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[ It's been two weeks since she's woken up in the Complex, the effects of her cryostasis wearing off, finally. The effects of her death and resurging, that's another story. Her throat and lungs aren't feeling so raw but the latter still feels rough. At least she no longer feels like she's going to choke with each breath she takes. And the hacking up blood has stopped. On the other hand, the nightmares of the exact moment don't come as often but they're there.

They're always there.

I was always under the impression that when you died, you stayed dead. There were no second chances. Maybe I haven't come to terms with it. I've come close to death's door too often but never like that.

Has anyone ever...?

[ If anyone here has died and returned, wouldn't asking bring back unpleasant memories? Elena's aware of that, unfortunately there's only been one other person whom she's been able to talk to who can relate.

This isn't something she can talk to Nate about because of how sensitive a topic it is between them still, and that's why she's locked the post from him. She needs to know if there are others.

Plus there's just one more thing...

My wedding ring also seems to be missing... It's plain silver and has an engraving on the inside. It's been missing since I woke up in the Complex.

If it's shown up anywhere then please, I'd appreciate a heads up.

( ooc; the ring is gone forever, and although the post is locked from older!nate, it's still free game for anyone who knows him to bring up the post/topic/any conversation to him. c: )
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[Wash appears on the screen, grudgingly out of armour, his face drawn and pinched around the mouth. He looks exhausted, eyes sunken and dark with exhaustion. Arriving here is just one more thing that seems specifically designed to fuck up his life.]

My name is Ag- [No, he's not Agent Washington anymore is he? He's not with the UNSC. He's not with project Freelancer. He's not anything.] My name is Washington.

They said that- [He can't believe he's saying this. His life is a fucking joke and his death will probably be the punchline. Until then, he is stuck dealing with this shit. Assuming he hasn't snapped altogether. That's also a possibility.]

They said that I have been sucked in through some kind of bullshit dimension hopping. [Yes, his teeth are gritted as he says it.] I'm looking for anyone who knows what the UNSC is.

[It's not that he wants to find anyone from home. There's no-one he cares for left alive and even then... well, he tries not to think about them too much. But he just needs someone to remind him that that wasn't all fictional.]
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[A woman's voice comes over the network. She sounds annoyed. Like she's been waiting and waiting for something and now that it's finally happened, she has to collect herself.]

Yes, hello? Is this the Customer Service line? I've been trying to call your shit for days now. I know that the sun is out and everything but that doesn't mean you can not answer the phone! If the sun goes out, who else am I gonna call? I've got to report this service outage to someone. The sun going out is also kinda unprofessional. I'm not exactly feeling confident in you guys here.

Anyway, my complaint is as follows. I need to get off this plane of existence like right fucking now. And I know that it's probably not your fault who you pick up and drop off here, it's just policy and blah blah blah but it's very important that I get back to the plane of existence I was on before. I want to return this kidnapping for a full refund.

I hate to show up and run without wrecking any shit as is my thing, but this is kind of getting in the way of what I'm trying to do. Which is literally ONE JOB. I had one fucking job and this makes it look like I can't do one job. So for the sake of my resume and the universe, send me back.

Also some asshole owes me 15 dollars and I need to collect. Priorities and all.

Yes, that's it. Thank you for your time. But next time if this complaint doesn't go through, I'm gonna ask for your goddamn manager!

((No TAZ spoilers really in the post but some might always appear in the comments, I will try to warn for anything in the subject head!))


Jul. 3rd, 2017 12:24 pm
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[Upon the screen flickers on the image of a woman with black hair and a full set of armor with a sword engulfed in flames engraved at its center. The camera is set at an awkward angle and some adjusting takes place, but it's clear someone has at least done their research on the device before them. Once in better focus, the expression given is one of incredulity before it eases into a more friendly demeanor.]

I think I've exhausted passersby well enough with my questions. To those who have been of help thus far, thank you. If this does, in fact, work as I was reassured, [there's a tired sigh,] then there is still a great deal I have yet to understand.

[She manages a lighter smile. Her tone gives little joy, however, and holds a serious air with her words carefully considered.]

