Jun. 28th, 2017 01:54 pm
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[ In light of current events, Tetora's back to his old haunts on the Ingress. Which isn't too bad! Except for one small thing. ]

hey does this mean we're all fucking grounded? in space???
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[Those present at the start of May might recognize the high, insistent tones that come across the TABs. Along with the small, floating orb-shape producing them. For those that don't...]

This is T-O-D, Deputy of Ingress Contingency Coordination, reporting a catastrophe of UNPRECEDENTED proportions!

On Day 77 of our current cycle, two recent residents of Thisavrou exceeded their clearance. They were discovered in a restricted sector of the Ingress Complex, engaging in Acts of Deliberate Sabotage. And fighting! The damage to the Ingress is currently unknown, and under evaluation by our finest technicians.

As a result of these barely-speakable crimes, the Ingress is currently restricted to authorized personnel. This means outbound travel-- like those idiots who brought the flesh goo back-- is currently forbidden. If you have to ask, that means you! If you don't have to ask, it's still you!

More information will be forthcoming.

[[For information not biased by a certain lawbot, check out the OOC post here!]]


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:18 pm
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[The video feed here is set up very much like he's filming an orientation video; he knows little else other than strict formality here, but...when it comes to his school, he would say he finds the professionalism appropriate.]

The purpose for this is twofold, so I suppose I'll just get started.

Over the last few weeks of getting settled into this environment, learning its...well "intricacies" is a small word for it, perhaps eccentricities is better, I believe now more than ever that we need some tangible return to normalcy. I would like to have the school-- [and with the video feed he links something that looks very much like an old-school brochure, (which will very much omit the whole "subbasement" part of the post (and is not icly-literal).).] --up and running within the month. We have the faculties and facilities for a number of traditional subjects: literature, biology, philosophy, physical education [though it might sound like he means something very different by this] and a few other outliers, but we are still very much in need of some help in the history and mathematics departments. (Though I'll take more esoteric lessons under advisement).

[He pauses then, and his demeanor shifts entirely, shifting from cold to amiably warm like he's flipped a switch.]

As for the second point, and no less salient: it is my understanding that I am not the only one of my kind here, and that we are not, perhaps, the only ones particularly gifted. For those of you who may not identify as mutants, I would love the opportunity to speak with you about the nature of your powers.

[He pauses to consider that request for a moment, and follows up with an addendum:]

If any of you are comfortable doing so.


May. 31st, 2017 08:19 pm
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[Chloe is sitting in what looks like a library. She's surrounded by heavy books, some of them looking pretty old and dusty and dog-eared in places, and there's a couple of paper take away coffee cups stacked off to one side.]

Right, so I've been thinking. We can choose to live in a pretty diverse areas, where there's all this history or agriculture or cool tree houses or whatever and that's great, but there's still a hell of a lot that doesn't quite match up to what we've left behind, or at least that's what I think. I know there are some pretty big empty spaces for some of us.

Now me? I miss Tim Tams and Patron. There isn't a single acceptable substitute for Tim Tams in space and that's pathetic. It's amazing; I can drive a hover car, planet hop, read all about the great space battle between two alien races who couldn't agree on what the hell Covfefe is, and yet there's nothing close to a Tim Tam in any of the space shops. That seems like a pretty backwards state of affairs.

[She thumbs through one of the books and hums thoughtfully.]

So. If you were going to get space kidnapped again and you could pick and choose three things from home you could take with you, what would they be and why? People don't count.

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[ Where oh where has the doctor been?

Well, a biological hazard with contagion ramifications. You do the math.

Now, however, having gotten a chance to sit down and look back over his notes, Adrien is taking the opportunity to put together something resembling a report to share with the class. Eventually it reads something like this. ]

In regards to the recent out-break of the biohazard and potential contagion situation on this planet.

Diagnosis of patients revealed no obvious affects or presence of the contagion still within our systems. This was a blanket finding across all species.

Material taken from the digestive tract, or equivalent, was likewise studies with no evidence of material outside normal parameters.

However, bloodwork lead to neurological follow-up, in the following circumstances. Where very slight alterations to the hormone levels (regardless of species) was identified further review identified these alterations as affecting the endocrine and adrenal systems (again we’re not all the same species, so the equivalent in those of you who don’t lay claim to either of these exact systems). The tests show minor, but consistent disturbances, that upon review against baseline levels, suggest a similarity to variations of withdrawal.

