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Aug. 2nd, 2017 01:18 am
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[The username reads as 'Bismarck.' The picture is of a nondescript piece of purple-painted metal. Is there a pattern here with the previous post? Huh, he didn't notice.]

Tell me a little about your world?

[The request is simple, and harmless enough. No one is obligated to answer, no one is obligated to answer with details if they do.

[It's just a little bit of recon, that's all.]
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[Those present at the start of May might recognize the high, insistent tones that come across the TABs. Along with the small, floating orb-shape producing them. For those that don't...]

This is T-O-D, Deputy of Ingress Contingency Coordination, reporting a catastrophe of UNPRECEDENTED proportions!

On Day 77 of our current cycle, two recent residents of Thisavrou exceeded their clearance. They were discovered in a restricted sector of the Ingress Complex, engaging in Acts of Deliberate Sabotage. And fighting! The damage to the Ingress is currently unknown, and under evaluation by our finest technicians.

As a result of these barely-speakable crimes, the Ingress is currently restricted to authorized personnel. This means outbound travel-- like those idiots who brought the flesh goo back-- is currently forbidden. If you have to ask, that means you! If you don't have to ask, it's still you!

More information will be forthcoming.

[[For information not biased by a certain lawbot, check out the OOC post here!]]


Jun. 2nd, 2017 09:05 am
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[ It's not immediately after arriving that Anderson finally accesses the network. Out of sorts and deeply discomfited, she falls back on professionalism, as she's been trained to do, and scopes out the area first. This reconnaissance includes a brief mental skim of assorted passersby, mostly to gauge honesty and make sure this isn't an elaborate psychic-induced hallucinatory trap.

She's strong, but she's not invulnerable. She knows that's a possibility.

Except... it seems like it isn't, and she really is here, wherever 'here' is in the universe. After the two days she's spent poking around and reassuring herself of the reality of everything, though, that's not even the most incredulous part to her. ]

Looking for some information. [ Her voice is smooth, pleasant, a young woman's voice largely stripped of tone and easy to listen to. ] Someone told me there's no police here.

No judges.

How does that... work? Has anyone had experience with the intermediary system?

[ How can a place like this exist? It seems impossible to her. And just who is she, here? Who is she if not a Judge? ]
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On behalf of my employer, I'm looking to hire a few people who are capable and discreet. If you have skills in any of the following areas, and you would be interested in occasional work, please let me know, and we'll arrange a task for you. If you complete it satisfactorily, it could lead to further jobs.

- Information gathering
- Infiltration
- Surveillance (short term or long term)
- Item retrieval
- Hacking
- General security
- Forensic investigation and testing
- Anything else that seems to you like it might be useful in an investigation

Mr Lane's primary requirements are that no one is seriously hurt or killed and that you keep the work you do for him to yourself. It's all right if you have a teammate in mind, as long as the task is suited to that kind of work and you can fulfil the request without drawing attention to yourselves. Payment depends on the task, but should average around 200 sencs for an evening or two of work.

It's also all right if you're working for someone else; Mr Lane is willing to hire you through your employer if your employer is unwilling to allow you to take the task as a freelance assignment. However, you may not share the details of any assignments Mr. Lane gives you with anyone else, including that employer.

Let me know if you're interested and find these terms acceptable.

[OOC post for more information!

Also, all threads are super super locked between characters.]
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[Ordinarily text is their preferred method of communication. It is simple, to the point, and allows them ample time to compose their response with as many polysyllabic words as possible, as if that might compensate for their apparent youth. But there is little to no time for that, now. So the transmission, when it occurs, is audio only.

The tone of the speaker is that of a child's - albeit a cold, brisk, and businesslike one.]

Some time ago, it seems that a significant portion of the Moira's crew, when it existed, was abducted by a group of interdimensional slavers. They were held against their will. Exploited for the purposes of others.

[A hiss of a match being struck, and the crackle of something being set alight, and the voice continues:]

There were children among them.

[A moment. A halting intake of breath, the fluid cadence of their speech disrupted. Muzzling the impulse that swells in their chest, the boiling ember of rage that eats at what passes for a SOUL, for one such as them. Expression flat, words dull. Control. Control. Always, control.

