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[Oh, look at this, won't you? Another message from a black eyed monstrosity with a pleased smirk on his face. Pointed teeth flash in the light cast by Mettaton's TAB, but it's definitely not Mettaton who's holding it. At least...not the one which would seem familiar anymore.]

Hello, beauties!! How are you this evening~? I do so hope I find you well!! Oh, me? I'm positively fantastic--and why wouldn't I be, given the circumstances?

[He shifts, as if put off balance, and there's a shuffling sound out of sight...maybe from below the TAB's view? It's hard to tell unless you're really listening...]

So! I thought I'd talk to all of you about something veeery important! That is, I'm here to address the flagrant misrepresentation of myself which has been electing to hide himself--his true self!! Ahaha, just look at him trying now!! Sweetheart, there's absolutely no need to struggle!!

[At that point, the TAB finally angles downward and there's the real Mettaton, shooting a glare to kill at his shadow, but not exactly struggling. Perhaps the shadow was embellishing a little. He frowns, an expression caught in the peripheral of the recording device as he shifts it. His free arm reaches out, snaking around the real Mettaton and pulling him close for what had to be the most uncomfortable selfie in the world.

Mettaton's expression is dour and uncomfortable.]

So, everyone! Have a look at this pretender, won't you? This sham who sullies the name of Mettaton with such pitiful displays of weakness!! Why, I bet he couldn't hold a crowd if he wanted!! He's honestly so sad to behold, isn't he?! After all, he's not an actor, he's not a kind soul, and he cares very little for his friends and family--enough to utterly forget who made this body and force his poor cousin to tears, and even to fail his new bosom bestie!!! Wow!!!! How many times can you fail those you supposedly love?!

[The shadow nudges Mettaton as best he can when he's holding the bot captive, but Mettaton offers no defense for himself.

Seemingly disgusted, the shadow's arm releases Mettaton so quickly that he puts the robot off kilter, only to shove him to the ground. Mettaton doesn't fight. He just scowls as his shadow brazenly presses a boot against his chestplate, stepping on his scarf.

Mettaton doesn't fight, doesn't speak.]

Well, there you have it. Why don't we take an audience count on it, hmm? Should I let this embarrassing facsimile of a real star continue to ruin my good name?

Text or phone in at your leisure, beauties!! Toodles!!!
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[This entire conversation sounds spontaneous. Even for Mettaton. But at least he's socializing, right? Though...if he gets any responses, he might socialize a little strangely seeing as he's in an altered state.

It appears as if someone's located some recreational substances catering to his species, and now he's more chatty than he usually is...or has been.]
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[Before Bucky starts the video, he makes sure it's broadcasting to all of Thisavrou. The Moirans, Savrii, anyone that might be visiting. His expression is passive, reserved even, but his tone is firm.]

I'm gonna make this quick as I can. Most of the people here are from somewhere else. Different universes, different ways of doing things.

[His eyes narrow.]

But what's wrong is wrong and what's right is right.

[Even after what he's been through, he can still tell the difference.]

I wasn't on the Moira when the slavers took some of us, but I heard about them after. We've visited worlds that treat people like shit because they want to. They take advantage and they hurt carelessly. So far this place hasn't been that way. Everyone is nice. [Something that makes him wary, still.] But if anyone, and I mean anyone, starts treatin' robots like they're soul-less. Worthless. Nothing. They'll have to answer to me. Same goes for anyone else, robot or otherwise.

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, got it?

[It's not a direct threat, but it's close. He knows some people won't like it, but they can come talk to him if they don't. He doesn't like the attention this might get him, but he knows it's a point worth making. Something he knows certain people need to hear. He cuts the feed.]

[ooc: all responses will come in the form of a text message.]
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18 yo white m
6 in
location: marooned on a giant piece of shit rock wit the universe's angriest potato eater virgin & the latest lineup 4 his spice boys
hobbies: alcohol, blow, hoverboards, & trying 2 murder motherfucking olivier, the alien stag that keeps almos comin into rifle range then pissing off after i take my 1st shot
prefer the d
prefer 2 top
but im pretty fucking over bein on my feet i dunno about u
so if u got a vagina u can still suck my dick ;(
will share space venison when i put down motherfuckin olivier.

holler back

text //

Nov. 25th, 2016 02:26 am
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right so show of hands who would like to not die from a ship hurtling into the surface of a planet

i feel like those of us not feeling suicidal might be in a minority

just out of curiosity really

i want to get a good and proper headcount of everyone willing to stay alive

and yes go do whatever it is you've decided to do good job team go everyone for surviving another wreck i am very proud of you

[She's annoyed, and you get to be annoyed by her, or with her, whatever you're feeling! Even better, she may not even actually care about how you feel!

