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[Wash appears on the screen, grudgingly out of armour, his face drawn and pinched around the mouth. He looks exhausted, eyes sunken and dark with exhaustion. Arriving here is just one more thing that seems specifically designed to fuck up his life.]

My name is Ag- [No, he's not Agent Washington anymore is he? He's not with the UNSC. He's not with project Freelancer. He's not anything.] My name is Washington.

They said that- [He can't believe he's saying this. His life is a fucking joke and his death will probably be the punchline. Until then, he is stuck dealing with this shit. Assuming he hasn't snapped altogether. That's also a possibility.]

They said that I have been sucked in through some kind of bullshit dimension hopping. [Yes, his teeth are gritted as he says it.] I'm looking for anyone who knows what the UNSC is.

[It's not that he wants to find anyone from home. There's no-one he cares for left alive and even then... well, he tries not to think about them too much. But he just needs someone to remind him that that wasn't all fictional.]
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On behalf of my employer, I'm looking to hire a few people who are capable and discreet. If you have skills in any of the following areas, and you would be interested in occasional work, please let me know, and we'll arrange a task for you. If you complete it satisfactorily, it could lead to further jobs.

- Information gathering
- Infiltration
- Surveillance (short term or long term)
- Item retrieval
- Hacking
- General security
- Forensic investigation and testing
- Anything else that seems to you like it might be useful in an investigation

Mr Lane's primary requirements are that no one is seriously hurt or killed and that you keep the work you do for him to yourself. It's all right if you have a teammate in mind, as long as the task is suited to that kind of work and you can fulfil the request without drawing attention to yourselves. Payment depends on the task, but should average around 200 sencs for an evening or two of work.

It's also all right if you're working for someone else; Mr Lane is willing to hire you through your employer if your employer is unwilling to allow you to take the task as a freelance assignment. However, you may not share the details of any assignments Mr. Lane gives you with anyone else, including that employer.

Let me know if you're interested and find these terms acceptable.

[OOC post for more information!

Also, all threads are super super locked between characters.]
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I’m going after the thing we saw on that security feed. My associate and I want a few people who know what they’re doing.

The goal is one or two small teams to do the dirty work, but medical personnel or anyone with experience in containing potentially biohazardous material is also appreciated. We can hunt the thing down and neutralize it, but we’d like to capture it if we can, which means we’ll need a containment method.

Might save everyone a few trips to the decontamination center if the Savrii can determine what it is and if it’s actually dangerous. If you're interested, inquire within. If I don’t know you, be prepared to talk about your skill set. We’ll compensate you for your time.
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[ To say that it is taking some effort to adjust to the new reality Ororo has suddenly found herself in would be quite an understatement, but she still manages to look perfectly calm and composed as she offers the network a polite smile.

Would she like to maybe have herself a minor little breakdown? Sure. But she has absolutely no idea what sort of consequences that might have considering the quite substantial storm that is already going on outside the Ingress Complex, and there really just isn't time to fall apart right now. Maybe at some later point she can allow herself to fully absorb the shock of what has happened, but for now she has to keep moving forward.

Hello. My name is Ororo Munroe, and I'm a relatively new arrival here. Where I'm from I'm a teacher, mostly ancient history which isn't really going to be too useful around here unless some of you are dying to know about the Roman Empire, even if that was never a thing on your planet or in your timeline.

What I also am, is a mutant, which in my case means I have the ability to control the weather. I can survive in just about any climate, and I can get all sorts of information about what is going on in the environment around me because I am basically wired into it, which is a gross oversimplification but you didn't come here for a lecture.

[ Damn, but it feels pretty good to not hide what she can do. Screw anonymity, she's nowhere near Earth and its mutant registration act, and she is going to be completely and unashamedly herself. ]

I'm mentioning these things because I'm going to be needing a job pretty soon, so I figured I should put myself out there. Thank you for listening.

[ Her expression shifts into something a bit more amused, and at the same time sort of sad. ]

Oh, and if you have any good hangover remedies? Feel free to share them.

[ She's asking for a friend.

No, seriously, she is.

( video )

Mar. 5th, 2017 07:02 am
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( The device is carefully placed before the video starts, letting it show only the piece of paper in question. It's not quite the wanted signs of the past but it'll do the job.

ستة وسبعون

76. She's calling him out.

The video only stays on for five seconds before it switches off. It's done its job )

( text )

Feb. 12th, 2017 02:51 pm
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What made you believe this? That we're where they said we are instead of it being a dream?

