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[Both the timing and the sound of people's voices and footsteps in the background indicate that this was recorded just after the meeting, as people start to leave. A thud, and from farther away:] Oh, crap -

[The sounds of rummaging. Guess what idiot dropped his TAB basically as soon as he hit record and is now picking it up?]

So, uh, great meeting and all, can't wait to go, but has anyone else ever come back from medical - not dying, just a really long checkup - but something's gone weird and the Ingress Complex doctors aren't seeing it? [Mumbled quickly:] Or weird nightmares over there. [And back to a regular volume:] Nothing like this happened on the Moira.

And hey, I know some of you are doctors - could someone check out my dumb hand? Even if it's just a quick look before we leave. [Annoyed:] I might be kinda useless on Sawarga.

[All Nate's replies will also be in voice unless otherwise specified.]
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i'm no good with tech and not much better with magic, but i have a device that's supposed to do universe travel when it's not broken. if someone working on the ingress wants to have a look at it and play around with it, see if you can copy something that might help, go for it

cos i'm sick of evacuating my treehouse

[Well, no, he's not offering up the device which is his only way of using magic and also a solid barrier between him and death just because he's tired of evacuating. He's doing it for everyone here, because the twin planets' reliance on the Ingress has become immediately and tangibly clear since its outage, and if he has something that might help fix it, he's going to offer it.]

[OOC plotting comment about this offer if you want to use it as a springboard!]
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[ Ardyn's face comes across the broadcast. He tilts his hat in respect to those he will greet and who will greet him. He then leaves his hat on his head and lowers his hand out of sight from the video camera. ]

Hello! Good day. I hope this message finds everyone well. I have but a simple question and thought to ask it here! Hm. Is there an organizer of events, concerts, art and historic museum showings... any of that sort in which I may look to? I am curious and most interested in learning of our collected cultures here.

Thank you!

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[The video opens with a myriad of dizzying images: a few quick, blurry shakes that indicate the owner of the TAB has no idea how to turn it on, a couple of glimpses at the ground as they spin the device to try and find a button, a palm as it strikes down on the screen.

Clearly someone isn't used to such technology. They even mutter a:]

Jesus, how does this thing--?

[Sam jumps a little as he turns the TAB to face him, only to see that it's already recording. And what a sight he is to behold, with dirt on his clothes and blood on his nose and down his left arm. He looks like he could go for a nice hot bath, or like he's just come out of a jungle.]

Holy shit, okay. Okay, uh--hey.

[That's what you're supposed to say, right? Sam gives a small little uncommitted half wave with his free hand, like he's not exactly sure if that's what he should do.]

I'm not sure if anyone is actually on the other end of this, but if there are others out there, I could use a little help. I mean I realize I'm not exactly in Kansas anymore, but space? A whole other planet? Come on, somebody's gotta be busting my balls here, right? At least buy a guy a drink and let him have a cigarette first before you throw that at him.

[He pauses as if expecting some kind of laugh track or other response, but then continues shortly after.]

Also, I--[He shifts uncomfortably, considering what he should say.  It takes him a little longer than before to speak again, but once he does, he looks directly at the camera.] I'm looking for my brother.  He's about this tall, he's got bro--oh, shit!

[Which is the last curse everyone hears as he accidentally loses his grip on his TAB and it tumbles to the floor and turns off. He'll get the hang of this eventually.]


Feb. 19th, 2017 12:58 am
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Normandy Securities

Ingress Complex (HQ), Various locales (Missions)

Full-time, part-time, freelance available.

Full-time - ~500 sencs/mo. +Mission Bonuses
Part-time - ~200 sencs/mo. +Mission Bonuses
Freelance - Rotating remuneration & availability dependant on missions

Interested in Ingress Complex security, but looking for something a little more hands-on? Normandy Securities is a private security service offering tailored solutions for each mission that emphasize the safety of all parties, and complete satisfaction. We want you to be able to utilize your unique set of skills to achieve what other private security companies can't. Assist in the safety and well-being of all Savrii citizens, as well as the researchers and scientists who have personal interest in helping ex-patriate Savrii find their way back to their home universe safely. Join our team today, and become an active part in helping others — and yourself.

