that, now. So the transmission, when it occurs, is audio only.

The tone of the speaker is that of a child's - albeit a cold, brisk, and businesslike one.]

Some time ago, it seems that a significant portion of the Moira's crew, when it existed, was abducted by a group of interdimensional slavers. They were held against their will. Exploited for the purposes of others.

[A hiss of a match being struck, and the crackle of something being set alight, and the voice continues:]

There were children among them.

[A moment. A halting intake of breath, the fluid cadence of their speech disrupted. Muzzling the impulse that swells in their chest, the boiling ember of rage that eats at what passes for a SOUL, for one such as them. Expression flat, words dull. Control. Control. Always, control.

Speak as though nothing is wrong.]

I am transmitting the Ingress signature one may use to access this world. Those that possess a conscience, or those that simply wish to have something to fight - [The last word twists into something else, a live snake coiling into a promise.] - I would encourage you to take action.

private to METTATON:
The way is open. Try not to get killed.

[Attached is the Ingress signature. They've already wasted more words than he's worth, honestly, but if something should happen to him, both Frisk and Asriel will very likely have something to say about it.]

private to ASRIEL and FRISK:
I will be away on a mission of sorts for a few days. Do not worry about me, and please, do not follow. I am well equipped for the task.

[[ooc: head on down to the mingle log if u want to do a slaver ass-kicking]]
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Helloooooo ladies, dudes, and various other genders, identities, and lifeforms! Some of you may already know me, but for those who don't, my name is Lance, and today I am comin' at you with some ice breakers! A couple of my friends who shall remain nameless but know who they are are really bad at socializing and are in need of new friends. And I figure, if they are, there's gotta be other people out there who are just as bad, right?

So here's the deal! I'm gonna read some questions, and you guys can answer them! And then you gotta talk to two people you don't already know. I don't count, but talk to me anyway!

Go into as much detail with these as you can want, because they're gonna help you make new friends.

[ He clears his throat, and starts reading. ]

Number one! If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?
Number two, if you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
Three, what are your top ten favorite foods?
Four, share a description of your favorite material object that you already own, and share why it's important to you.
Annnd five! What color do you think best represents you, and how does being that color make you feel?

[ He takes a second to copy and paste the same questions in a text format along with his video for ease of answering, then grins into the camera again. ]

Everyone got that? Cool, now go meet somebody!

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( video )

May. 11th, 2017 01:13 am
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[ Social media, in Logan's firm opinion, is useless shit to him. Maybe he's too used to having been in hiding for too long, but it just feels like a bad idea to be connected to a network, even if he never uses it.

Now that he needs it....urgh, it's still a bad idea. ]

Is this thing on-

[ Yep, it totally is. His expression is flat, the scenery behind him rather nondescript- a grassy field, a stand of trees. The dark, salt-and-pepper wolverine ears peeking from his hair twitch. ]

I'm not gonna bore everyone with story time introduction bullshit or powers crap- I got a question for residents of Kauto.

You guys got an optometrist somewhere on this planet? Someone that sees humankind, not...Cthulhu alien-types or whatever else. I need a pair of readers.

That's reading glasses, if I wasn't clear. I'd like to get them pretty quick.

private to x-bros )
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[And here's Lorna, complete with an expression that looks like she is both pissed off and has a migraine.

Anyone who can perceive auras such as magical or psychic ones will be the only ones to notice a purple -- violet, really -- semi-abstract butterfly shape around Lorna; mostly around her head. It's made of psychic energy, so not a tangible substance. It's a manifestation of the powers of one Elizabeth Braddock -- AKA "Psylocke" -- from Lorna's world, and the powerset also comes with telekinesis.]

Can everyone. Just. Please think less loudly for two minutes? I know I'm not the only one freaking out, but damn -- some of us have psychic powers suddenly and without notice beforehand taking up residence in our brains. How do you all who have this all the time deal with it, shit.

[Lorna is grumpy and overwhelmed. She might apologize later for being so short in this message, but right now all of you are giving her a migraine, so she's not inclined to not be like This at present. She knows she's not the only one dealing with weird, but she also has a tendency to get kinda like a dumbass when she gets this grumpy, so anyone inclined to call her out on it, probably should do so and tell her to Chill Out.]