( Or worse, though Claire's ideas of worse would probably not match up to anyone else's. That said Claire can't say that she really took in too much of what was being said to her, so she does need the confirmation )

What did you do? Or want to do?

( Because she doesn't know, not yet. There was considering going out from the Dollhouse and trying to find something but to end up in another world entirely? She doesn't know where to begin )

TAB - Video

Feb. 6th, 2017 01:20 pm
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[ When the video clicks on, immediately the scene on display is a modest sized farmhouse with what look like orchards in the distance. From the fairly temperate looking climate a good guess would be that this is on Kauto.

The video turns about, giving a flash of a large block of wood and what looks like smaller pieces scattered around it. Good guess is that someone is chopping wood but has taken a break for the moment. This is born out when Adrien's face comes into the feed, the doctor is dressed in a t-shirt rather than his usual uniform.

Slightly out of breath, his dark hair is plastered to his face at the temples and forehead. Yep, someone has been chopping wood, rather aggressively if the sweat is anything to go by. ]

I'll keep this short and to the point. [ Par for the course. ] For what it's worth to those you who are accident prone or otherwise given to ending up injured, I've applied for duties at the local hospital in Region One. [ He doesn't expect he's the only one but he'll let Angela and Alva speak for themselves. ]

I'm also -and I can't believe these words are leaving my mouth- using some of the equipment salvaged from the MedBay on the Moira to equip a private practice here at this location. [ He made a vague motion in the direction of the house. ]

If anyone feels more comfortable ... [ These words are delivered in a neutral, non-judgmental tone. The Savrii have been nothing but generous to this point and this is not to suggest there is a problem. Rather, he knows what it's like to be paranoid as fuck. ] ... well, what's the saying? The devil you know?

[ Pausing for a drink of water, he fiddles for a moment with the bottle, before gazing up and over the top of the device, his eyes obviously scanning the landscape for something. He takes a breath, stops the words but then quickly finishes. ]

Uhhm ... I'm not sure, who else is on Kauto but ... has anyone happened to seen Courser in the past couple of days?

[ Though his tone is level, to anyone who knows him well, there is a definite edge of anxiety in his voice and in his expression. ]
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There's been a change of plans concerning former crewman Ploiatos.

I'm sure most people have heard about him by now, but with Mana disconnected from the ship and him asserting control, we can't allow him to take over. Especially as the effects are so dangerous to the current crew.

So we can't wait for him to stand trial. We need to quarantine and dispose of him. [And for this, he has some sympathy for their current captains. They spoke highly of the man Ploiatos was before he changed, and even knowing that he's not what he was making the decision to murder once loyal crew isn't an easy one.]

If this wasn't absolutely necessary I wouldn't advocate it. It sets a bad precedent. But this isn't just a case of killing a crewman that's become a danger to us without exploring other options. Ploiatos has been on board for over a year and during the entire time remained a consistent, pervasive threat.

So to stop what is happening to the ship we have to do what we have to do.

We'll need affected areas of the ship quarantined until he's removed and we'll need non-combatants placed out of range of the ship. Since there's nowhere to dock currently, we're looking at using transporters. And once Ploiatos himself fully contained we need to dispose of him. There should be several options open to us and given that there has been significant changeover in crew, a lot more we don't know about. [Considering how many people have their own special abilities.] Remember that Crewman Ploiatos is confused by large numbers of people and we can use that to our advantage. That's how he was contained the first time.

After that... well we can focus on repairing his damage.
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[ Today’s video feed is brought to you from the absolute chaos that is Moro #016. Honestly, except for being slightly brighter in terms of decor, the place looks just like Nemo #001 had in previous videos: Tony’s shit is everywhere.

As the video turns on, transmitting from Stark’s MID and with his ID, it shows not only the chaos of bits and pieces of technology everywhere but one desk that has been cleared of clutter. On the desk, sit two journals and some blank notebooks. Behind the desk sit two men who look like they haven’t slept in days.

They are currently doing that "you ask", "no, you ask you know what you’re asking about" back and forth that suggests they may not have completely transitioned from private to public speaking mode. Eventually, Adrien gives Tony’s shoulder a shove and points, imperiously, to the camera.