Speak as though nothing is wrong.]

I am transmitting the Ingress signature one may use to access this world. Those that possess a conscience, or those that simply wish to have something to fight - [The last word twists into something else, a live snake coiling into a promise.] - I would encourage you to take action.

private to METTATON:
The way is open. Try not to get killed.

[Attached is the Ingress signature. They've already wasted more words than he's worth, honestly, but if something should happen to him, both Frisk and Asriel will very likely have something to say about it.]

private to ASRIEL and FRISK:
I will be away on a mission of sorts for a few days. Do not worry about me, and please, do not follow. I am well equipped for the task.

[[ooc: head on down to the mingle log if u want to do a slaver ass-kicking]]
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Helloooooo ladies, dudes, and various other genders, identities, and lifeforms! Some of you may already know me, but for those who don't, my name is Lance, and today I am comin' at you with some ice breakers! A couple of my friends who shall remain nameless but know who they are are really bad at socializing and are in need of new friends. And I figure, if they are, there's gotta be other people out there who are just as bad, right?

So here's the deal! I'm gonna read some questions, and you guys can answer them! And then you gotta talk to two people you don't already know. I don't count, but talk to me anyway!

Go into as much detail with these as you can want, because they're gonna help you make new friends.

[ He clears his throat, and starts reading. ]

Number one! If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?
Number two, if you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
Three, what are your top ten favorite foods?
Four, share a description of your favorite material object that you already own, and share why it's important to you.
Annnd five! What color do you think best represents you, and how does being that color make you feel?

[ He takes a second to copy and paste the same questions in a text format along with his video for ease of answering, then grins into the camera again. ]

Everyone got that? Cool, now go meet somebody!

OOC: for ease of copy/pasting )
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I’m going after the thing we saw on that security feed. My associate and I want a few people who know what they’re doing.

The goal is one or two small teams to do the dirty work, but medical personnel or anyone with experience in containing potentially biohazardous material is also appreciated. We can hunt the thing down and neutralize it, but we’d like to capture it if we can, which means we’ll need a containment method.

Might save everyone a few trips to the decontamination center if the Savrii can determine what it is and if it’s actually dangerous. If you're interested, inquire within. If I don’t know you, be prepared to talk about your skill set. We’ll compensate you for your time.
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This is T-O-D, Deputy of Ingress Contingency Coordination. We are entering a level two state contamination across all known regions--I told them we needed to regulate travel, but nooo.... and THIS. Is Ema.

[The camera turns from the round robotic speaker toward a tendril-faced being who looks slightly ill. Or just embarrassed. Those who have traveled with the Savrii's diplomatic groups might recognize the individual at hand as a mid-clearance representative. They might even understand the shy wave of her tentacles, before a high, sarcastic voice cuts off the gesture.]

Ema went out with that fiasco on the asteroid. Ema decided to cut loose. Relax! Why not? It's not like the assessors trusted with the fate of the multiverse thought it was dangerous!

...but. Ema keeps a sensible security system installed around her room. And that's how we were able to discover this.

[The TAB feed switches to a dimmer video with a timestamp in the lower left corner. Almost exactly three days ago-- the night of the celebration on Asteroid 276. It shows Ema stumbling outside of her quarters and vomiting into the hallways of Region Four. The tentacled woman stumbles away in distress, leaving behind a messy coating of red-grey...

...which quivers. Shudders. And crawls offscreen, a rolling, seething mess of flesh--]

Consuming untested phenomenon. Smuggling of a potential biohazard. And this from a planet vetted as safe? I understand many of you biologicals keep parasites of your own, but this is an obvious breach of interuniversal quarantine procedures, and requires immediate assessment and response.

[TOD vibrates in the air, high voice reaching a crescendo of frenzied importance.]

Testing stations are being set up in Burg One of Chioni and all populated regions of Kauto. All inhabitants of Thisavrou who have engaged in Ingress travel over the last two cycles are required to report to mandatory decontamination and debriefing. That's two hundred days for the calculation-challenged idiots out there! If you know of anyone experiencing similar symptoms, provide their names, along with anything they've touched, to the nearest Contingency Coordinator or intermediary. Especially if they haven't reported in!