This effect is presenting as similar to other neurochemical imbalances, particularly anxiety and depression. If you happened to flag on these variances in testing and were taken for further questioning, I’d be interested in hearing how that went in hopes to continue to collect data on this outbreak.

Because experience, and my own prominent level of paranoia, suggests this information may be important in the future. Also, there’s a betting pool over whether the initial outbreak was an accident due to piss poor protocols, or a deliberate release of something weaponized.

For the record, I put down sencs on deliberate release, because this is precisely the sort of thing certain individuals would love to weaponize.

Finally, to those individuals who went crashing through the Ingress back to the slaver planet on some misguided mission of retributions? That was a fucking stupid move. Care to share with the class what long term solution you accomplished?
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[ Ardyn's face comes across the broadcast. He tilts his hat in respect to those he will greet and who will greet him. He then leaves his hat on his head and lowers his hand out of sight from the video camera. ]

Hello! Good day. I hope this message finds everyone well. I have but a simple question and thought to ask it here! Hm. Is there an organizer of events, concerts, art and historic museum showings... any of that sort in which I may look to? I am curious and most interested in learning of our collected cultures here.

Thank you!

[ ooc; warning adult content within comments. ]
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Ever since we had that shared nightmare, I've been dreaming at night. I don't dream, this doesn't just happen.

[ There's a slight pause, and a hesitation, before she continues. ]

Okay, and this might sound weird, but I think I've been hearing people's thoughts. I know—that sounds impossible, right? But I have reasons for thinking I have. I need to know if there's anyone who has that kind of ability who can answer some questions for me.
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[ Seeing how Mei lives on Chioni with all of four other people, when her dreams have her running to her balcony to be sick over the edge, she doesn't organize a block party afterwards to discuss it. Instead, she goes back inside and creates a cocoon out of the blankets on her bed. She tries to read, but there's a listlessness to her now. A gnawing in her stomach and an odd feeling that feels very... isolating. She shivers and opens up her TAB. There are different kinds of isolation, but the kind that reminds Mei of a cryogenic tube and being the last left alive is the kind that frightens her. She needs to know she isn't alone. ]

Is anyone else awake? Would you like to keep each other company? I woke up not feeling very well and I don't think I could fall asleep right now.
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[ To say that it is taking some effort to adjust to the new reality Ororo has suddenly found herself in would be quite an understatement, but she still manages to look perfectly calm and composed as she offers the network a polite smile.

Would she like to maybe have herself a minor little breakdown? Sure. But she has absolutely no idea what sort of consequences that might have considering the quite substantial storm that is already going on outside the Ingress Complex, and there really just isn't time to fall apart right now. Maybe at some later point she can allow herself to fully absorb the shock of what has happened, but for now she has to keep moving forward.

Hello. My name is Ororo Munroe, and I'm a relatively new arrival here. Where I'm from I'm a teacher, mostly ancient history which isn't really going to be too useful around here unless some of you are dying to know about the Roman Empire, even if that was never a thing on your planet or in your timeline.

What I also am, is a mutant, which in my case means I have the ability to control the weather. I can survive in just about any climate, and I can get all sorts of information about what is going on in the environment around me because I am basically wired into it, which is a gross oversimplification but you didn't come here for a lecture.

[ Damn, but it feels pretty good to not hide what she can do. Screw anonymity, she's nowhere near Earth and its mutant registration act, and she is going to be completely and unashamedly herself. ]

I'm mentioning these things because I'm going to be needing a job pretty soon, so I figured I should put myself out there. Thank you for listening.

[ Her expression shifts into something a bit more amused, and at the same time sort of sad. ]

Oh, and if you have any good hangover remedies? Feel free to share them.

[ She's asking for a friend.

No, seriously, she is.


Mar. 20th, 2017 09:48 pm
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It's been a month now, give or take. And I know I'm not the only one, from what I've seen on the network.

[ The Iron Bull appears through his TAB, horned head tipped to the side. He's been pondering this a lot more as of late, among other things he's come to learn from both Dorian and the Inquisitor. ]

How many of you threw your doorstep heart out? And now a show of hands for those of you who cooked it and ate it.

