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[ It's been two weeks since she's woken up in the Complex, the effects of her cryostasis wearing off, finally. The effects of her death and resurging, that's another story. Her throat and lungs aren't feeling so raw but the latter still feels rough. At least she no longer feels like she's going to choke with each breath she takes. And the hacking up blood has stopped. On the other hand, the nightmares of the exact moment don't come as often but they're there.

They're always there.

I was always under the impression that when you died, you stayed dead. There were no second chances. Maybe I haven't come to terms with it. I've come close to death's door too often but never like that.

Has anyone ever...?

[ If anyone here has died and returned, wouldn't asking bring back unpleasant memories? Elena's aware of that, unfortunately there's only been one other person whom she's been able to talk to who can relate.

This isn't something she can talk to Nate about because of how sensitive a topic it is between them still, and that's why she's locked the post from him. She needs to know if there are others.

Plus there's just one more thing...

My wedding ring also seems to be missing... It's plain silver and has an engraving on the inside. It's been missing since I woke up in the Complex.

If it's shown up anywhere then please, I'd appreciate a heads up.

( ooc; the ring is gone forever, and although the post is locked from older!nate, it's still free game for anyone who knows him to bring up the post/topic/any conversation to him. c: )
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[Ordinarily text is their preferred method of communication. It is simple, to the point, and allows them ample time to compose their response with as many polysyllabic words as possible, as if that might compensate for their apparent youth. But there is little to no time for that, now. So the transmission, when it occurs, is audio only.

The tone of the speaker is that of a child's - albeit a cold, brisk, and businesslike one.]

Some time ago, it seems that a significant portion of the Moira's crew, when it existed, was abducted by a group of interdimensional slavers. They were held against their will. Exploited for the purposes of others.

[A hiss of a match being struck, and the crackle of something being set alight, and the voice continues:]

There were children among them.

[A moment. A halting intake of breath, the fluid cadence of their speech disrupted. Muzzling the impulse that swells in their chest, the boiling ember of rage that eats at what passes for a SOUL, for one such as them. Expression flat, words dull. Control. Control. Always, control.

Speak as though nothing is wrong.]

I am transmitting the Ingress signature one may use to access this world. Those that possess a conscience, or those that simply wish to have something to fight - [The last word twists into something else, a live snake coiling into a promise.] - I would encourage you to take action.

private to METTATON:
The way is open. Try not to get killed.

[Attached is the Ingress signature. They've already wasted more words than he's worth, honestly, but if something should happen to him, both Frisk and Asriel will very likely have something to say about it.]

private to ASRIEL and FRISK:
I will be away on a mission of sorts for a few days. Do not worry about me, and please, do not follow. I am well equipped for the task.

[[ooc: head on down to the mingle log if u want to do a slaver ass-kicking]]

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May. 11th, 2017 01:13 am
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[ Social media, in Logan's firm opinion, is useless shit to him. Maybe he's too used to having been in hiding for too long, but it just feels like a bad idea to be connected to a network, even if he never uses it.

Now that he needs it....urgh, it's still a bad idea. ]

Is this thing on-

[ Yep, it totally is. His expression is flat, the scenery behind him rather nondescript- a grassy field, a stand of trees. The dark, salt-and-pepper wolverine ears peeking from his hair twitch. ]

I'm not gonna bore everyone with story time introduction bullshit or powers crap- I got a question for residents of Kauto.

You guys got an optometrist somewhere on this planet? Someone that sees humankind, not...Cthulhu alien-types or whatever else. I need a pair of readers.

That's reading glasses, if I wasn't clear. I'd like to get them pretty quick.

private to x-bros )


Jan. 24th, 2017 09:03 am
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[Obviously no one's happy with how this has played out. They may have a way off this deserted rock but it's another promise from yet another group of strange people that if they play along for just a little longer, they can go home.

And after being stuck here for almost a year and a half (technically more if you count the weird party moon), Wanda's faith in all of these strangers, however well-meaning, is pretty much slim to none.]

If the Savrii can't send us home quickly, I think we should try to stay together. I am not sure I trust anyone else.

[She shrugs.]

They mean to help, but they are not the first.