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[ It's been a struggle, through the deep mire of apathy, exhaustion and a sense of crushing futility.

Adrien had thrown himself a right proper tantrum for most of the period from stumbling out of the Ingress until they got to the husk of the Moira. There had been no magic moment that had reinvigorated him, no pep talk ... or even proper coffee.

Part of him wanted to stay down on the floor. Hard to tell what got him to his feet but by the time the video clicked on, the doctor was just that; on his feet. As was usual with his videos, once he established the connection, he set the TAB down on the table. With the damage to the ship it might be hard to tell where he was but a good guess would be, MedBay. ]

Alright. I don't know about anyone else but I've enjoyed myself a right proper pity party for the past ... who the fuck knows. However long it's been since we came through the Ingress to get here to the Moira.

Not important.

What is important is the fact that we appear to have been 'returned to sender' without a proper forwarding address.

I'm curious; what do we have, what do we need? Who is pursuing what in terms of a course of action to get us back on our feet? And if you are doing anything, do you need any help?

I'll go first.

I got to what's left of the MedBay. It's not in great shape but it's serviceable. I packed a couple of pacdiscs with some medical supplies before I left Kauto, so if anyone is in need of treatment, we may be able to help. As for assistance, the MedBay could benefit from any and all hands that have any medical knowledge, ability, or fuck it if you won't pass out at the sight of blood and want to help.

[ There was a pause, somewhere off screen he may have been rubbing his eyes. Trying to think of anything else to say, before closing. ]

Okay so ... that's medical. Who'd like to go next? [ Another pause and then a mutter. ] Please let it be someone with coffee.

[OOC: This post is intended to encourage all the thread-hopping and thread-jacking!

Things learned so far:

1) The characters are a little a lot cracked around the edges.
2) Shepard is hating on puzzling over locked doors and that pesky 'turned around' habit of the Moira's.
3) Shiro is discussing a distress beacon & possibly collecting items from home
4) There is an offer of instant and also regular coffee. ]
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[This would probably be a more successful broadcast if it weren't for the fact Sideswipe is yelling. A lot.]

[His buddy the elf has missed his check-in. And with the announcement of the Ingress Emergency, the 'bot is just a little bit panicked.]

He's like! Built like a stick okay? He's got pointy little ears and face squiggles and he hasn't called me in like forever!

Has anybody seen him?!


Mar. 19th, 2017 03:50 pm
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[ the feed flickers once, twice, before it settles on Thisavrou's latest Turian resident. ]

I have heard of machine-gods that could harvest entire civilizations and render them into nothingness in nanoseconds, or even create a symbiotic relationship between machines and organics...but I have never heard of the likes of machinery that could resuscitate the dead.

Yet, I am led to believe the technology here is so highly advanced that it is as common as any other glitch in a program. Is that right?

[ here, Saren pauses, clearly disbelieving. ]

I seek more credible answers, which surely someone must have uncovered by now. Is there more to how we arrived here? What is known about our gracious hosts, is there information regarding them or their government?

Humans are known for their arrogance and non-compliance. I cannot imagine that all of you have been content to act as no better than cogs in a machine, submitting so that our gracious hosts could reap the benefits of your contribution.


Mar. 18th, 2017 09:56 pm
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[At some point in the early morning hours, a mysterious post floods through the TAB network. Updated quickly. Stream of consciousness style. Hope you like shitposts, Savrou.]

do u think tanglesnakes have feelings

i mean like thery little fuzzy weird oes right ??? they might???

does anybody know how 2 get wax out of intake pipes its still in there
no its not a romantic thing
my bf (boat friend) shoved it in my face
it kinda sucked
h e l p

i mean the WAX sucked
he didnt suck
doesn't suck

anyone awake
hellllooooooooooooooooooooooo?????? hi :)

( video )

Mar. 5th, 2017 07:02 am
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( The device is carefully placed before the video starts, letting it show only the piece of paper in question. It's not quite the wanted signs of the past but it'll do the job.

ستة وسبعون

76. She's calling him out.

The video only stays on for five seconds before it switches off. It's done its job )
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[ When the recording begins, the only thing viewers will see is a flash of red hair (with perhaps a bit of grey), and the only thing heard will be - well, not English. He's obviously cursing quietly to himself, though hard to say if anyone will be able to recognize it as Gaelic.

Finally, his face will appear - handsome, high cheekbones, blue eyes, slanted a bit almost like a cat's, and a couple days' worth of stubble on his jaw. He's dressed old-fashioned, and when he speaks again it's English this time - but English heavily accented, to the extent that those unfamiliar with Scots might find it difficult to understand him at first. ]

Och, is this it then? I'd not like to be talkin' to myself, but I was told this is how to find work.