Isha would've done this sooner if she wasn't busy with her wounds getting treated. Waste of time, all of it.]


Oct. 22nd, 2016 10:40 pm
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Greetings and salutations, beauties! It's been a while, hasn't it~?

[Mettaton looks...maybe a little uncomfortable and 100% human as he addresses the network, but look. He's going to fake it til he makes it because that's what superstars do!

Even superstars who look like they were in a mild accident, as he does, with his cheek sporting a patch bandage and his neck wrapped to hide some painful conversation starters.]

I know some of you are new, so you might not know who I am! My name is Mettaton, and I'm a super-fabulous celebrity! Don't feel intimidated by me though, I assure you I'm actually a really great person to get to know!

Also I am usually a robot WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY POINT!!

It looks like some of the crew is going through some changes, and it is not always comfortable to deal with that! I propose that we not only work together to help each other out in this time of awkwardness and unpreparedness, but that we also create a resource for...a particular subset of individuals.

What do I mean?! Easy!!

There's a few people on the ship who require blood as sustenance! How scary!!! But as we are all crew, I don't feel as if this compulsion is particularly comfortable for them, so here's the idea--anyone who is comfortable doing so should donate a small amount of their blood. Of course, I don't mean letting someone bite you--unless you're into that sort of thing, in which case, don't let me judge you!!

[Wink wonk. He swears, this is family friendly.]

I would very much like to work with anyone assigned to the Medbay so as to make this situation easier, more bearable! Surely it isn't a terrible idea~?

As a note, however, anyone who is prepubescent--say, a small child--will require screening and/or consent of their caretaker, should they have one!!!

[He's smiling, but there's a reason he said that, and his eye is on the MID. You know who you are.]

Right! So anyway, if you think this is a good idea, please don't hesitate to contact me! In addition, if you have any other needs pertaining to sudden changes in biology and you think you might need some help, please also contact me and I'll see if I have a fabulous idea for you!

Toodles, sweeties!! Thank you for listening~
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[A very large white furred goat looking monster offers a friendly wave alongside her greeting. She adjusts her glasses with a clawed hand as she continues onwards.]

It seems I've missed quite a bit of time on my part. My apologies, I seem to have odd luck on my part about falling ill. [She has to laugh softly at her luck, smiling at the camera flashing her fangs in the process.]

If I was needed for something and missed it, please do not hesitate to come to me now. I am thankfully awake once again.

For those who have arrived only recently, I am Toriel. I am the caretaker of the underage crew members. If any children need my aid, or wish to speak with me about anything I am always here for you. Anytime, any place, I will be happy to help. I am here for you.

If any adults wish to speak with me, I'd be happy for the company. This old woman certainly wouldn't mind a good joke or two. [She chortles at that thought before ending the feed.]
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[The camera starts out focused on Nick's face; he looks a little frazzled, but is managing to keep a slightly strained grin plastered across his muzzle all the same.]

Hey, so I know everyone's busy discovering all the horrors an intergalactic shopping mall has to offer, but while we're talking commerce, I've got an offer for anyone who's interested!

[The view swings around, showing the inside of Nick's room - and jars. Lots of them. To be specific, if anyone cares to count, fourteen gallon-size jars of translucent red fluid, in stacks of two. In Nick's defense, he's made an effort to keep them from taking up too much of his roommate's space in the room, but there's only so much he can do.]

Before anyone asks, it's melted popsicle. It's all melted popsicle, because the universe is playing a cruel joke on me, BUT that's not what should matter to you! What DOES matter is the easy availability of all this prime merchandise! So if there’s anyone out there who wants to help me get all this frozen, or who just happens to be suffering from a lack of colored sugar water, just let me know!

[He can only hope someone wants these because he sure as hell doesn’t know what to do with them.]


Oct. 12th, 2016 12:04 am
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If anyone comes across a building called Pay for Exchange, don't go in it.

[Asriel's voice sounds shaky and clearly upset with something. Maybe he should've switched to text, but he thinks it's too late now.]

They... they sell copies of people - people you can swap bodies with for a day. And they'll make copies of anyone who goes in their store, real actually alive copies too.

[Asriel's still sick to his stomach that he found "himself" for sale, but clearly the people on this colony didn't exactly see why it was a problem to sell living, unconscious bodies. But he's too scared to go back...]