The telekinesis, I can live with. [She holds up a fist, and again, only people who can detect magical or psychic auras will notice a ball of purple telekinetic energy around her fist.] It works on not-just-metal stuff.

[She's been grumpy enough for one video, so she ends the feed there.]
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okay, first thing's first--

[There are a few pictures of Kurt, a wide grin spread across his face, his head turned this way and that to show off his new haircut. The bangs are done in an up-style for the moment, streaked with a vibrant new shade of blue.]

i finally got my hair cut off after letting it grow for far too long.


look at this!!

[The TAB switches to video, although there's nothing to see right away. After a couple of minutes, an unfamiliar teen steps into view, peering into the lens of the camera with bright pastel green eyes. Except, this kid definitely has the same hair that Kurt was showing off only a bit ago and when he speaks:]

Pretty cool, ja?

[That accent is unmistakable and if that's not enough to ruin the gimmick, the left side of of his face ripples, fading back to a cobalt skin-tone and a single golden eye, which closes in a wink before returning back to the normal 'human' look.] I can shapeshift!
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[ Seeing how Mei lives on Chioni with all of four other people, when her dreams have her running to her balcony to be sick over the edge, she doesn't organize a block party afterwards to discuss it. Instead, she goes back inside and creates a cocoon out of the blankets on her bed. She tries to read, but there's a listlessness to her now. A gnawing in her stomach and an odd feeling that feels very... isolating. She shivers and opens up her TAB. There are different kinds of isolation, but the kind that reminds Mei of a cryogenic tube and being the last left alive is the kind that frightens her. She needs to know she isn't alone. ]

Is anyone else awake? Would you like to keep each other company? I woke up not feeling very well and I don't think I could fall asleep right now.
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[ To say that it is taking some effort to adjust to the new reality Ororo has suddenly found herself in would be quite an understatement, but she still manages to look perfectly calm and composed as she offers the network a polite smile.

Would she like to maybe have herself a minor little breakdown? Sure. But she has absolutely no idea what sort of consequences that might have considering the quite substantial storm that is already going on outside the Ingress Complex, and there really just isn't time to fall apart right now. Maybe at some later point she can allow herself to fully absorb the shock of what has happened, but for now she has to keep moving forward.

Hello. My name is Ororo Munroe, and I'm a relatively new arrival here. Where I'm from I'm a teacher, mostly ancient history which isn't really going to be too useful around here unless some of you are dying to know about the Roman Empire, even if that was never a thing on your planet or in your timeline.

What I also am, is a mutant, which in my case means I have the ability to control the weather. I can survive in just about any climate, and I can get all sorts of information about what is going on in the environment around me because I am basically wired into it, which is a gross oversimplification but you didn't come here for a lecture.

[ Damn, but it feels pretty good to not hide what she can do. Screw anonymity, she's nowhere near Earth and its mutant registration act, and she is going to be completely and unashamedly herself. ]

I'm mentioning these things because I'm going to be needing a job pretty soon, so I figured I should put myself out there. Thank you for listening.

[ Her expression shifts into something a bit more amused, and at the same time sort of sad. ]

Oh, and if you have any good hangover remedies? Feel free to share them.

[ She's asking for a friend.

No, seriously, she is.
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[The video feed flickers to life, although there is currently nothing that is recognizable. Everything looks shadowed and tinted gray, like something is covering the TAB up.

A faint sound of footsteps, some other shuffling noises, then the camera shifts as the darkness is lifted away, revealing Kurt staring down at the device. Honestly, he looks a mess, clothes and hair disheveled, eyes rimmed red and bloodshot for some reason.

For the longest time, the cobalt-tinted mutant says nothing, simply stares blearily at the TAB, one hand still holding the blanket that'd been blocking the view before. Kurt opens his mouth, hesitates then sighs heavily, head dipping forward in defeat.]
He's gone, [he whispers, barely audible, despite the fact it's eerily quiet, wherever he's at.

He releases the blanket without much care as to if the video is still going or not and the lightest footsteps can be heard retreating, but they don't disappear. Alternatively, there's a rather loud thud before the feed finally clicks off.

That was just Kurt, hitting the floor. Everything is totally fine. (No, it's not.)]