[ A pause. He taps the screen for good measure, then shrugs. ]

My name is Alexander Malcolm, lately of Edinburgh. There, I was a printer, but I've also experience as a soldier, and in animal husbandry. Though I dinna ken if anyone has any stables here worth the name.

[ He waves that off. ]

I'll work to earn my keep, and happy to do so. [ Here he pauses, and rubs his jaw a bit. ] And if anyone kens where to find shaving implements, I would be much obliged. I thank ye, for your time.
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[It's set to video, but the feed is dark, and there's some kind of ambient noise. After a few moments it becomes clear that Lavellan is unknowingly covering the camera with his hand. He's talking, too, but his voice is muffled.]

Hello. Hello? Is this--is it working? I can't tell--

[Then there's actual video: it's a fuzzy closeup of Lavellan's eye, and then his ear.]

Can... anyone hear me? Am I doing this correctly?

[There's more muffled noise, like someone manhandling a microphone; the feed jostles and then goes dark again. There's what sounds like muted cursing in a foreign language (elvish, for those who recognize it) before the video ends entirely. Trying to use advanced technology is rough when you're from medieval fantasy land :(

The video is accompanied by text that looks like someone poked uncertainly at the letters of an unfamiliar keyboard with one hand. Because they did.]



Feb. 3rd, 2017 05:10 pm
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[It’s been a long time since she’s addressed the community. While she’s always sounded annoyed, now there’s a heartache behind the anger. An exhaustion, a defeat.]

Back in the desert we got this story that gets told to every greenie that shows up in the sand. That it don’t matter if you went and got dusted ‘cause your shadow still lives on. [A shaky, sharp breath.] Killjoys never die.

But in this place, it ain’t true. The desert doesn’t believe in death but here there’s no life to begin with. Light’s out is just light’s out. [The anger in her voice picks up, deep and visceral.] All this place gives is empty promise after empty promise, dangles lil’ shiny pieces of hopin’ right in your face then laughs it away again. Just makes everythin’ you were ever told one damn cruel joke.

[There’s a few moments of nothing of but heavy breathing and snotty snuffles before she starts again, voice forcibly more calm.]

So why don’t all you rat kings and thrill seekers and wannabe white suits give me a new story worth believin' in?
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[So, with much effort, the MID starts broadcasting a close up of...well, it's a very green eye.]

Is...Is this thing on? Does the light mean it's on? Please let the light mean that it's on...

[The figure pulls back to reveal...a face! Just a normal face, covered in...soot? Burns? One of his bangs might be on fire.]

Okay, so...first off, I guess I should introduce myself. My name's Darin Altway, Master Blacksmith. I'm new here and I guess my new job is mechanical engineer on the Ingress?

[Darin is pointedly keeping the camera close to his face. He looks nervous.]

So uh...full disclosure? I don't know what an Ingress is. Or half of what these things are.

Most of what these things are.

...Almost all of these things.

And I lost my blacksmith hammer, so I've kind of been making due with the tools on hand and, funny story, you can't just hit things with hammers to make them work? Crazy, right? So...if anyone who knows anything about...uh...any of these gadgets and gizmos could come on down to engineering and give me a crash course everything, I would really appreciate--

[He's cut off by what sounds like something backfiring and creating a much larger fire.]


[The video ends there.]


Oct. 16th, 2016 10:49 pm
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So it dawned on me that I still have no pleasant connections and I feel like I’m wasting space living in this place.

So I’m gonna change that up

Tell me about yourself, and I’ll tell you about myself, and we’ll see if that develops into anything worth delving into.

[Because why not. She’s got nothing else better to do.]

And if not, don't bother. I won't care if you don't. In fact, just spam me those weird text emoticons that everybody loves instead. Instant boredom killer.

Here I’ll start => (✿◠‿◠)


Sep. 29th, 2016 10:10 pm
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[Having noticed the general quiet on the ship, someone is going to speak up in an attempt to fix this problem.]


How about that crazy party stuff, huh? I know like, years and stuff are important to humans so. Sorry? About that?

But seriously is it really that bad? I mean, you guys have like, what? Two-hundred of 'em?

[Sideswipe, no, humans don't live to be 200 you ninny.]

What's one more! I mean there's worse ways to go than a big party, right? [... he's trying to give a peptalk. He really, really is.] I guess if you really feel bad, um.

Talk to each other! That's totally what everyone keeps telling me to do when bad scrap happens.

Yeah, that's like, all I got, man. Just relax, okay dudes? Next planet's gotta be better.

[you tried, sideswipe]
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Missed birthdays and alien poison [and training on a couple of days which were really a whole year but resulted in just Throw?!] aside...

a big picture! )
[This is the video, just a few seconds of the crab centered in the frame, except without a person in the background, and on the beaches of this planet instead.]

