Aug. 1st, 2017 11:28 pm
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[ "Augusta" is the name attached to this TAB. The picture is of curved white metal with a stripe of dark orange — leg armor, for any who may recognize it. ]

UNSC. Marines. RT-636.

[ In order: the military Maine knows, the branch he's in, and the hull classification symbol for the Mother of Invention.

[ North insisted on gathering intel while keeping a low profile. Maine's only interest is in returning to their mission. This is the result of compromise. ]
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[Wash appears on the screen, grudgingly out of armour, his face drawn and pinched around the mouth. He looks exhausted, eyes sunken and dark with exhaustion. Arriving here is just one more thing that seems specifically designed to fuck up his life.]

My name is Ag- [No, he's not Agent Washington anymore is he? He's not with the UNSC. He's not with project Freelancer. He's not anything.] My name is Washington.

They said that- [He can't believe he's saying this. His life is a fucking joke and his death will probably be the punchline. Until then, he is stuck dealing with this shit. Assuming he hasn't snapped altogether. That's also a possibility.]

They said that I have been sucked in through some kind of bullshit dimension hopping. [Yes, his teeth are gritted as he says it.] I'm looking for anyone who knows what the UNSC is.

[It's not that he wants to find anyone from home. There's no-one he cares for left alive and even then... well, he tries not to think about them too much. But he just needs someone to remind him that that wasn't all fictional.]


Apr. 26th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[ The video starts up with the camera staring into the face of a teal/aquamarine/lightish blue helmet that's part of some pretty serious looking combat armor. Once Carolina is sure the TAB is recording she starts speaking. ]

This is Agent Carolina and I'm looking to make contact with the Reds and Blues of Project Freelancer as well as Agent Washington. Or anyone associated with the United Army of Chorus, honestly. If you know what any of that means I'd appreciate the information.

[ She reaches up, the seals on the helmet hissing as it releases, and pulls off her helmet to reveal her face, looking a bit tired and maybe a bit worse for wear. ]

And if you idiots are out there, let me know. I'd rather not have to track you all down again and if I have to you won't enjoy it.