I hope the urgency of the situation has been fully impressed on you. If, however, you have further questions, you may submit them for review.

[[ooc: More info on the decontamination will be posted in the monthly log. For OOC questions, head this way!]]
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[This entire conversation sounds spontaneous. Even for Mettaton. But at least he's socializing, right? Though...if he gets any responses, he might socialize a little strangely seeing as he's in an altered state.

It appears as if someone's located some recreational substances catering to his species, and now he's more chatty than he usually is...or has been.]


Apr. 26th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[ The video starts up with the camera staring into the face of a teal/aquamarine/lightish blue helmet that's part of some pretty serious looking combat armor. Once Carolina is sure the TAB is recording she starts speaking. ]

This is Agent Carolina and I'm looking to make contact with the Reds and Blues of Project Freelancer as well as Agent Washington. Or anyone associated with the United Army of Chorus, honestly. If you know what any of that means I'd appreciate the information.

[ She reaches up, the seals on the helmet hissing as it releases, and pulls off her helmet to reveal her face, looking a bit tired and maybe a bit worse for wear. ]

And if you idiots are out there, let me know. I'd rather not have to track you all down again and if I have to you won't enjoy it.
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 [When a project is complete, the next natural phase is to test it. Which is the phase that Pidge has reached with three makeshift television sets and an experimental game system Pidge had to build in order to play what appears to be a video game that was randomly found at the market. And maybe Pidge had been holed up in the bedroom room more than usual lately, and maybe without saying much about why to anyone.

Well. Everyone's about to find out whether they like it or not.

Because when the feed comes on, it's clearly accidental. Mainly because the first words that come through are:]

Oh, COME ON!! Getting in close doesn't work, ranged attacks don't work, no blindspots from behind or on the sides-- How the fucking quiznak am I supposed to beat your ass?!?!

[The camera seems to have turned on by itself after getting knocked down off of something. It's clearly laying on the ground, tilted up so that Pidge's face is just barely in sight. The controller is more clearly in the center of the frame as it's being used, fingers pressing buttons furiously as Pidge curses up a storm at the TV screen. Things like "C'mon c'mon c'mon mother fucker just try that punk ass move one more time" and "you piece of shit AI, you've got one job!"

Someone should probably interrupt.]


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:28 am
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everybody loves polls, right?
cause i got one for all of you, and it's important.

"clones are an abomination": Y/N/elaborate your thoughts

figured this might be a timely question to ask, you know, considering the asteroid's a goddamn genetic nursery.


Mar. 19th, 2017 03:50 pm
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[ the feed flickers once, twice, before it settles on Thisavrou's latest Turian resident. ]

I have heard of machine-gods that could harvest entire civilizations and render them into nothingness in nanoseconds, or even create a symbiotic relationship between machines and organics...but I have never heard of the likes of machinery that could resuscitate the dead.

Yet, I am led to believe the technology here is so highly advanced that it is as common as any other glitch in a program. Is that right?

[ here, Saren pauses, clearly disbelieving. ]

I seek more credible answers, which surely someone must have uncovered by now. Is there more to how we arrived here? What is known about our gracious hosts, is there information regarding them or their government?

Humans are known for their arrogance and non-compliance. I cannot imagine that all of you have been content to act as no better than cogs in a machine, submitting so that our gracious hosts could reap the benefits of your contribution.
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[Before Bucky starts the video, he makes sure it's broadcasting to all of Thisavrou. The Moirans, Savrii, anyone that might be visiting. His expression is passive, reserved even, but his tone is firm.]

I'm gonna make this quick as I can. Most of the people here are from somewhere else. Different universes, different ways of doing things.

[His eyes narrow.]

But what's wrong is wrong and what's right is right.

[Even after what he's been through, he can still tell the difference.]

I wasn't on the Moira when the slavers took some of us, but I heard about them after. We've visited worlds that treat people like shit because they want to. They take advantage and they hurt carelessly. So far this place hasn't been that way. Everyone is nice. [Something that makes him wary, still.] But if anyone, and I mean anyone, starts treatin' robots like they're soul-less. Worthless. Nothing. They'll have to answer to me. Same goes for anyone else, robot or otherwise.

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, got it?

