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[ It's been a struggle, through the deep mire of apathy, exhaustion and a sense of crushing futility.

Adrien had thrown himself a right proper tantrum for most of the period from stumbling out of the Ingress until they got to the husk of the Moira. There had been no magic moment that had reinvigorated him, no pep talk ... or even proper coffee.

Part of him wanted to stay down on the floor. Hard to tell what got him to his feet but by the time the video clicked on, the doctor was just that; on his feet. As was usual with his videos, once he established the connection, he set the TAB down on the table. With the damage to the ship it might be hard to tell where he was but a good guess would be, MedBay. ]

Alright. I don't know about anyone else but I've enjoyed myself a right proper pity party for the past ... who the fuck knows. However long it's been since we came through the Ingress to get here to the Moira.

Not important.

What is important is the fact that we appear to have been 'returned to sender' without a proper forwarding address.

I'm curious; what do we have, what do we need? Who is pursuing what in terms of a course of action to get us back on our feet? And if you are doing anything, do you need any help?

I'll go first.

I got to what's left of the MedBay. It's not in great shape but it's serviceable. I packed a couple of pacdiscs with some medical supplies before I left Kauto, so if anyone is in need of treatment, we may be able to help. As for assistance, the MedBay could benefit from any and all hands that have any medical knowledge, ability, or fuck it if you won't pass out at the sight of blood and want to help.

[ There was a pause, somewhere off screen he may have been rubbing his eyes. Trying to think of anything else to say, before closing. ]

Okay so ... that's medical. Who'd like to go next? [ Another pause and then a mutter. ] Please let it be someone with coffee.

[OOC: This post is intended to encourage all the thread-hopping and thread-jacking!

Things learned so far:

1) The characters are a little a lot cracked around the edges.
2) Shepard is hating on puzzling over locked doors and that pesky 'turned around' habit of the Moira's.
3) Shiro is discussing a distress beacon & possibly collecting items from home
4) There is an offer of instant and also regular coffee. ]
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[ Scott's been here a few days, but he hasn't posted on the network or done much other than rest, recover, and plan. He is eight different kinds of not okay with the fact that he was just brought here out of the blue. He's worried about the others back home, worried about how his parents are going to take a second child just... gone. They weren't exactly the best, but they deserved better than a pair of empty caskets and a ton of questions. And then there was where he actually was and all of what that meant.

He'd spent a few days trying to figure out if they were messing with him, but from everything he'd been able to see or find, it looked like the people who'd brought him here weren't trying to trap him so much as just couldn't send him home. He'd stewed a little in that, frustrated with himself and his lack of scientific knowledge to ever refute such an idea, but that didn't really help anything and he'd turned towards something to do here soon enough. Honestly, it's amazing that took as long as it did, given Scott's general impatience. That's why, with his couple of credits and his ridiculous job recommendation (hey, if he could rock it, he'd rock it for money. Pride's never paid his bills...) he's finally dipping his toe into treating this place like his 'real world' for the moment instead of just a screwed up nightmare scenario.

He's looking pretty good for a kid from 1983 with medically required wrap around sunglasses as he grins into the camera and offers a laconic sort of thumbs up. Teenage boys are a menace and should be stopped. ]

Hey, so... if I say 'mutant', what does that make you all think of?

[ The mun would like to note that due to the fact that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out in May of 1984, she was unable to make a totally tubular reference and she would like if you would all be sad for her at this deep temporal injustice.

Scott, on the other hand, is testing the waters in a sort of obvious but not really entirely obvious but pretty obvious kind of way. Though to be fair, he's doing it in front of the most non-descript bit of wall in the Ingress compound he could find and fully intends to take off the eye-catching bright neon yellow jacket and stuff it in his backpack as soon as he's done. Nothing to be done about the telling sunglasses, but he's trying. Who knows what could come back from this? ]


Jul. 30th, 2017 11:04 pm
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[ so


also second, "guess who" but more literally, because this message contains only the TAB signature of one lady hawke - peter knows better than to connect his own TAB to his spider-man stuff, okay.

third guess (the charm) who's totally playing it off by being a cool guy, having totally hit record on the TAB remotely, so he's already squared off inside the video feed. congratulations to a head-and-shoulders view of some person in tight red and blue, head-to-apparently-toe spandex. as though spandex has any other possible adjective but 'tight'.

still, the same adjective could be applied to the posture, or at least what's visible. it's at least a... loose kind of tight? or something??

anyway, there's the kind of wave you do when you're either about to start a school project, or your great aunt josephine is giving you a thumbs up from afar for whatever weird family reunion cousin sack race you're about to do.