Some of you probably remember this, a lot of you probably don't: we've got some journals floating around this place that might just be hiding answers to questions we've all been asking since we landed on this rust bucket. We've gotten our hands on two of them, partially because the good doctor here has way too much time on his hands and decided to live in the library for a month, and partially as a result of dumb luck. If there are more, I haven't gotten a whiff of them, but it stands to reason that these two aren't the only ones. So if you see a journal with creepy runes all over it, feel free to share with the class.

Anyway, here's the catch.
[ Tony lifts one of the journals in question so that it's visible on the screen - small, leather-bound, and seemingly handwritten. He flips briefly through the pages, but it's just a mess of runes and symbols with no immediately obvious meaning. ] They're not written in any language I've ever seen before, and trying to translate them has been a serious pain in the ass. If I had to guess, they're written in the language of whoever built the Ingress originally, since some of the symbols are familiar from what we do have on the thing.

[ He tosses the journal back onto the desk, with a cranky and definitive plop! Adrien’s hands can be seen scooping it up and laying it down more gently, as if in apology. ]

If you've got a clever head on your shoulders, raise your hand now, 'cause we need your help. I dunno about you guys, but I'm real tired of mysteries, so let's figure this shit out. [ Translation: they need all the nerds and braniacs they can get. ] Oh, and if you're assigned to the Ingress in any official capacity? Meet me in the Ingress room in an hour. Vacation's over.

[ He sits back, satisfied that he's said his piece, and shoots a sidelong glance at Adrien. For a moment there was silence as Adrien appeared to silently beg Tony to just keep going.

No dice. The doctor was going to have to use his words.

Reaching back to rub tiredly at the nape of his neck, he sighed and began to talk. ]

I also came across a museum down on the Mini Colony. It was called the Aeronautical Study Institute or the A.S.I. if that sounds familiar to anyone? I learned some information about something called “Living Energy” or “Living Power”.

In a nutshell, I learned that it’s considered dangerous
[ to the surprise of no one, right? ] This ship is the only vessel to have been known to be built where the living energy was harnessed on something mobile. The Ingress machines use Living Energy to run, some other bits indications that people were playing with something they didn’t completely understand and mention of a “Hub.”

Does any of that sound familiar to anyone else?

[ Tony raises his hand, helpfully. ]

—And "I heard about this in a horror sci-fi movie where they crushed up human souls to feed their weird alien technology" is a totally valid but not entirely helpful answer, because I already thought of that, but thanks.

[ Adrien stared at his roommate with a bemused frown on his face. ]

How would you even go about crushing a soul? Bones, flesh, tissue sure but a soul?

[ These two men are in serious need of a nap. Tony doesn’t deign that with a response, just bodily shoves Adrien out of the frame. ]

Point is, if you know something or you've heard something, now's the time to speak up. And the workgroup for these shitty journal translations meets approximately immediately, so if you're interested, chop chop.

[ The video feed cuts off as unceremoniously as it began. ]

(( Here's your plot hook if you're interested in solving some Ingress mysteries! See this OOC post for more info. ))


Oct. 23rd, 2016 04:35 pm
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[Zenyatta's calm voice floats through the MID and the omnic monk seems to be in the observation deck, if his backdrop of stars is any indication. As he speaks he radiates a warmth and a sense of peace that few ever accomplish. He arrival here, as unexpected as it was, did nothing to shake his inner calm, and he adjusts to how things are extremely quickly. Indeed, he's even looking forward to see what new experiences this ship can bring him.]

I am Tekhartha Zenyatta, though you may all refer to me as Zenyatta. To answer some questions before you ask them: I am an omnic from Earth and a former member of the Shambali, though I am not certain if that means anything. If not, then I will be happy to answer any questions you may have for me. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you all, and I hope we will get to know each other better in the future.

If anyone cares to join me on the Observation Deck for some meditation, I would gladly welcome the company. Also, I wish to inquire about the jobs, as I do not believe the one that was given to me best suits my abilities.

Thank you for your time, and may you find peace within the Iris.

[Meaning just because he's a robot doesn't mean he knows a thing about programming. His job as a MID Technician is going to be very unsuccessful at this rate.]

001 Video

Oct. 23rd, 2016 12:04 pm
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[The video opens to a view of hand poking unceremoniously and sporadically at the screen.]

Oh what the hell--this thing on?

[A little shake of the wrist before the user apparently realizes that yes, it is indeed on, and it abruptly stops to reveal one perplexed Victor Sullivan.]