Good names for a crab? I'm no good with names.

[Which is kind of how she ended up in this current round of identity theft, really. But at least this means she's made it over a year without more people figuring her out!]


Sep. 19th, 2016 07:59 pm
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[Only the audio clicks on, and the voice coming through the MID is worn, thin with static and carefully controlled.]

This is Chief--this is Ratchet, giving notice that the portion of the inorganic clinic I was running is currently closed until further notice, as of... now, apparently somewhere around a year from when I last checked. I'll be resuming my duties as soon as--when it's possible for me to do so.

In the meantime, I'm referring my patients to the regular medbay or to Tony Stark, depending on the complexity of the engineering involved. If it's a serious emergency... I can't help you, but I'll try to consult via MID if absolutely necessary. I am not available to answer five hundred questions about why, so don't bother asking. I need to work. Kindly refrain from calling me unless you're actively leaking to death.

...Ratchet out.


[Somebody's hands finally stopped working to the point where he actually has to quit using them all the time and attach new ones, and he is not having a good day. Feel free to harass him, but there's no guarantee he'll respond.]

Text post;

Aug. 15th, 2016 08:50 pm
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ok listen up guys gals and all the inbetweens
my names newt geiszler and not only am i a fucking stand up guy and a riot to be around but im also the worlds leading xenobiologist/cryptozoologist/guy who's gonna save the world when he gets back assuming it hasnt been trashed by the kaiju

oh hey thats a point does time stop back home and we just slot back in or is time still moving in other dimensions?? since apparently this ISNT a coma and im actually stuck in a weird alternate universe spaceship with transformers and comics people walking around
which cmon can you blame me for thinking this was a coma like
fucking transformers

anyway so
me=expert on all things kaiju and alien

you see where this is going right??
basically im not about to give up my totally awesome rockstar name of worlds leading xenobiologist and so i gotta know all about the alien species that live on the ship
gotta give me something to do since i cant continue my kaiju research unless theres a mind reader on board I might as well start fresh
anything thats not human is pretty much an alien sorry if thats space racist but them the breaks

dont worry im not gonna ask if you have tentacles for dicks or whatever but i am geninuely interested in learning about new species and planets where you guys originate and biology specifically
plus if you let me study you and end up getting hurt you get a shiny new medic so

im mostly chilling out in engineering since i live there now but i do actually hve a room too on the Nomo deck if thats more your bag
so come on down and let me study you!!

wow ok reading this back it makes me sound like i wanna harvest your organs or preform cavity searches but wow i promise im not gonna do that I JUST WANNA MEET SOME COOL ALIENS who don't wanna stomp on my city and harvest my word for resources we can do the cavity searches after you buy me dinner first if u know what i mean B)

fuck no scratch that im not a xenophile either what the fuck is wrong with me

[OOC: Newt is a fan of pop culture and knows a fair amount of nerdy culture and canons! Please check out my fourth walling permissions and lemme know if you're cool with potentially getting fourth walled by filling in my opt in or opt out form please u3u]


Aug. 10th, 2016 04:41 pm
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[rey is sitting in the gardens, legs crossed, staring at something off-camera. a low whistle and a few beeps makes it clear that bb-9 is doing the recording. despite the intensity of her gaze, her breathing is slow and regular and her muscles are entirely relaxed.

for a couple seconds, the video is just fixed on her--then, then frame zooms out so more of the garden is visible. a few feet away from where she sits, her lightsaber is stuck into the ground. such a suitable place for such a dignified weapon. but to be fair, her staff is stuck next to it. with the zoom-out, it becomes clear that rey is staring at the lightsaber.

a few more seconds of nothing.

then, as if tugged by an invisible string, the lightsaber twitches towards her. it lifts into the air and floats a few inches--before tumbling to the ground. rey, whose face holds a slight sheen of sweat from her efforts, lets out an extremely frustrated groan and an even more frustrated expletive. bb-9 beeps sympathetically.]

Kark it! I just want it to karking fly towards me when I--

[and she makes a violent pulling gesture--and then her staff comes flying towards her head. she reacts just in time, letting herself fall backwards to avoid being impaled in the face. the staff skids into the ground behind her. bb-9 screeches in alarm, and the video starts to bump as the droid rolls towards her owner. the camera zooms in and focuses on rey's face, still caught in surprise. and then, she laughs. not a restrained laugh, but a real, arms-around-her-gut laugh. and then she winces because ouch, bruised ribs. but back to business.]

Well, that's half right! Progress is progress, right? [then, she addresses the droid.] You caught all that? I want to watch it later.

[a beep of affirmative relief, and then the video cuts.]
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☄ Audio
Hello, I'm Niko Bellic. And I'm in charge of the Cargo Bay...