Hey everyone!

This is - [ uhh ] - just me. Spider-Man. Just saying, like. I think some people might have had some stuff missing when they evac'd, or whenever they tried to move around, I guess. Or maybe not, I - it's not like I talked to everyone. Either way, like. If you need stuff - your own stuff, please - moved around, or you want someone to keep an eye out for something, or you just need stuff - I can help with that! Or like if you need help getting here to there specifically, or have to move something really heavy, or - now I'm rambling, sorry. If you want help in general. I can't promise everything, but I can promise I'll try. At least, as much as I can.

[ that's what being a superhero is all about anyway, right? he's been slacking since he got here. ], not just right now, I mean. All the time. I can be helpful all the time. This was a weird time to do this, wasn't it?

[ the feed cuts off a handful of hurriedly-over-analyzed seconds later. ]
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[ Life had taken so many twists and turns that Adrien had been sitting on certain events for a bit longer than he had originally anticipated. He had been pulled in multiple directions, which was nothing new in his life, watching over a friend, treating other friends and watching events from the shadows.

He hadn't been affected by the shadows, mostly because he suspected that whatever was causing them had taken one look at him and overloaded before retreating.

Also in the mix, was the consideration of just what to do with the information. To go underground with it or above board. He suspected his feed would be watched, fuck the Fates but he was used to that level of scrutiny. In the end, a specific and recent event, a finding during his most recent follow-up had prompted him to his next actions.

It was late, late enough that his electricity had gone out like clockwork. A fire burned in the hearth, it's light casting an amber glow and shadows across his face as he actually put himself in the frame for once. ]

Let me tell you about a child )

[OOC: Link to the log event some of these details/dialogue comes from ]
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[ It's been two weeks since she's woken up in the Complex, the effects of her cryostasis wearing off, finally. The effects of her death and resurging, that's another story. Her throat and lungs aren't feeling so raw but the latter still feels rough. At least she no longer feels like she's going to choke with each breath she takes. And the hacking up blood has stopped. On the other hand, the nightmares of the exact moment don't come as often but they're there.

They're always there.

I was always under the impression that when you died, you stayed dead. There were no second chances. Maybe I haven't come to terms with it. I've come close to death's door too often but never like that.

Has anyone ever...?

[ If anyone here has died and returned, wouldn't asking bring back unpleasant memories? Elena's aware of that, unfortunately there's only been one other person whom she's been able to talk to who can relate.

This isn't something she can talk to Nate about because of how sensitive a topic it is between them still, and that's why she's locked the post from him. She needs to know if there are others.

Plus there's just one more thing...

My wedding ring also seems to be missing... It's plain silver and has an engraving on the inside. It's been missing since I woke up in the Complex.

If it's shown up anywhere then please, I'd appreciate a heads up.

( ooc; the ring is gone forever, and although the post is locked from older!nate, it's still free game for anyone who knows him to bring up the post/topic/any conversation to him. c: )
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[ Where oh where has the doctor been?

Well, a biological hazard with contagion ramifications. You do the math.

Now, however, having gotten a chance to sit down and look back over his notes, Adrien is taking the opportunity to put together something resembling a report to share with the class. Eventually it reads something like this. ]

In regards to the recent out-break of the biohazard and potential contagion situation on this planet.

Diagnosis of patients revealed no obvious affects or presence of the contagion still within our systems. This was a blanket finding across all species.

Material taken from the digestive tract, or equivalent, was likewise studies with no evidence of material outside normal parameters.

However, bloodwork lead to neurological follow-up, in the following circumstances. Where very slight alterations to the hormone levels (regardless of species) was identified further review identified these alterations as affecting the endocrine and adrenal systems (again we’re not all the same species, so the equivalent in those of you who don’t lay claim to either of these exact systems). The tests show minor, but consistent disturbances, that upon review against baseline levels, suggest a similarity to variations of withdrawal.

This effect is presenting as similar to other neurochemical imbalances, particularly anxiety and depression. If you happened to flag on these variances in testing and were taken for further questioning, I’d be interested in hearing how that went in hopes to continue to collect data on this outbreak.