Assuming it is working, however, I am Ser Evangeline de Brassard, Templar previously of the White Spire [She pauses in consideration if there is more to say on that matter, but with only a moment she moves on.] I realize titles likely mean little here, but should it to anyone I would encourage working together if a way is to be found to fixing this current predicament.

While I am still learning about this place, it takes little to understand this is a dire situation. Please do not hesitate if any are in need of assistance. It may be small, but I will help however I am able.

[Her demeanor visibly relaxes just as well as her smile.]

Thank you.
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[We interrupt your regularly scheduled Important Current Event Updates with someone's elbow knocking into their TAB. Or maybe alien metal plus alien tech equals some kind of spark and power surge or something. Either way, this is a close-up of Shiro's elbow for several seconds of blurred movement and muffled yelling.]

[Because something's on fire.]

[And he's hitting it with one hand. Which is probably alarming if you're new to the neighborhood and aren't aware one of his hands is made of metal.]

-- why? I just hit a button! Stop! Burning!

[Oh yeah, he's in the kitchen. Butchering microwave food.]

[Because before the TAB clicks off with another knock of his elbow, there's a brief shot of the poor, butchered food. It's space easy mac. He burned space Easy Mac.]


May. 24th, 2017 02:14 pm
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[Nate's face looks unusually serious when it appears via TAB today. Not sad or upset or grim, just like he's feeling unusually contemplative. Shut up, he's allowed to have a moment once in a while.]

You know, when I first came through the Ingress, I actually thought I was dead? I'd been flying in my best friend's plane and suddenly I was in bizarro land, so I figured we went down and I'd just blocked out the fiery death. And then they gave me a job and I knew I was in Hell.

[He's mostly kidding, but only because the teaching gig had turned out to be surprisingly fun.]

Space isn't the worst place I've had a rude awakening in, and I figured okay, we're on a ship, we're going somewhere with a way to get home, it's just a matter of time. And then the ship crashed but we found that place anyway but actually getting home depends on a bunch of science bullshit I don't understand.

And then I took a closer look at the local calendar and, near as I can figure out, it's been almost a year. [He holds up a hand.] Yes, okay, we also spent a year back on party planet, but I try not to think about that so it doesn't count. Makes me wonder how long it'll be—how much time will people spend passing time before deciding to actually live their lives?

Honestly...I'm not sure it makes a big difference with me. There's stuff I want to get back to, sure, but passing the time with some of you guys hasn't been too awful. [He grins.] Hey, to mark the anniversary, I'll do free sketch portraits for anyone who comes by to find me on the front steps of the big museum in Region 1.

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[The video feed flicks on to show Hawke sitting at a table. Covering the table are all sorts of circuit boards, wires, a laptop, various tools. You know, the things that you see and you go "this person must be some kind of tech genius". She's also wearing glasses. They make her look like hipster garbage.

Finally, there's a little handwritten note on the edge of the desk that says Hawke Industries. The Hawke part seems like it used to say something else but it's been scribbled out. A name that starts with an S? Something like that.]

Hello fellow Moirans and those that were never on the Moira. Morianots? Never mind. Terminology isn't what's important here. What is important is all the shiny new abilities being passed around like the plague. Sorry to anyone who accidentally lit their breakfast on fire when they woke up a mage. But I bet it was hilarious for everyone else.

Anyway, my important announcement is that I'm a genius now. See? You can tell by the spectacles. [Oh that explains the glasses] I know all about computers, engineering, physics, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and making suits out of metal. Which I won't do. Because, let's be honest, it's embarrassing.

So from now on you can direct all your technological questions to me. I'll answer them in a very overcomplicated and round about fashion with a slight bit of scorn for your inability to understand. But fear not, I'm prepared to throw myself on that sword for the sake of everyone here.

[And off goes the feed. Is she really going to actually fix shit or do anything? WHO KNOWS.
She's a wild card.]


May. 14th, 2017 04:49 pm
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[The video feed turns on, although it’s at a bit of an odd angle - you see the video moving as though whoever is holding it has no idea it’s on. You get a shaky glimpse of the ground, an arm, a hat, before it’s held up. The picture is half obscured by a large thumb, but you can still make out two faces - an elf with a pointy hat and a human with magnificent sideburns. It re-adjusts as someone pushes it from the side to center it more on the elf. ]

I don’t think it’s working - wait - Uh, hail and well met, my good - Whoever you are. My name is Magnus Burnsides, and this is my companion -

Uh, that’s San-- Ysandra Lyee? That’s my name. The Y is silent, my good whoever you ares. [He’s not going to specify which Y. Or where they are, because this is audio and they’re silent, obviously.]