J-just stay far away from it, okay? They don't ask you or anything, and they don't have any problems making a copy of you and putting it up for sale.

[ooc: Info for Pay for Exchange and what Asriel saw found


Oct. 8th, 2016 09:17 pm
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theres a place here. the LunaBelle. fancy eatin place kinda far in

they gotta load of droids here that dont WANNA be here, got it? i wanna help em leave. but one against a bunch aint really good odds for anybody

got some shit i can trade if you got the manpower to clear this mess out
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Hey, ya'll! DJ Lúcio comin' at ya! How's everyone settling back in? I'm sure you all aged gracefully. Now, originally me and Mettaton were gonna surprise you guys in a month or so with a rave, but... [his expression goes hollow for a moment.] I think we'll scrap that for now. That being said, if anyone needs help with anything, just give me a buzz. I'm always around.

[lúcio never wants to party again and he has a sneaking suspicion every single crew member might feel the same.]

I have a couple things to update you guys on, anyway! For some reason, a ton of new music came through the Ingress and the kind workers in mail addressed it to yours truly. I'll use it to give you guys some variety to listen to! If it makes just one crew member feel a little better, then I'll count it as a wild success. If anyone wants a song or twelve sent to their MID, let me know.

[his tone grows somber.]

Secondly... I can't find Trish around or on the MID. Doesn't seem like she's on the roster anymore. She was a truly inspired individual and a pleasure to work with, so I'm sorry if you knew her. This next song is for you, girl.

((just a quick reminder that i made a ooc post last month about what to expect on the radio and how it could possibly used to icly spread information and be a spark for CR. i'll try to make a more comprehensive post about it on lúcio's journal at some point this weekend because i'm meticulous and have nothing better to do /gunfingers))
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[Guess who just figured out how to use the text-to-speech function on her MID? Probably the same child who's hiding in the engine room and nearly dying of laughter right now.]


[Yeah, everyone might want to brace for a few more pages of this until she gets tired of making the little voice in her bracelet spout gibberish. Especially since that isn't going to be any time soon, unless someone stops her.]
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[Mettaton's been a little scarce on the network the past few months. It's reasonable, he's had a bit of a hard time! Still, as outgoing as he is, it's hardly surprising to see him address the ship as a whole.

Yet.. When his voice comes through the MID, it's uncharacteristically relaxed, almost dreamy.]

Hellooooo, beauties~! Goodness, have I told you all lately how wonderful you all are? I have the distinct feeling that I have not!!

I mean--that's not my jooob or anything, that's my boyfriend's job!! Ooh!! Guess what, everyone?! I am dating the handsomest Morale Officer on the ship!! That is Papyrus, if you are unaware of his good looks and stellar personality!! I am so proud I finally got a chance to let everyone know that I'm with him!! It was, after all, very important!! Anyway though;

Back to the main subject!

You're all wonderful, and I would love, love, love to express that to everyone! Every single one of you! Even the certain someone...who I can't seem to avoid having mild arguments with!! Haha!

Does anyone want a hug? I would adore a hug right now!

[...There will be regrets later. But Mettaton can't actually be blamed at this point, even if he sounds as if he's had some sort of mild psychotic break given his mercurial behavior lately.

Nah. He's just had some Cybertronian drugs.

Speaking of questionable decisions, though...]

By the way!! Want to know a secret?

[Mettaton pans out his MID a little, showing that he is in fact partially on the floor, with his legs apparently splayed up onto his bed. Certainly it appears undignified, but at least he seems comfortable, in that teenage gossip girl way.]

If you saw a small pink ghost last I have a surprise for you!! That. Was. ME!!! Ooooh!!! What a scandal, right?! But you know what?! Toriel was right!! It is my business who I tell--and no secrets between friends!!


Toodles, sweeties!!!

Bad Decision Texts (included parties: Papyrus, Asriel, Kyoko, Alphys, Tailgate, and Ginko) )


Aug. 10th, 2016 12:07 am
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Ever feel like you were going to have a great day only to actually have the day go down the drain? A guy comes back from the dead and would like to live in relative peace, you know?

At this point I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air and let Primus take the wheel because I certainly have no control over my life.

Good times, good times.

( Locked to Cybertronians ) )


Aug. 4th, 2016 12:59 am
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Some of the lights on Mero stopped workin'. Like workin' at all. Not just the dyin' candle fire nonsense everywhere else has goin' on.

[She snorts, shuffles around and falls quiet a moment. When she speaks again, she sounds embarrassed.]