Jesus Christ. [He sighs both out of frustration and a little relief, bringing his arm up a little closer to his face.] All right, look. I've been around a long time, seen a helluva lot of crazy things, but if you had told me I'd be alive long enough to see space, I would have told you you were losing your goddamn mind.

[He pauses, taking the time to reach into his breast pocket and pull out a cigar from a small cigar case. He puts it in between his teeth as he puts the case away again, his free hand rummaging through his pockets in search of something else.]

Don't get me wrong, this is all real flattering, but it doesn't take a goddamn genius to know that something hinky's going on around here. I mean what the hell kind of place is this that they take your shoes after kidnapping you? So, if anyone's got some real information, I think I'm well overdue for a good explanation. Name's Victor Sullivan by the way. 

[He fumbles through his pockets a little more frantically before exasperatedly taking his cigar out of his mouth.]

Ah, shit--anyone on this ship got a cigar cutter around here? Or a goddamn knife?
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[Around the colony there are signs for something called the C.I.S.M. (the Cease Intergalactic Slavery Movement). There's little more than the occasional pamphlet peddling samaritan or some billboards that announce the problem to newcomers or remind acquiescing residents of their guilt. Kaz has the good fortune to happen across their headquarters, a series of (what he feels is entirely too prone) white tents with well-meaning volunteers.]

[It's really a tragic effort. And after the ship's first adventures in the Runoff slavery outpost it seems it's pretty important that the crew do something about it. At least that's his logic for aiding them. After all, in the event they're taken it's not like the crew has much proof of identity. No one can come after them if they're captured and sold if they're not rescued before the ship leaves. They'd be lost.]

[Miller's plan is to beef up their resources, give them better tools to go on the offensive. But he wants to be a little bit discrete about the plan. Just enough for some sliver of plausible deniability. Asking if people want to be involved in the organization's cause? He'll just see who gets lured in. Maybe he can find some smugglers and military trainers.]

There's a small group here. Some grassroots efforts against slavery. I figured they could use a little help around here. Come by if you have the time and are interested. Contact me privately if you're not sure where it is and I'll tell you how to get here from your location, especially if you've noticed some trafficking activity where you're at.

There's not much they can do right now. The rules here are a little ambiguous, but they seem pretty certain that this is a persisting problem they would like to stop.

[He'll just wait to see who bites.]

OOC: This and this are the plotting threads concerning the C.I.S.M. He'll want to know safe businesses and homes for slaves to hide at, get aid in transporting people, and find people that can train them some guerrilla troops for some good espionage efforts. You're safe to assume word of mouth can reach your characters if you want them pulled in by someone else. Back-dated to soon after their arrival.
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Uh. So, uh. What up!

[ Skinny, scrawny guy on the video feed here. Jesse is trying to appear confident, together, like he ain't bothered by any of the shit that's been going on, or the fact that he's apparently lost an entire freakin' year of his life partying with a bunch of mantis freaks. There's something wide-eyed and twitchy about him, though. Off-screen, his leg is jiggling up and down anxiously.

He might be high. Because waiting for him in the mail was a whole two ounces of meth, and what was the first thing Jesse did after spending a while staring at the two baggies of crystal, trying to will away the gnawing temptation to take a bump? He slammed a bump. Lit up that meth pipe that had been shipped in the mail with the meth when his willpower finally caved. What better way to try and drown out how scared he is and how much he wishes like hell Mr. White was here, because Mr. White would know what to do.

Of course, Jesse might not seem high to look at over the video feed. Just anxious and on edge. In fact, that's pretty much exactly how he's coming across. ]

Uh. So, uh. Name's Jesse, yo. I'm, uh. Guess I'm kinda one of the newer kids on the block around here.

[ Pausing a moment while he smears his hand down his face and rubs the back of his neck. That hand drops away as he fixes his attention back on the screen. ]

Anyway, um. I'm-I'm all outta smokes, and I was wondering if, uhh. If anybody's got any smokes to spare. Like, cigarettes. Or… whatever.

[ Another pause. Another anxious rub of the back of his neck. He so badly wants to say something about… everything. Those mantis people. The fact that they'd been drugged. The fact that he's a year older, just like that. Not to mention all the goddamn robots and other weird shit he's still trying to wrap his puny brain around. But instead… ]

I'll… I'll find a way to pay you back. Dunno how yet, but I'll think of something. Um. So, yeah. Just. Lemme know or whatever. No problem if nobody's got any.
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Look, if I've been seeing you for anything regularly I need you to come by later. I'm not going through this shtak again and am packing up to head out the very next chance I have. But I'm not leaving any loose ends.