Because experience, and my own prominent level of paranoia, suggests this information may be important in the future. Also, there’s a betting pool over whether the initial outbreak was an accident due to piss poor protocols, or a deliberate release of something weaponized.

For the record, I put down sencs on deliberate release, because this is precisely the sort of thing certain individuals would love to weaponize.

Finally, to those individuals who went crashing through the Ingress back to the slaver planet on some misguided mission of retributions? That was a fucking stupid move. Care to share with the class what long term solution you accomplished?
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I’m going after the thing we saw on that security feed. My associate and I want a few people who know what they’re doing.

The goal is one or two small teams to do the dirty work, but medical personnel or anyone with experience in containing potentially biohazardous material is also appreciated. We can hunt the thing down and neutralize it, but we’d like to capture it if we can, which means we’ll need a containment method.

Might save everyone a few trips to the decontamination center if the Savrii can determine what it is and if it’s actually dangerous. If you're interested, inquire within. If I don’t know you, be prepared to talk about your skill set. We’ll compensate you for your time.


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:28 am
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everybody loves polls, right?
cause i got one for all of you, and it's important.

"clones are an abomination": Y/N/elaborate your thoughts

figured this might be a timely question to ask, you know, considering the asteroid's a goddamn genetic nursery.


Apr. 3rd, 2017 06:32 pm
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[ Someone may or may not have already been exploring the asteroid. Hard to tell, as the video appears to be back on Kauto.

This time, rather than picturing the orchard, there is a nice interior shot of his kitchen, along with the crashing of pans. Who the fuck knows. ]

Question to those of you who dabble or "don't dabble" in the clandestine arts. Where do you draw your moral line? Do you have a moral line for short term ... shall we say results and perhaps a separate moral line for the longer projects?

If you potentially had access to a methodology that would extend your prospects of survival in a long term op, but it was seriously sketchy from the moral side of things, would you pursue it?

[ On that note there is a massive crash and the sound of some very inventive cursing, before he continues. ]

Alright, that's it. Civilian life is driving me right over the edge. It's either find someone to fight or the other word that begins with 'eff'. As my requirements for the former are more easily achieved than the latter so let's stick with the former.

Inquire for details within.
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[ Good afternoon fellow Ex-Moirans, enjoy a dizzying spin of the device before it settles to show a wide expanse of apple orchard. Occasionally, darting into the frame, is the form of a certain well known bahari, only he seems ... different.

Bigger, much bigger, probably standing almost four feet at the shoulder, his scales are now smoother and more colorful, with bioluminescent lines along his sides that are currently lit up with what appears to be a joyful color. His mane is also smoother, more mature and at one point, as he darts past, he gives what sounds like a little hiccup and a small burst of fire comes from his mouth.

The fire seems to surprise him, someone is still getting used to having grown up.

However, that is not the purpose of today's network contact.

From off to the side, comes Adrien's voice. If it sounds like he's picking apples it's because ... he's picking apples. ]

Quick question to the company assembled. Does anyone have any experience with very old Earth based computer technology? Specifically, floppy disks.

TAB - Video

Feb. 6th, 2017 01:20 pm
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[ When the video clicks on, immediately the scene on display is a modest sized farmhouse with what look like orchards in the distance. From the fairly temperate looking climate a good guess would be that this is on Kauto.

The video turns about, giving a flash of a large block of wood and what looks like smaller pieces scattered around it. Good guess is that someone is chopping wood but has taken a break for the moment. This is born out when Adrien's face comes into the feed, the doctor is dressed in a t-shirt rather than his usual uniform.

Slightly out of breath, his dark hair is plastered to his face at the temples and forehead. Yep, someone has been chopping wood, rather aggressively if the sweat is anything to go by. ]

I'll keep this short and to the point. [ Par for the course. ] For what it's worth to those you who are accident prone or otherwise given to ending up injured, I've applied for duties at the local hospital in Region One. [ He doesn't expect he's the only one but he'll let Angela and Alva speak for themselves. ]

I'm also -and I can't believe these words are leaving my mouth- using some of the equipment salvaged from the MedBay on the Moira to equip a private practice here at this location. [ He made a vague motion in the direction of the house. ]

If anyone feels more comfortable ... [ These words are delivered in a neutral, non-judgmental tone. The Savrii have been nothing but generous to this point and this is not to suggest there is a problem. Rather, he knows what it's like to be paranoid as fuck. ] ... well, what's the saying? The devil you know?