[Whispers. Audibly.] Oh, were we doing fake names? Cool. Nevermind. I accidentally said the wrong name. My actual name is Leeman Kessler.

[Whispering, also audibly.] You think, you think It’s a great idea to just roll up in here and tell them our names? Yeah, cool, good well-thought out plan, hey thanks for the kidnapping, real great to meet ya’ homies, lovin’ it here. Nice weather we’re having today in this cool new reality, here’s my real actual identity. Go nuts!

[Covering the entire picture with his palm as he continues to whisper. Not at all covering the mic.] Okay, okay, well, I think they bought it. Not that I get where knowing our names would get them. Uh, anyway, that’s us. Leeman and whatever he just said. We’re here to help. Can all of you just go ahead and tell us whatever is going on here? Any strange occurrences? Someone maybe, for example, seemingly under the thrall of a powerful magical artifact? That kind of thing?

Yeah-- I’m, whatever I just said. Or what I wrote on that paperwork. Just a great-- Having a great time all around, super into the invasions of body and privacy, and whatever. Can’t wait for more. Anyway, we’re ready for your exposition dump. Lay it on us. Also accepting answers in categories, uh, “what the fuck” and “why” - I know, they gave us the little guidebook, but full disclosure, did not read it. And also maybe where the nearest Fantasy wholesale shopping store is? Wasn’t exactly planning on this, completely underestimated the amount of snacks I’d need for this trip.

( video )

May. 11th, 2017 01:13 am
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[ Social media, in Logan's firm opinion, is useless shit to him. Maybe he's too used to having been in hiding for too long, but it just feels like a bad idea to be connected to a network, even if he never uses it.

Now that he needs it....urgh, it's still a bad idea. ]

Is this thing on-

[ Yep, it totally is. His expression is flat, the scenery behind him rather nondescript- a grassy field, a stand of trees. The dark, salt-and-pepper wolverine ears peeking from his hair twitch. ]

I'm not gonna bore everyone with story time introduction bullshit or powers crap- I got a question for residents of Kauto.

You guys got an optometrist somewhere on this planet? Someone that sees humankind, not...Cthulhu alien-types or whatever else. I need a pair of readers.

That's reading glasses, if I wasn't clear. I'd like to get them pretty quick.

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May. 10th, 2017 10:04 pm
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Thank god I only have my weird ass powers to deal with and not more weird ass powers to make my life even weirder.

Unless I got something like, super knitting and I'm missing out big time.

Then again, intergalactic space viruses...never a dull day huh?
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 [When a project is complete, the next natural phase is to test it. Which is the phase that Pidge has reached with three makeshift television sets and an experimental game system Pidge had to build in order to play what appears to be a video game that was randomly found at the market. And maybe Pidge had been holed up in the bedroom room more than usual lately, and maybe without saying much about why to anyone.

Well. Everyone's about to find out whether they like it or not.

Because when the feed comes on, it's clearly accidental. Mainly because the first words that come through are:]

Oh, COME ON!! Getting in close doesn't work, ranged attacks don't work, no blindspots from behind or on the sides-- How the fucking quiznak am I supposed to beat your ass?!?!

[The camera seems to have turned on by itself after getting knocked down off of something. It's clearly laying on the ground, tilted up so that Pidge's face is just barely in sight. The controller is more clearly in the center of the frame as it's being used, fingers pressing buttons furiously as Pidge curses up a storm at the TV screen. Things like "C'mon c'mon c'mon mother fucker just try that punk ass move one more time" and "you piece of shit AI, you've got one job!"

Someone should probably interrupt.]
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[ To say that it is taking some effort to adjust to the new reality Ororo has suddenly found herself in would be quite an understatement, but she still manages to look perfectly calm and composed as she offers the network a polite smile.