☄Filtered | Solid Snake and Liquid Snake

Get your asses down here like they're on fire. We need to treat your aging right now. It'll take you being in cryo for a day. Sorry if it puts a crimp in your plans but basically thanks to these wankspatters you have no time left. It has to be done now.

Move it.
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[It's not often that Kaz does video posts, mostly because he doesn't think they're always necessary and he's used to a radio presence. This time, though, he shows his face. He's wearing his Moira uniform, but still with his Diamond Dogs beret and his sunglasses. He also has a custom made coat to go with it, a pair of gloves (only visible when he puts his hand into frame) meant to keep his prosthetic completely hidden, and is generally pretty well kept in a blond El Che kind of way. He's currently outside of the training sim room.]

Many people know me, but in case you don't, I'm Kazuhira Miller and I'm your new Head of Defense. Jim Barnes the younger has been assigned as my assistant.

This ship, as we all well know by this point, is not a safe ship. It's constantly faced with threats inside and out. Even if there were a firm sense of unity, a loyalty to the uniform, it wouldn't last. This most recent incident, like others before, proves that beyond a doubt. All it takes is a little outside influence an we're reverted to another state, another line of thought. We can disappear and come back for the worse. People can come in with diseases, with conditions they can't help, or with no reason to respect other members of the ship.

Because it's not a safe place [he resists pacing] I need some cooperation to make this ship more secure. I need some defense personnel willing and equipped to take reports on damage and question witnesses to come to me for assignments to investigate past incidents. Especially some recent ones. Also for some of our training specialists, be on hand for some new students. I'll try to direct more people to you.

It's not going to be possible to completely secure a ship like this travelling through the zones it's going through, so we got a pretty difficult job. But we don't have to accept it as it is, and there are past mistakes we can and should avoid repeating. I also want to hear ship defense ideas that can be organized and passed on to the captains...

Tell me about your current safety and security measures. Safeguarding information and valuables, zones of retreat during ship combat, so on and so forth. I would also like to request some additional services for anyone planning to engage attackers. Armor, weapons, scanners, medical training and gear to tide them over until assigned and volunteer medics can arrive.

OOC: Dated to after the Jasper and Megatron incidents/after jobs are finalized.
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Hi all, just some quick housekeeping:

  • I've doubled the security on the Mako. Fair warning: any attempts to hack its console will result in consequences. This is not a challenge! If you need it for anything, please get in touch with me first.

  • It seems I'm your new Assistant Head of Tower duties, with Ryuuzaki functioning as our Head. I'm looking forward to working with all of you from here on out.

  • I've already spoken with Ryuuzaki regarding my transfer from Engineering to Assistant Head of Tower duties, but I still haven't managed to locate how I was approved and placed in the role in the first place, as it was an application process. If anyone has an idea, please let me know.

  • I was absent for a month in cryosleep, so my apologies for not being completely abreast of every on-board situation for the time being. Unfortunately, I have nothing new to add to cryosleep: I don't know what brought it on, I didn't go anywhere, and I don't know what stopped it.

To all crew old and new, feel free to message me with questions at any time, or stop by Mero Deck #022 for a chat. Or while the doors are still portaling, walk through my room unexpectedly.


text //

Aug. 7th, 2016 06:52 pm
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[If in case you don't know Isha, she's pretty much a serial texter. Even if you're about two feet away from her, she's going to text. It's inevitable.

And probably for the best, considering her rising irritation about a very peculiar matter...]

Now, I would start this off by saying something about my vents, my territory, my rules, and so on, but that would be inaccurate. None of this is mine, but it should might as well be by proxy.

That being said.

Here's a rule I would like to impose. It's a very simple rule, really, almost a logical one that even I, a professional lawbreaker, would follow.

Don't put a gun in the vents. I don't care if you're hiding evidence or you're just that paranoid. In fact, I don't even care why you put it there. Keep it out of my vents.

[Just because she's not the biggest fan of this job doesn't mean she has to half-ass it.]

If this happens to be your gun, which I am holding right now, please get it before I decide it's better in more capable hands or in the great vacuum of space. I'm very inept with these things, so you might have to deal with the fact that this may go very wrong in my hands.