[ Pausing for a drink of water, he fiddles for a moment with the bottle, before gazing up and over the top of the device, his eyes obviously scanning the landscape for something. He takes a breath, stops the words but then quickly finishes. ]

Uhhm ... I'm not sure, who else is on Kauto but ... has anyone happened to seen Courser in the past couple of days?

[ Though his tone is level, to anyone who knows him well, there is a definite edge of anxiety in his voice and in his expression. ]


Jan. 8th, 2017 08:36 pm
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It occurred to me the other day that I haven't had a chance to write anything, and that's, to me, a little depressing. There's been so much here that's happened, not just to myself and the friends I've made, but to everyone else. To you.

My day job, back home, for those of you who don't know me, it deals with investigative journalism. I write to uncover the truth, to shed light on scenarios that are otherwise dark and bleak.

Since I got here, everything has been nothing but a whirlwind of events. Each month there's been something new; whether it's stopping off at various planets, or it's daily occurrences on the ship. [ RIP Moira. ] There hasn't been time for me to sit down and write it all out.

[ Elena pauses and her eyes drift downward, off to the left. For those who knew about the incident with the Descendants, how she'd walked away from that moment on the ship with her left arm broken and bleeding out where it'd bitten her...she no longer wears a splint and padded cast. There's no visible sling. It's almost as though none of that had ever happened.

An injury as deep as that, bones needed time to mend. They needed a full two months. It's been less than that.

It shows that she's trying to think of how to word what she wants to say next, without giving anything away.

I'm interested in writing about abilities. [ Here she looks up, looks directly into the TAB camera. ] I'm interested in learning about them.

If you're comfortable with discussing this, that's great. I'm available for one-on-one meetings, if you would prefer, or you can reach me privately through the messaging system.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about the stories I've done, I won't mind sharing. Ask me anything you'd like.

[ Except you, Flynn. ]


Jan. 8th, 2017 07:36 pm
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[Not that he's always Mr. Cheerful regardless of circumstances, but Nate's expression looks a little sad, a little wistful, on the TAB today.]

I know the Ingresses space kidnapped a bunch of new people recently—condolences, by the way—but for those who knew Isha Devan, she...won't be joining us the rest of our journey. To wherever the hell we're going.

[He knows where they're going in theory, but the trip has ground to a halt with what they've found at the midway hub. Nate's not taking part in the diplomatic talks with the Savrii, because seriously who would ever want that.]

But! I guess she had a secret project she didn't tell me about, because she left me this behind as a parting gift.

[The video on the TAB pivots to show a mechanical robot dog that looks very much the style of Q, Isha's dog, but instead of a greyhound, this one is modeled after a German Shepard.]

Things aren't the best right now, I know. Better than right after the crash but still not great. So for anyone who wants to distract themselves with something silly and mostly pointless, I've got a project for you: help me name my dog.
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[Varric had lost track of the days he'd been on this backwater planet. New time systems and science involving orbits and science the likes of which he'd never had the time for made him feel a bit... temporally lost. He'd spent most of his time fiddling with his new devices, wandering about and grousing about how he was effectively useless, thanks to his weapon being strapped to his back.]

[But there was one thing missing.]

[He'd done enough fucking around to figure out just how the TAB worked. He'd experimented by sending a few small videos to the contacts he'd gathered up -- mostly insisting that the Hawke's eat their meals and drink whatever water they could find. The usual stuff.]

[Now it was time to get down to the important business. The feed clicked on, with Varric's face perfectly in view. He gave the device both a crooked smile and a nod of acknowledgement.]

A message to whoever's listening. You don't know me, I don't know you. That's all well and good, but I make a living off of knowing people. [Varric lifted a bottle of clear liquid into view.] So. What better way to bond than over a drink or two?

[He lifted the bottle to his lips, taking a long swig from it. When he looked back, his lips cracked into a grin.]

You can have a bottle all for yourself if you do me just one favor. Find me a quill, some ink and a decent notebook, and it's all yours.


Dec. 27th, 2016 04:03 pm
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[ Everybody settling in alright? Or at least, as well as can be expected?

Everybody enjoy their cherry tasting legumes?