[It's not a direct threat, but it's close. He knows some people won't like it, but they can come talk to him if they don't. He doesn't like the attention this might get him, but he knows it's a point worth making. Something he knows certain people need to hear. He cuts the feed.]

[ooc: all responses will come in the form of a text message.]


Mar. 5th, 2017 11:49 pm
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[When the video clicks on, it's not to the confused face of a newcomer, to the concern of someone who has just been plucked out of their universe and thrown to another. It's not of anger, fear, annoyance, none of that. When the video focuses, it's on a man wearing a strange dark coat, twirling one end of a ginger mustache between his fingers. He has light blue markings on his face, pointed ears, wild hair, a patch over his right eye, and looks entirely nonplussed by this entire situation.

In fact, this particular newcomer seems settled enough that he's able to hold the TAB in a steady hand at the perfect MySpace angle. No, seriously, he has this selfie stuff on lock.]

You know, this reminds me of that time I was on the coast of Melharoo, on the planet Yaluk of the Fifth Nebula. There was an entertainment city -- Va Harn, I believe the name was -- with a resort that operated kind of like this. Woke up there without a clue of what I'd been doing the past week! Turns out I'd had a particularly nasty run in with a few Wabbernocks! [Here, he laughs. As if everything he's saying makes complete and total sense.] Last time I went there during a waning metra.

[He lets go of the edge of his mustache, letting it bounce back into place as he regards the lens of the TAB.]

It's been a good while since I've had the time to learn about a new culture, so go ahead fellow visitors and Thisavrounians! Give me your best stories. Tell me about your culture, your technology, your holidays-- anything you could possibly think of!

[And, almost as if it's an afterthought, rather than the whole point of this broadcast Coran come on]

Oh! And if anyone's heard some rumors about flying robotic lions -- particularly a colored set -- I'd appreciate the information.
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[[OOC: This is a joint post. Denim-blue is Gaige, orange is Krieg, and black is Zer0.]]

[The video feed turns on, and there's a face that's too close to the TAB. Not, like, straight up against the eyeball, but close enough that you can only see the face: green eyes, red hair, a little bandage on the cheek. Her mouth scrunches up thoughtfully as she backs up, looking at something behind the TAB for guidance. An unseen cameraman. Come to think of it, the feed is bobbing up and down, like the TAB is sticking to something floating. She backs up enough that the camera can see her in all her punk rock glory, and the interior of a fancy tree fort. There's very little in it, and very little concern for what gets thrown where.]

Okay, that should be good, right? [The cameraman doesn't answer. She finally looks straight at the camera.] Awesome. So! Okay! Hello, to all my soon-to-be-subscribers! You don't know it yet, but I'm about to become your favorite it ECHOcaster-- or, well, um-- they said this was a TAB, so maybe-- TABcast? Whatever, I'm going to be your new favorite talking head on your comm devices.

[She keeps talking quickly, with the kind of nerves that channel any stage fright into adrenaline:] My name's Gaige -- I'm a major league pro Vault Hunter and gadgeteer extraordinaire -- and this is a behind-the-scenes look at my fun-filled life of shooting up bandits and monsters for fun and profit. [A pause, before she adds,] … eeexcept maybe they don't have any bandits here? Whatever, we'll find SOMETHING that needs to be blown up, and then YOU will be close enough to the action to--

[MEANWHILE, this lanky ass helmet wearing noodleperson drops in behind Gaige. Like literally, he just drops down from the ceiling. Maybe there's a hole in the roof, maybe he was doing some spiderman shit, like who even knows. He manages to land without making a sound because ninjas are slick that way. Once he realizes that Gaige is recording something, he promptly starts heading for the nearest exit. He doesn't want to interrupt, but mostly he doesn't want to end up all over this network thing.]

[UNFORTUNATELY for the lanky ass noodleperson, he runs right into a giant slab of towering muscle shaped more or less like an extremely stacked human man. His exit is inconveniently blocked, and also rudely called attention to, when the shirtless individual's gaze drifts from his little ninja buddy to his little anarchy pal.]


[He has a voice like a freight train with volume control to match. Does he know he's interrupting Gaige's ECHOcast? It's likely. Does he care? Not at all.]