Thank you and good day, night, or whatever time it happens to be. You all owe me a coffee or ten for working your vents in this terrible lighting. Q says hello, for those of you who know him. He wanted to end this note nicely.
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[The video feed flickers to life, and despite the commotion, it's very much intentional. For those of you who know Riptide, you can see him frantically trying to escape from two hands that about as big as he is. Finally, one hand seizes Riptide and slams him to the floor. With some stability now, the camera is able to focus on Ultra Magnus. For those of you who don't know him, prepare to be bored. For those of you who do know him, it's possible that he's much much bigger than you remember, having had a few necessary upgrades recently.]

[He clears his vocalizer.]

Attention to all those who receive this broadcast. My name is Ultra Magnus. I have recently come aboard this ship and have been given the position of bailiff and parole officer. Let it be known that I have served as an officer of the law prior to my enlistment aboard the Moira, and as such, I promise that I will treat my duties and responsibilities with the utmost care, respect, and diligence that is befitting the position. I am fair and even-handed, and I look forward to working with all of you and becoming a productive member of the community.

That said, I have in my custody the one known as Riptide. He is a former comrade of mine, who served aboard the same ship as I did. Some of you may know him, and I am obligated to inform you that trusting this individual is a huge mistake. He is, as of now, being apprehended for being an accessory to mutiny.

[If Riptide wriggles, Magnus quickly presses his considerable weight down on him to make him stop.]

As I am still unfamiliar with the ship, I wish to know where the brig is located. I also wish to know everything about the due process aboard, as I intend to have'er-do-well answer for his crimes against his chain of command. In addition, if there are any forms and paperwork associated with the booking of prisoners so that they can be properly processed, I will more than happily fill out any and all necessary forms.

Again, I hope to make your acquaintance and let's all be sure to follow the new rules and expectations set forth by our current caregivers.

Magnus out.
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[ Once the feed starts, it immediately cuts to two of the newest additions of the Moira. From the environment around them, it’s clear that they are still residing in Navigation, for now, and the video adjusts on Egan. ]

First Mate Egan here. After reading the ship logs and having spoken with your current captains, we understand that this will all be a lot to adjust to. But, as we’ve gone over your crew files, we know that you all are very capable, and with that in mind, we have much to address.

First and foremost.
[ He steps back and to the side, gesturing towards the man beside him with a nod. ] This is your Captain.

[ A nod in return, and the Captain, Ira, immediately moves into the reason for doing this. After all, he is a man who believes in wasting nothing. ]

As those in command have acquiesced authority to me and my First Mate, we will be making necessary changes to suit the remainder of this journey. I am unaware of how much you have been told about the destination of this vessel, but our course has been routed to reach a central point known as the Midway Hub. It is the home of this ship, and your means home as well. By conserving resources and supplies, the Moira will reach the Hub faster than previously charted by your head Navigator. Ultimately, this is the goal we are going to achieve, and plans are being put into place as we speak to enforce this.

Jobs will also be reassigned accordingly to fit the ship’s current needs. If there is a person you deem worthy of a Head position, please submit them to First Mate Egan. We will consider each seriously and choose the best candidate. [ Ira glances to Egan for him to continue. ]

One second.

[The video cuts to a recording of the Captain and First Mate on the ship. The Moira appears different, cleaner, newer, but everything is quiet and empty. They are in the Ingress room, following the last of surviving crew into the machine. The footage flicks from feed to feed, showing the Ploiatos left alone with those its killed. They disappear inside.]

This was our last time aboard the Moira before we were lost inside the Ingress. We’re still combing through past logs, including those of our own time aboard the ship, but what we know is that Crewman Ploiatos was compromised and committed acts of petty treason toward their fellow crew. For this, and the danger they pose, Ploiatos will remain locked up and an all time guard will be set up immediately to ensure our safety. This room is to never go unwatched. When we reach the Midway Hub, Ploiatos will be escorted to a safe holding facility to await their committee hearing.

Your safety is our duty, and as such, we will be taking the correct measures to make this happen. We want to thank you for your service and offer in return our utmost assurance that the rest of the journey will be swift, smooth, and safe as per the Acelight Delegation.
[ The video immediately returns to Ira. ]

If there are questions, we will take them now. Please limit your queries to one per individual. All comments are visible for others to see. [ There’s only a short pause before: ] Thanks.

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