Would she like to maybe have herself a minor little breakdown? Sure. But she has absolutely no idea what sort of consequences that might have considering the quite substantial storm that is already going on outside the Ingress Complex, and there really just isn't time to fall apart right now. Maybe at some later point she can allow herself to fully absorb the shock of what has happened, but for now she has to keep moving forward.

Hello. My name is Ororo Munroe, and I'm a relatively new arrival here. Where I'm from I'm a teacher, mostly ancient history which isn't really going to be too useful around here unless some of you are dying to know about the Roman Empire, even if that was never a thing on your planet or in your timeline.

What I also am, is a mutant, which in my case means I have the ability to control the weather. I can survive in just about any climate, and I can get all sorts of information about what is going on in the environment around me because I am basically wired into it, which is a gross oversimplification but you didn't come here for a lecture.

[ Damn, but it feels pretty good to not hide what she can do. Screw anonymity, she's nowhere near Earth and its mutant registration act, and she is going to be completely and unashamedly herself. ]

I'm mentioning these things because I'm going to be needing a job pretty soon, so I figured I should put myself out there. Thank you for listening.

[ Her expression shifts into something a bit more amused, and at the same time sort of sad. ]

Oh, and if you have any good hangover remedies? Feel free to share them.

[ She's asking for a friend.

No, seriously, she is.


Apr. 7th, 2017 08:16 am
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[ The video shows a pleasantly cheerful boy, all golden curls and dimples, very comfortable in front of the camera. He's outside, a large field stretching out behind him, and he gives a friendly wave as he starts talking. ]

Hey, hey guys!

[ The camera turns, Matthew disappears, and after a split second of blurry grass and flowers, this 170lb creature appears. The dog gives a happy boof, sitting up and wagging its enormous tail, and Matthew laughs delightedly from offscreen. ]

What should I name my dog?
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[The video opens with a myriad of dizzying images: a few quick, blurry shakes that indicate the owner of the TAB has no idea how to turn it on, a couple of glimpses at the ground as they spin the device to try and find a button, a palm as it strikes down on the screen.

Clearly someone isn't used to such technology. They even mutter a:]

Jesus, how does this thing--?

[Sam jumps a little as he turns the TAB to face him, only to see that it's already recording. And what a sight he is to behold, with dirt on his clothes and blood on his nose and down his left arm. He looks like he could go for a nice hot bath, or like he's just come out of a jungle.]

Holy shit, okay. Okay, uh--hey.

[That's what you're supposed to say, right? Sam gives a small little uncommitted half wave with his free hand, like he's not exactly sure if that's what he should do.]

I'm not sure if anyone is actually on the other end of this, but if there are others out there, I could use a little help. I mean I realize I'm not exactly in Kansas anymore, but space? A whole other planet? Come on, somebody's gotta be busting my balls here, right? At least buy a guy a drink and let him have a cigarette first before you throw that at him.

[He pauses as if expecting some kind of laugh track or other response, but then continues shortly after.]

Also, I--[He shifts uncomfortably, considering what he should say.  It takes him a little longer than before to speak again, but once he does, he looks directly at the camera.] I'm looking for my brother.  He's about this tall, he's got bro--oh, shit!

[Which is the last curse everyone hears as he accidentally loses his grip on his TAB and it tumbles to the floor and turns off. He'll get the hang of this eventually.]

text + ad

Mar. 12th, 2017 07:37 pm
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I'm not asking for anyone's help making this decision, but I've got a big one that dropped in my lap, and I'm thinking about the whole process now. You know—dealing with the whole 'this is going to affect me for the rest of my life' thing.

It's not fun.

I think I know what I'm going to do, but pulling the trigger, so to speak...it sucks.


[ Several minutes later, a for sale ad is sent out from Tex's network address: ]

Read more... )
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[ It's pretty clear that whoever is handling the TAB is having difficulty figuring it out. Following some muffled profanities and crackling as the video is essentially a moving blur, the image clears to the visual of a young teen. Her red hair is messy, pulled back into a loose bun where her bangs continuously fall in her face. Different from her initial arrival, she is clean and devoid of any showing injury. There's a very clear scar on her eyebrow, which seems to have uniquely ceased the growth of hair, leaving a wide gap. That very brow wrinkles as she leans over the TAB and inspects. ]

Is this stupid thing working or what?