Apr. 7th, 2017 08:16 am
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[ The video shows a pleasantly cheerful boy, all golden curls and dimples, very comfortable in front of the camera. He's outside, a large field stretching out behind him, and he gives a friendly wave as he starts talking. ]

Hey, hey guys!

[ The camera turns, Matthew disappears, and after a split second of blurry grass and flowers, this 170lb creature appears. The dog gives a happy boof, sitting up and wagging its enormous tail, and Matthew laughs delightedly from offscreen. ]

What should I name my dog?


Apr. 4th, 2017 06:27 pm
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Out of curiosity, is there anyone here capable of controlling the classical elements? Fire, water, air and earth, maybe some others.

And if there's such a person around, would they be willing to mentor someone else?

And for those that have nothing to do with that stuff, what's the coolest think you can buy with sencs?


Mar. 19th, 2017 05:45 pm
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My name is Kazuhira Miller. I've been around for a while, and mostly I've been focusing on building my own small business. But I have noticed that there are a good number of us that, while there are some general assignments the Savrii provide for extra wages, still don't have a good use for our talents, so I'm gauging interest for a project. [There's a splash of water and a clank of glasses. Ignore him, he's multi-tasking.]

What I'm proposing, and what I will bring before the Savrii if there's adequate interest, is a Rescue and Recovery program. With Ingress activity having the potential to go awry or with natural disasters in Ingress accessible worlds, or allying worlds that might need to call on us for help, some people with appropriate skills could go on rescue missions. Especially when there are children or endangered animals at risk. It wouldn't matter if it was a complete disaster or a low grade backyard rescue. We have a lot of people and a lot of resources for it.

It would require investors, donations, part-time or volunteer work. People willing to offer medical facilities for recovery, since it wouldn't really be fair of us to rescue someone and then charge them for the retrieval.

[If you run that kind of business then you ask for the money up front.]

Also people actually going into these situations would be deserving of hazard pay. Even for a less than strenuous mission.

And... I was thinking- [here's the catch] -the best way to draw attention to the need for money in this sort of venture would be some sort of regular broadcast. I'm not sure how shows [television? hologram? How do semi-future planet media] work here exactly but that's something I would need more information on and another reason this project would require more than one handler. [And there goes the clank of some plates.]

I've not received any approval for the project but I thought I would gauge interest. [And a metallic clatter and crash in the background.] Shi- [Cut off silence. After a beat?] Let me take care of this and then I'll be back.

Does anyone here know how to fix the lid to a futuristic industrial dishwasher? That I can pay for myself.


Mar. 11th, 2017 06:03 pm
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So, listen--

[Anybody who pays attention to any of Elizabeth's network activity probably notices something odd about this: it's a video. She uses audio only almost as a rule. But maybe she's not really thinking. It sure looks like she's not up for much deep thinking, if the unfocused way she keeps looking around the bar she's in is any indication. There's a glass in front of her, but who knows how much she's actually had.]

Who here... knows a thing or two 'bout 'attachment'? Because God, I could talk about it for days. About how great it is at first, but then in the end, it utterly destroys whoever it manages to get in its steely little claws. [This is accompanied by a very appropriate 'claw gesture' with all nine and a half of her fingers.]

Because the only thing that's ever constant... [She has an amused little laugh at the word, like it's a private joke.] change? Who wrote that... Hey! [She snaps her fingers over at someone behind her.] Who wrote 'the only change is--' No, 'the only constant is change'? Who wrote that when you're from? ...ah nevermind, you probably couldn't read your own name. [She turns back to the camera, disgruntled noises coming from the insulted party. But Elizabeth doesn't seem concerned.]

What I'm saying is-- nobody warned me, so now... [She points into the camera.] I'm warning you. You start liking somebody, start thinking you have a home someplace, and someday, somehow--

[The camera jerks as Elizabeth takes a punch to her temple. Somebody didn't like being called an idiot by someone half their size. Something close to the camera glows blue and then Elizabeth's got a beer bottle in her hand and she's screaming bloody murder. The feed swings wildly with her hand and cuts out with the sound of breaking glass.]


[An indeterminate amount of time later...]

[Elizabeth is back at her apartment with a split lip and a bruise under her eye, but she hardly looks embarrassed.]

I meant what I said. Nobody warns you until you're in pain. Consider yourself warned.

[She looks like she could say more, but apparently decides it would just be a rehash. So she turns the feed off.]

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