- Proven combat experience
- Ability to think strategically under pressure
- Excellent communication skills
- Dedication to providing results
- Professional demeanor
- Unique skill set

- Can provide their own body armor and weaponry
- Has previous survival and self-defense training
- Available during all hours; rest hours included

If you think you have what it takes, REPLY with your relevant details, and we can set you up an interview timeslot ASAP.

[Interested in your dudes hulksmashing into an interview either accidentally or on purpose instead of replying? Head over here for the log! :D]


Feb. 3rd, 2017 07:52 pm
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I feel like, with everything that's going on, I've lost track of time.

I mean, we've been on a ship for so long, we've gone on a few planet trips, and then there was that whole— [ Elena waves a hand, dismissive. Only because that's a difficult one to process. ] —year thing. Or at least I think it was a year.

Not only that but we've gone and swapped out captains, most of us have survived a ship crash landing or two, and Lord knows what else.

But in all of that— and yes, there's a point to this— how are you supposed to celebrate a birthday when you've barely had any time to sit down and process everything? When you sit down and keep asking yourself, "What day is it?" or "What month are we at?" or better yet— "How old am I again?"

[ Like the song What's my age again? ]

I really doubt this place has a bar with decent male strippers.

[ A tiny pause. She makes a face. Oh god. ]

...what if they're alien male strippers? What am I supposed to do with that?


Jan. 18th, 2017 12:03 am
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anyone here good with universe travel tech/magic? can be something from your world, not just the ingress

i have a device that's supposed to do universe travel but that part hasn't been working right since i got here over a year ago

[He's been meaning to find someone to fix it after his day one attempts failed, but. Life happened.]

someone please fix it


Jan. 8th, 2017 08:36 pm
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It occurred to me the other day that I haven't had a chance to write anything, and that's, to me, a little depressing. There's been so much here that's happened, not just to myself and the friends I've made, but to everyone else. To you.

My day job, back home, for those of you who don't know me, it deals with investigative journalism. I write to uncover the truth, to shed light on scenarios that are otherwise dark and bleak.

Since I got here, everything has been nothing but a whirlwind of events. Each month there's been something new; whether it's stopping off at various planets, or it's daily occurrences on the ship. [ RIP Moira. ] There hasn't been time for me to sit down and write it all out.

[ Elena pauses and her eyes drift downward, off to the left. For those who knew about the incident with the Descendants, how she'd walked away from that moment on the ship with her left arm broken and bleeding out where it'd bitten her...she no longer wears a splint and padded cast. There's no visible sling. It's almost as though none of that had ever happened.

An injury as deep as that, bones needed time to mend. They needed a full two months. It's been less than that.

It shows that she's trying to think of how to word what she wants to say next, without giving anything away.

I'm interested in writing about abilities. [ Here she looks up, looks directly into the TAB camera. ] I'm interested in learning about them.

If you're comfortable with discussing this, that's great. I'm available for one-on-one meetings, if you would prefer, or you can reach me privately through the messaging system.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about the stories I've done, I won't mind sharing. Ask me anything you'd like.

[ Except you, Flynn. ]
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[There is a really, really unpleasant banging noise, like someone's thwacking their tab against a rock because (surprise) that's exactly what this particular someone is doing. A feminine, Australian accented voice cuts in after a while.]

-would have been nice if they’d given us a bloody crash course in how to use these things. How do you even-

[There is jarring sound of static and then a burst of distortion as a finger jabs at the TAB]


[Another jab and more distortion.]

-if it’s-

[One more jab and for some strange reason, the image feed is flipped upside down and everything is strangely… purple.]


[There’s a sigh, and then coming through the upside down, purple video feed there’s a woman with dark hair looking quizzically at the TAB with a furrowed brow until she sighs.]