I gotta fix it. Think it's kinda my job. But I don't really know, um. How. [Another snort and she's tries to cover the embarrassment with an air of feigned annoyance.] So if somebody doesn't get their ass up here to help me, ya'll just gotta live in the dark.


Aug. 3rd, 2016 09:41 am
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I am Shimada Hanzo.
I arrived with several of the other new ones.

I have been assigned as your Wing Repair Officer. I do not imagine I am the only one assigned to this duty, so I would speak to others who have been assigned this job as well.

I am located in Moro #013 if I am needed.
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[Solemn silence reigns for the first few moments of the broadcast. A shuffle of papers, a clearing of his throat -- or technically, a very good impersonation of it. There's no throat to clear. Anyway.]

Okay, so. I know there's been a lot of back and forth lately, kids. And I don't wanna add to the tension, but as long as we're ripping off band aids? I figure there's no time like the present.

[Another deep breath. Clearly, this is weighing heavily on the guy.]

I'm gonna say a few words that'll mean a lot to you guys. Bran. Oatmeal. Raisins. Words that should never even brush against the word muffin. And yet every Saturday, seems like those are the only muffins I see. I'm not gonna point fingers or anything. I dunno if the blame lies with the people taking the decent pastries or the persons allowing those ingredients to infect perfectly good muffins in the first place, but it's a tragic miscarriage of judgment and for the safety of the crew, I think it's important we all address the massive, raisin dotted elephant in the room.

I'm mean, jeez, guys. There are kids on this ship. What if they mistake them for chocolate chips? We're all responsible if we do nothing. Get it together, Moira.

[Another deep breath. He's said his peace. When he speaks again, it's as if a completely different person is grinning into the mic.]

And hey, as long as we're all here, feel free to air your various grievances too. Y'know, to save the Captains their bandwidth. Let it all out.


May. 24th, 2016 12:11 am
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Hello, beauties and gentlebeauties! It's been too long!

[Has it? Has it really? Well to him, time means everything. Especially since he doesn't sleep. The fact that he hasn't unveiled this sooner is a downright tragedy!!

Not that he could be blamed. Hell, he's just gotten out of the medbay a handful of days ago. His health isn't yet back to 100%, but he really isn't one for taking additional breaks.]

The matter I bring to you is of the utmost importance, I assure you! It's taken me a while to have everything arranged, especially in the face of some adversity, but finally it's finished!! Have a look at what I've been working on, darlings!

[The MID display moves from the handsome robot's face and out towards a dimly lit room with simplistic lounge furniture. It doesn't look like anything all that special. The clack of Mettaton's boots sounds loudly against the hard floor as he walks towards one of three doors which can be seen if one looks at the moving feed close enough, but the mystery doesn't last long.

The robot opens the door to reveal a...modest film set?]

Surprise~! Not the biggest setup I've worked with, but it will do. I received recording and filming equipment in the mail last month and I've been arranging this during the late hours. It seemed a good idea, even if it took a while! At any rate, this is just one of four rooms, the other two are for recording and editing, and you've already seen the lounge! Please feel free to use these resources at your leisure!! I hope that you all create wonderful things~

I only request that you treat the equipment delicately! We wouldn't want to damage such lovely gifts!! If you wish to borrow any equipment, let me know, as I'd prefer to keep track of it.

Oh, also! I have two large televisions to install, but a little audience participation never hurts when it comes to something like this. Tell me, lovelies, where would you find a television convenient?

I await your answers, fellow crew. Toodles!!

[Mettaton flips the camera to himself once more, just to give a brief wave before the feed cuts out.]
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Could anyone explain what this is supposed to be? I'm assuming some sort of vehicle, but does it have a specific purpose? I was told it arrived for me from the Ingress but I don't know why.

[Attached is a photo taken with Starflight's MID. It shows the cargo bay, with this vehicle in the center with a bright orange backdrop from one of the smaller ships.]
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[On the 17th, Captain Thán sends out a text message addressing all Moirans.]

The environment on the ship has been extremely hostile, more than what's typical for us, and that has to stop. The punishment system was put into play to discourage these kinds of actions, but there have been more after its installation.

This means that things are going to change, beginning with the treatment of other crew members.

As your captains, we don't wish to force anyone to do anything, and we'd prefer that everyone learn to live and work together to achieve our common goal, but that idle behavior we've adopted is now over. All of us are extremely displeased.

We're going to start with reworking the punishment system. This will mean the creation of new positions (arresting officers, mediation officers, etc.), and the implementation of new rules.

Please state your suggestions, thoughts, and offer yourself as candidates for the new roles.

[Messages will come from all the captains.]