Adrien had intended to send this out as a text, but he was still getting used to the new TABs and upon realizing his mistake, couldn't be arsed to change it. The doctor usually looks harried, it might have something to do with his perpetual scowl, but he's looking particularly yanked through a knothole backwards at the moment.

All the way down to the fact that he's obviously showered and made an attempt to trim his beard, only to wind up cutting himself. Please ignore the tell tale little dots of paper stuck to his face at the moment. The blade was dull, okay?! ]

It dawned on me, as these things do when one is slicing their face open with a razor, a question that probably should have been asked a week or so ago.

Those of you in the crew, who are capable of, or posses magical abilities and of a temperament to help, would you have a spell or a ... [ here he gestures with his hands, he's not trying to be offensive, magic is just not something his world has ever been exposed too and he's only aware that it can be vary from person to person. ] ... that would purify water?

Thinking if that ability exists, we might give it a try on those purple streams and see if we can remove some of the nasty side-effects and restock our supplies.

(ooc: Warnings in the comments.)


Nov. 21st, 2016 10:21 pm
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[ He'd meant to make this audio only but it was too much effort and when the video came up instead, Adrien couldn't be arsed to switch it out.

So have an image of one of your medical professionals, Moira crew. The right side of his face, particularly around the temple and orbital bone is a spectacular black, purple, red and shade of green and the bruising traces down across his cheek. He has butterfly bandages on a cut across the eyebrow, the edge of which disappears into his hair line. His right arm is (currently) in a sling, though he appears to be wriggling his way out of it.

Adrien looked pale; paler than usual, his freckles definitely on display across his otherwise ashen skin. Dark circles were imprinted under his eyes and he kept blinking, as if focusing was a bit of a bitch. Still, when he spoke, his voice was clear (if accented) and to the point. ]

Right that sucked.

We've secured a location and set up the medical tent, though if anyone has some impromptu spots set up, give a shout; especially if you need supplies. Otherwise, if you need treatment ... please seek it out.

[ Yes he said 'please'. Yes he has a major head wound. ]

Has anyone been able to get any sort of count on who is clear of the wreckage? Walking injured? Non-ambulatory injured and dead? We've got track of some of the cryo units but if you know of one, let someone know so we can try to get an accurate count.

[ Reaching up with his now freed right arm, Adrien rubbed at his injured temple, wincing. ]

We've got some supplies here at the tent; water and nutrition bars mostly. Does anyone know the state of the ship? What about our immediate situation? Can anyone tell if we can secure this location and hold it until we can stop the ringing in our ears?

[ Maybe it was just his ears?

Finally, the important question. ]

Any evidence that ... anything ... we saw on the trip here, followed us through?


Nov. 11th, 2016 10:24 am
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[It's late in the night -- nearly a morning, when the post goes up to the network. Now, Moira's had plenty of drunken nightly posts in the past and in the beginning this really looks like one. In the video you can see J who's looking happy with a calm smile on her lips. Almost too happy to be someone suffering from insomnia and the cheerfulness doesn't really make her appear drunk. Maybe she's taken something else. ]

Now darlings. I know that things are looking very unpleasant to us at the moment, which is about as big news as water being wet I know. The ship smells like a dumpster, the new found information about Ingress, incompetent captains and the uncertainty whether our next stop is going to put us in danger again.

[Her voice is soft and sweet as she speaks. Coy yet inviting]

But I tell you it doesn't have to be that way. I now know how to make it better, how to make you feel better, darlings. All you need to do is come and join me in I.L.R and I'll show you.

[She winks her eye at the camera before showing her surroundings in J deck.]

Now please don't leave me hanging. It's like they say in songs: every baby doll needs her daddy, right?

[ooc: this is part of the monolith/indoctrination plot. J's been affected and if someone does come see her she's going to try convert them into her new found brainwashing religion.]
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[ Today’s video feed is brought to you from the absolute chaos that is Moro #016. Honestly, except for being slightly brighter in terms of decor, the place looks just like Nemo #001 had in previous videos: Tony’s shit is everywhere.

As the video turns on, transmitting from Stark’s MID and with his ID, it shows not only the chaos of bits and pieces of technology everywhere but one desk that has been cleared of clutter. On the desk, sit two journals and some blank notebooks. Behind the desk sit two men who look like they haven’t slept in days.

They are currently doing that "you ask", "no, you ask you know what you’re asking about" back and forth that suggests they may not have completely transitioned from private to public speaking mode. Eventually, Adrien gives Tony’s shoulder a shove and points, imperiously, to the camera.