[ "Stupid", says the one who found this thing super awesome five minutes ago. The charm died out when she realized just how incapable she is of utilizing most technology. ]


Oh, I see it now. It says "recording".

[ Ellie's voice is a touch hoarse, so she speaks quietly. She leans back in her chair when she is comfortable in knowing it's working. The teen takes a deep breath, exhaling heavily before speaking. ]

Okay, so I'm... Basically being told here that I should take a shot at, [ Ellie shrugs, waving her arms a bit to make a gesture. ] this. Getting acclimated, socializing, or something.


[ She waves, lips curled in a crooked, awkward and shy sort of smile. ]

What's up? I'm Ellie. I've been here a few weeks, but I haven't done anything on the network yet. So, er.

Nice... To meet everyone? I guess.

[ Her glance shifts away, and she eventually shakes her head and begins to reach for the TAB. ]

So that was pointless. How do I shut this thing off?

[ Ellie picks up the TAB, where the camera shows a pretty full image up her nose and under her chin as she flips it this way and that. A few more profanities, and eventually the feed shuts off. ]


Mar. 5th, 2017 11:49 pm
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[When the video clicks on, it's not to the confused face of a newcomer, to the concern of someone who has just been plucked out of their universe and thrown to another. It's not of anger, fear, annoyance, none of that. When the video focuses, it's on a man wearing a strange dark coat, twirling one end of a ginger mustache between his fingers. He has light blue markings on his face, pointed ears, wild hair, a patch over his right eye, and looks entirely nonplussed by this entire situation.

In fact, this particular newcomer seems settled enough that he's able to hold the TAB in a steady hand at the perfect MySpace angle. No, seriously, he has this selfie stuff on lock.]

You know, this reminds me of that time I was on the coast of Melharoo, on the planet Yaluk of the Fifth Nebula. There was an entertainment city -- Va Harn, I believe the name was -- with a resort that operated kind of like this. Woke up there without a clue of what I'd been doing the past week! Turns out I'd had a particularly nasty run in with a few Wabbernocks! [Here, he laughs. As if everything he's saying makes complete and total sense.] Last time I went there during a waning metra.

[He lets go of the edge of his mustache, letting it bounce back into place as he regards the lens of the TAB.]

It's been a good while since I've had the time to learn about a new culture, so go ahead fellow visitors and Thisavrounians! Give me your best stories. Tell me about your culture, your technology, your holidays-- anything you could possibly think of!

[And, almost as if it's an afterthought, rather than the whole point of this broadcast Coran come on]

Oh! And if anyone's heard some rumors about flying robotic lions -- particularly a colored set -- I'd appreciate the information.


Mar. 5th, 2017 04:19 pm
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[technology like this is easier to learn the second time around. so steve rogers, product of the 1940's, takes to the tab like a duck to water.]

Just when I thought I couldn't get any farther from Brooklyn, I end up on another planet. But between the cave and all those Flash Gordon comics that my buddy and I used to read, maybe I should've seen this one coming.

[speaking of buddies:]

My name's Steve Rogers. I'm looking for anyone who might've ended up here with me, or maybe knew me before that. [steve frowns, brows thoughtfully furrowed.] Or...after that, I guess. I hear I look a little bit different then.

I'd also rather not waste any time when it comes to pulling my own weight, but I'd like to do that while also helping others. If anyone knows of jobs that can do both, I'm all ears. Thanks.
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[ Good afternoon fellow Ex-Moirans, enjoy a dizzying spin of the device before it settles to show a wide expanse of apple orchard. Occasionally, darting into the frame, is the form of a certain well known bahari, only he seems ... different.

Bigger, much bigger, probably standing almost four feet at the shoulder, his scales are now smoother and more colorful, with bioluminescent lines along his sides that are currently lit up with what appears to be a joyful color. His mane is also smoother, more mature and at one point, as he darts past, he gives what sounds like a little hiccup and a small burst of fire comes from his mouth.

The fire seems to surprise him, someone is still getting used to having grown up.

However, that is not the purpose of today's network contact.

From off to the side, comes Adrien's voice. If it sounds like he's picking apples it's because ... he's picking apples. ]

Quick question to the company assembled. Does anyone have any experience with very old Earth based computer technology? Specifically, floppy disks.