Some week this is shaping out to be.

[She jabs at the tab again, and while the feed returns to right side up, it’s still conspicuously purple.]

Okay. I don’t get it. Never did go in much for the whole sci-fi thing. First person to tell me where I can get a beer and a back rub in that order is my new space best friend. Name’s Chloe by the way. Chloe Frazer.

[She squints at the tab and then rolls her eyes.]

Shit, did I break it? Fantastic...

[ooc: backdated to during week two!]
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[So remember that cheery blonde asking people to come screw? Guess what! She's back on camera already. Only the call's coming from Rinzler's MID (didn't he kill her that one time?), and J looks to have undergone some fairly rapid... changes.

First? She's a technozombie!

Second? Extra dead.

Her skin is dull and grey, split apart in papery, cracked lines that show the glow of circuitry beneath. Her eyes are flat and hollow, glinting dimly in the light above, as if the switch behind them was burned out. Her head lolls to the side at a twisted, malformed angle, and the slice visible through one collarbone is oddly bloodless. What liquid does ooze out is black.

The camera lingers for a long moment, only the low ticking rumble of Rinzler's noise offscreen to break the silence. Then, several lines of text scroll out below the screen.]

Active virus detected.
Affects users. Infected subjects: hostile, attempting to spread.

[Shepard starts talking before she's on camera, allowing for the image to assist in her addition to Rinzler's information. Her voice is urgent, stern — and a touch strained.]

This is a red alert. Something on board is turning crew into beings called husks. They're the result of organic cells being replaced with psychological and physiological-controlling synthetic material.

[As the camera shifts to her, the source of the strain is clearer — she's attempting to patch up a wound to the gut in a hurry. More discerning types may identify it as a gunshot wound.]

See a friend, but they're looking a little different? Keep your distance, and let us know. It's not a exactly your traditional virus, but any bite or scratch can open up a host site, and turn you, too.

Private to: Nihlus


[[ooc: Monolith Plot continues! Red is Rinzler; orange Shepard—they'll both be responding to non-privated threads.]]


Sep. 10th, 2016 08:02 pm
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All right, I'm done pretending we're not collectively acting like a bunch of hippies at a weed convention. Yeah, the party is nice and all, but has anyone stopped to think about what the hell is happening here?

[The dancing, the partying, the getting sexy in public-to-barely-private locations. He's actually seen people relax who never, ever relax, and that might be the creepiest part.]

I'm just gonna say it. We've been drugged. And it feels like I'm the only one who's come down from it.

[Granted, this is way better than the last two times he was drugged, but it's still freaking him out.]

Look, if there's anyone out there who hasn't already told me 'oh Nate it's no big deal just have a drink and enjoy yourself,' please let me know. I talked to Thán, and if there's any hinky shit that anyone's noticed, we should bring it back to the Moira. Personally I think we should all go back to the beach and wait there, but I've given up on convincing people of that. I just want to figure out what's going on.

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[ It doesn't take her long to get re-acquainted with the wristband they call a MID, or so that's the lingo she's been hearing it being called around the ship since she left medbay and was free to explore. Elena's reminded of a fancy wristwatch that only Apple can come up with where the text messages that get sent to your phone get routed to the wristband, it's handy. Really neat. And because she's familiar with such technology back home, it's easy to get the options set up and a message sent out, not that she's expecting anyone to respond.

The people in the medbay had been friendly and helpful enough but who was to say the same could've been said about the others on board.

Mid-40s and not much has changed in the blonde haired woman who appears, aviator shades atop her head. More freckles cover her brow and cheeks from her time spent out in the sun, lines sitting comfortably at the edges of her eyes, laugh lines near her mouth from happy, good times. Even now, Elena looks beach ready.

I find that there's gotta be just a tiny bit of irony in the fact that when I expected to spend my afternoon on a ship, I didn't expect it to be a spaceship.