Except, I do not think I want to be. I have been working there for eleven months. [Back when he wanted to avoid fighting, when he wanted to attempt his route of being peaceful and avoid conflict, it had been helpful. Even more so when he wanted to avoid his initial job in the then-existent bar; yes, he sometimes drinks, but he couldn't tolerate the constant presence of habitual drunkards. Alcoholism never left good impressions with him. Being given the Cargo Bay position had been great. He had quiet time, could drive loaders, could do mindless work. But now? Not so much...] If I go, though, there will be very few other workers to handle everything. [And he's not such a prick that he'd leave them to suffer the work alone.] Would anyone be willing to go in there? Because I would like to do something else now.

Also after this whole ship rearranging thing, it has been a lot of work, I have done a lot of moving, and I would kind of like to play some darts or something. [This grumpy Serb just sounds tired as hell today.] Luckily a game that doesn't require any power to play.

Let me know, ah?


Aug. 10th, 2016 12:07 am
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Ever feel like you were going to have a great day only to actually have the day go down the drain? A guy comes back from the dead and would like to live in relative peace, you know?

At this point I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air and let Primus take the wheel because I certainly have no control over my life.

Good times, good times.

( Locked to Cybertronians ) )


Aug. 5th, 2016 04:56 pm
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[Ah, here we have the not-so-illusive Sideswipe. Fresh, red hot angry teenager for you, Moira. All those blue lights on his armor glowing hotly. Here is a robot child with a bone to pick.]

[He's standing outside his room -- if anyone knows for sure where that is, and... bristling. As much as a guy covered in armor can bristle.]

Okay! So, hey, are we done arresting each other for stupid stuff?

[Sideswipe 'mutiny' isn't stupid--]

Because, I gotta say, if anyone else has a problem with Riptide? You're gonna take it up with me! That's right. Me.

[A guy who looks more like a beanpole than a warrior.]

The great Earth-Cop Sideswipe! Team Bee's finest! And Riptide's mine to handle, so there. No one else gets any other ideas about dragging him anywhere, no matter your universe. Unless you want to get sideswiped.

Out the airlock.


Oh yeah also, if you're tiny and organic and some idiot the size of a building starts throwing down? Page me. I'll be your one-way-ticket out of smashville.
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[The video feed flickers to life, and despite the commotion, it's very much intentional. For those of you who know Riptide, you can see him frantically trying to escape from two hands that about as big as he is. Finally, one hand seizes Riptide and slams him to the floor. With some stability now, the camera is able to focus on Ultra Magnus. For those of you who don't know him, prepare to be bored. For those of you who do know him, it's possible that he's much much bigger than you remember, having had a few necessary upgrades recently.]

[He clears his vocalizer.]

Attention to all those who receive this broadcast. My name is Ultra Magnus. I have recently come aboard this ship and have been given the position of bailiff and parole officer. Let it be known that I have served as an officer of the law prior to my enlistment aboard the Moira, and as such, I promise that I will treat my duties and responsibilities with the utmost care, respect, and diligence that is befitting the position. I am fair and even-handed, and I look forward to working with all of you and becoming a productive member of the community.

That said, I have in my custody the one known as Riptide. He is a former comrade of mine, who served aboard the same ship as I did. Some of you may know him, and I am obligated to inform you that trusting this individual is a huge mistake. He is, as of now, being apprehended for being an accessory to mutiny.

[If Riptide wriggles, Magnus quickly presses his considerable weight down on him to make him stop.]

As I am still unfamiliar with the ship, I wish to know where the brig is located. I also wish to know everything about the due process aboard, as I intend to have'er-do-well answer for his crimes against his chain of command. In addition, if there are any forms and paperwork associated with the booking of prisoners so that they can be properly processed, I will more than happily fill out any and all necessary forms.

Again, I hope to make your acquaintance and let's all be sure to follow the new rules and expectations set forth by our current caregivers.

Magnus out.


Aug. 3rd, 2016 07:32 pm
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Hellooooo Moira! This is DJ Lúcio comin' at you live from the Moira's all new radio station based in the Hub! The lovely Mettaton helped me get set with everything and now I'm bringing to you the radio station for the crew, by the crew. Name pending.

[lúcio's speech is punctuated with a few dramatic flourishes. he's ridiculously excited, and it shows.]

Now, what I wanna hear is what you want! I can give you the music, the call outs and the news, but you guys gotta let me know when you wanna come and star to impart some wisdom unto the ship.

I'm not askin' you to do my job for me, but this wouldn't very well be a good radio if it was all from my point of view, would it? [even if he does think he has Good Opinions, lúcio is all about encouraging people to express themselves.] Anyone who wants to contribue anything, temporarily or permanently, give me a call on the MID. I'm taking music requests for the rest of the day, starting off with something that'll make you feel better!