Some of you probably remember this, a lot of you probably don't: we've got some journals floating around this place that might just be hiding answers to questions we've all been asking since we landed on this rust bucket. We've gotten our hands on two of them, partially because the good doctor here has way too much time on his hands and decided to live in the library for a month, and partially as a result of dumb luck. If there are more, I haven't gotten a whiff of them, but it stands to reason that these two aren't the only ones. So if you see a journal with creepy runes all over it, feel free to share with the class.

Anyway, here's the catch.
[ Tony lifts one of the journals in question so that it's visible on the screen - small, leather-bound, and seemingly handwritten. He flips briefly through the pages, but it's just a mess of runes and symbols with no immediately obvious meaning. ] They're not written in any language I've ever seen before, and trying to translate them has been a serious pain in the ass. If I had to guess, they're written in the language of whoever built the Ingress originally, since some of the symbols are familiar from what we do have on the thing.

[ He tosses the journal back onto the desk, with a cranky and definitive plop! Adrien’s hands can be seen scooping it up and laying it down more gently, as if in apology. ]

If you've got a clever head on your shoulders, raise your hand now, 'cause we need your help. I dunno about you guys, but I'm real tired of mysteries, so let's figure this shit out. [ Translation: they need all the nerds and braniacs they can get. ] Oh, and if you're assigned to the Ingress in any official capacity? Meet me in the Ingress room in an hour. Vacation's over.

[ He sits back, satisfied that he's said his piece, and shoots a sidelong glance at Adrien. For a moment there was silence as Adrien appeared to silently beg Tony to just keep going.

No dice. The doctor was going to have to use his words.

Reaching back to rub tiredly at the nape of his neck, he sighed and began to talk. ]

I also came across a museum down on the Mini Colony. It was called the Aeronautical Study Institute or the A.S.I. if that sounds familiar to anyone? I learned some information about something called “Living Energy” or “Living Power”.

In a nutshell, I learned that it’s considered dangerous
[ to the surprise of no one, right? ] This ship is the only vessel to have been known to be built where the living energy was harnessed on something mobile. The Ingress machines use Living Energy to run, some other bits indications that people were playing with something they didn’t completely understand and mention of a “Hub.”

Does any of that sound familiar to anyone else?

[ Tony raises his hand, helpfully. ]

—And "I heard about this in a horror sci-fi movie where they crushed up human souls to feed their weird alien technology" is a totally valid but not entirely helpful answer, because I already thought of that, but thanks.

[ Adrien stared at his roommate with a bemused frown on his face. ]

How would you even go about crushing a soul? Bones, flesh, tissue sure but a soul?

[ These two men are in serious need of a nap. Tony doesn’t deign that with a response, just bodily shoves Adrien out of the frame. ]

Point is, if you know something or you've heard something, now's the time to speak up. And the workgroup for these shitty journal translations meets approximately immediately, so if you're interested, chop chop.

[ The video feed cuts off as unceremoniously as it began. ]

(( Here's your plot hook if you're interested in solving some Ingress mysteries! See this OOC post for more info. ))


Oct. 30th, 2016 11:23 am
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[Nathan looks utterly disgusted when his face appears via MID today, and that miiiight have something to do with the IKEA-esque furniture pieces scattered about his quarters. The canny eye might spot that they appear to be pieces of a queen-sized bed.]

Okay, we all know that the Ingress can be a dick, but this is outright sadistic. I'm glad Elena and I won't have to share a twin bed or shove two of them together for space, but sending me a disassembled bed with no instructions through mail drop isn't a lot better.

[He tosses a few stapled-together pages over his shoulder.]

Actually, there are instructions. But Swedish isn't one of the languages I speak. If anyone thinks they can put this shit together blind, let me know—I'll owe you one. I'd offer to trade you this thing for some help [he pans over to show the taco cat bespread] but Elena's already claimed it.

I didn't marry her for her good taste in décor.

[Sorry honey.]

Oh, yeah. [Apropos of nothing, Nate grins.] My best friend Sully came through the Ingress the other day too, so I guess it doesn't completely suck. Anyway, I would ask people not to tell him any embarrassing stories about what I've been up to here, but a lot of you are assholes.

[He says that with affection.]

Just remember I've probably seen you do some dumb stuff too, and if your friends show up, I won't hold back.