So, uh— hey! How's everyone doing? I feel like I should insert some kind of terrible joke or pun about gravity and hanging around here but instead I'll just see if there's anyone out there willing to help me lo—

[ And unfortunately that's when the feed drops out to a black screen, her connection cut dead. What...?

Elena sits there staring down at her wristband and after a moment, she gives her wrist a shake. That always works in getting things back on... Usually. Does that mean she'll miss out on any incoming messages? Who the hell designed this?



Oh! That worked? Hah. And all I had to do was shake the damn thing. Note to self, when in doubt, shake it.

Anyway, as I was trying to say a few moments ago, I'm looking for someone and I'm wondering if maybe anyone's seen her. I don't have a picture of her on hand but she's blonde and wears black-framed glasses. Pretty average height for a teenager.

It's kind of important that I find her. If you've seen her, please let me know? I'd really appreciate it.


Aug. 25th, 2016 10:21 pm
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Hello everyone. This is Nico Robin, your ship's historian speaking.

[The black-haired woman gives a small, knowing smile into the MID. She's about 20 years older than she was the last time she made a network post, and seems a lot more at peace with giving her name to the crew at large.]

I was wondering if anyone might direct me to Allison Ruth. I haven't seen her in.... Oh, about two decades, and I'd really like to catch up.

[Robin can't seem to contact her MID anymore, and she knows what that might mean. But with all the time warp shenanigans going on around here, she'd like some confirmation before she assumes the worst.]

And this isn't related, but I've gotten really tired of walking these halls barefoot. Does anyone know anywhere on the ship that I might find some shoes in my size? Two matching pairs, ideally.


Aug. 19th, 2016 02:03 am
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[ There’s a Turian face filling the screen, bright, large green eyes and youthful face, but the colony markings should be a dead give away for who it was. The moment he’s sure the camera is on, Nihlus starts chattering away. ]

So like, I finally managed to hack into my omni-tool’s data storage proper and it’s a freaking treasure trove, holy shit. There’s like a million pictures of Saren Fucking Arterius on here?

[ Cue some awkward angling with the MID to properly frame said omni-tool- and there is, indeed, a screenful of thumbnail photos of Saren Arterius. The teen scrolls through the file navigator with one hand, chortling as he does. ]

Look, look- here’s one of him picking his nose.

Here’s one of him in the middle of a sneeze.

And this one’s my favorite so far, okay okay- it’s the fucker tripping over a leaf. Haha, fuck, the extranet would have been alllll over this shit- whoa hey, he’s got a pretty nice butt for someone who’s like a millions years old. Dang.

[ Being a teenager does not seem to have cured him of his awful tastes, unfortunately. ]

Anyways, there’s also like, the most beautifully curated collection of vid porn that I have ever seen in my life, so if you want copies and aren’t like, a baby or something, just ping me!
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[Guess who just figured out how to use the text-to-speech function on her MID? Probably the same child who's hiding in the engine room and nearly dying of laughter right now.]


[Yeah, everyone might want to brace for a few more pages of this until she gets tired of making the little voice in her bracelet spout gibberish. Especially since that isn't going to be any time soon, unless someone stops her.]


Aug. 4th, 2016 12:22 am
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[His voice is a little shaky to start off, he's not that used to using the MID and he's still nervous talking to potential crowds. Addressing (potential) crowds is All Might's thing, not Izuku's.]

Hello, um- My name is Midoriya Izuku, I also go by Deku. I'm one of the personal defense specialists. [He says it, but he sounds a bit unsure, like he doesn't know if they picked the right guy for this job.]

I'm- I was in the hero course at U.A. High before I ended up here. [Now he sounds more confident.] I'm a hero in training.

As for personal defense, I focus on hand to hand. I have a pretty good range I can teach, I think. If you want to learn the basics, or somebody to spar with I can help with that. Or if you want scenarios to test yourself with I'll help create them for you.

Please let me know if you need anything. I'll be in the training simulation room.

Uh... Thank you for your time!