[So much for sneaking out unnoticed. Hopefully the hurried and slightly irritated greeting is enough to appease the shirtless muscle stack, because that's all Ninja McSneaky is going to say before trying to duck around him to make his escape.]

[Unfortunately, Gaige hasn't just been talking through this commotion, and gets one cybernetic hand on his shoulder before he can get away from the camera.]
I think Krieg's got the right idea. Why don't you introduce yourself, Zer0? Name, age, sex, five-page backstory, all the good stuff that you've been holding out on.

[To help out - because he is a very helpful guy - Krieg puts his hands on Zer0's shoulders, spins him in place to face the camera, and then takes one of the assassin's skinny noodle elbows in his hand and manipulates the limb to cause Zer0 to wave at the camera.]

And don't forget to smiiiiiiile!

[Oh, there are no smiles. There is a holographic " :| " projected in front of Zer0's faceplate, though. Close enough, right. He is not on board with these shenanigans okay.]

I'm very busy. / Perhaps I'll have time later, / Though it's not likely.

[He's just going to let Krieg waggle his arm around for a moment while he makes a shooing motion at Gaige with his free hand. FUN IS OVER]

[Gaige gives an office stare at the camera.]
Sooooyeah. That's Zer0 in a nutshell: Man of mystery, dork of no-fun. [But she grins after, with a faint hiss of a laugh -- he's a friend, so if he's not going to join in the fun, then she's having the fun at his expense.] And over here -- Deathtrap, point it up a little higher, you're probably cutting off like half his face right now -- over here, we have Krieg, who makes up for Zer0 by shouting about nipples. These two guys are like my partners in crime!

[Krieg absolutely takes that as his cue to laugh - a loud, raucous, vaguely unhinged sound.]


[As for Zer0, he has nothing to add to any of this. He just silently glances between Krieg and Gaige, a red ". . ." blipping up in front of his face plate. Sigh.]

All right! So, since this is the first TABcast, how about Krieg and I answer some of your viewer questions? And we can probably force Zer0 to help, somehow.


Feb. 19th, 2017 12:58 am
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Normandy Securities

Ingress Complex (HQ), Various locales (Missions)

Full-time, part-time, freelance available.

Full-time - ~500 sencs/mo. +Mission Bonuses
Part-time - ~200 sencs/mo. +Mission Bonuses
Freelance - Rotating remuneration & availability dependant on missions

Interested in Ingress Complex security, but looking for something a little more hands-on? Normandy Securities is a private security service offering tailored solutions for each mission that emphasize the safety of all parties, and complete satisfaction. We want you to be able to utilize your unique set of skills to achieve what other private security companies can't. Assist in the safety and well-being of all Savrii citizens, as well as the researchers and scientists who have personal interest in helping ex-patriate Savrii find their way back to their home universe safely. Join our team today, and become an active part in helping others — and yourself.

- Proven combat experience
- Ability to think strategically under pressure
- Excellent communication skills
- Dedication to providing results
- Professional demeanor
- Unique skill set

- Can provide their own body armor and weaponry
- Has previous survival and self-defense training
- Available during all hours; rest hours included

If you think you have what it takes, REPLY with your relevant details, and we can set you up an interview timeslot ASAP.

[Interested in your dudes hulksmashing into an interview either accidentally or on purpose instead of replying? Head over here for the log! :D]


Feb. 3rd, 2017 07:52 pm
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I feel like, with everything that's going on, I've lost track of time.

I mean, we've been on a ship for so long, we've gone on a few planet trips, and then there was that whole— [ Elena waves a hand, dismissive. Only because that's a difficult one to process. ] —year thing. Or at least I think it was a year.

Not only that but we've gone and swapped out captains, most of us have survived a ship crash landing or two, and Lord knows what else.

But in all of that— and yes, there's a point to this— how are you supposed to celebrate a birthday when you've barely had any time to sit down and process everything? When you sit down and keep asking yourself, "What day is it?" or "What month are we at?" or better yet— "How old am I again?"

[ Like the song What's my age again? ]

I really doubt this place has a bar with decent male strippers.

[ A tiny pause. She makes a face. Oh god. ]

...what if they're alien male strippers? What am I supposed to do with that?