Also, anyone ever find out the identities of those couples? There was one of them here in the fifth region, don't know where the others ended up getting hit. I'm still trying to work out who those newcomers are from a week and a half ago, not that I'm one to talk— horns, over eight feet tall, stacked like a tree.

[ He cuts the feed on a bit of laughter, head tossing back. ]


Mar. 19th, 2017 05:45 pm
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My name is Kazuhira Miller. I've been around for a while, and mostly I've been focusing on building my own small business. But I have noticed that there are a good number of us that, while there are some general assignments the Savrii provide for extra wages, still don't have a good use for our talents, so I'm gauging interest for a project. [There's a splash of water and a clank of glasses. Ignore him, he's multi-tasking.]

What I'm proposing, and what I will bring before the Savrii if there's adequate interest, is a Rescue and Recovery program. With Ingress activity having the potential to go awry or with natural disasters in Ingress accessible worlds, or allying worlds that might need to call on us for help, some people with appropriate skills could go on rescue missions. Especially when there are children or endangered animals at risk. It wouldn't matter if it was a complete disaster or a low grade backyard rescue. We have a lot of people and a lot of resources for it.

It would require investors, donations, part-time or volunteer work. People willing to offer medical facilities for recovery, since it wouldn't really be fair of us to rescue someone and then charge them for the retrieval.

[If you run that kind of business then you ask for the money up front.]

Also people actually going into these situations would be deserving of hazard pay. Even for a less than strenuous mission.

And... I was thinking- [here's the catch] -the best way to draw attention to the need for money in this sort of venture would be some sort of regular broadcast. I'm not sure how shows [television? hologram? How do semi-future planet media] work here exactly but that's something I would need more information on and another reason this project would require more than one handler. [And there goes the clank of some plates.]

I've not received any approval for the project but I thought I would gauge interest. [And a metallic clatter and crash in the background.] Shi- [Cut off silence. After a beat?] Let me take care of this and then I'll be back.

Does anyone here know how to fix the lid to a futuristic industrial dishwasher? That I can pay for myself.


Mar. 18th, 2017 09:56 pm
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[At some point in the early morning hours, a mysterious post floods through the TAB network. Updated quickly. Stream of consciousness style. Hope you like shitposts, Savrou.]

do u think tanglesnakes have feelings

i mean like thery little fuzzy weird oes right ??? they might???

does anybody know how 2 get wax out of intake pipes its still in there
no its not a romantic thing
my bf (boat friend) shoved it in my face
it kinda sucked
h e l p

i mean the WAX sucked
he didnt suck
doesn't suck

anyone awake
hellllooooooooooooooooooooooo?????? hi :)


Mar. 15th, 2017 10:23 am
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[The TAB is new but the technology is familiar enough he is confident as he opens up a video feed, to whomever might be out there listening. Nyx scratches his cheek lightly as he looks ahead with a small, crooked smile.]

Hello, world.

I'm Nyx.

[He looks as if he's going to laugh before too long. It's just a little awkward being alone in his apartment talking to a device he's not even sure is actually broadcasting anywhere.]

Alright so, I found the gym somewhere. [If he can find it again is another story. It's only been a week, this place is gigantic.]

But what I'm really looking for is someone experienced in combat to train with. I'm new here, so I can't pay you.

Uh. [Nyx thinks a moment wondering what else to say.] Knife, and hand-to-hand combat. Thanks.
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[the network dispatch starts with a video. one of the savrii appears in the view of the camera, something unmistakably formal about their posture and clothing, even though it will be hard for humans, at least, to read the expression behind tentacled mouth. for those of us who are accustomed to members of an identified race looking fairly similar, the diversity of savrii appearances probably continues to be confusing.] Hello, Moirans, [is the greeting.] I am Moksha, seeking your assistance on behalf of the Savrii and your fellow Ingress zone dwellers.

We have come into contact with a race of synthetic beings, the Artifixx. They possess a technology and resources that are critical to updating our defenses agains the dangerous, unstable energy output from the Ingress. I am uploading a datasheet. They have agreed to 'negotiate' over the opening of trade. However, they have one condition: they wish to speak with you, because you are the most recent newcomers and residents the Ingress proximate zone.

And to duel a champion among you. As is part of their warrior code of honor.
[the tentacles sway at the bottom of the savrii's face, a riffle of motion... and emotion.]

The duel will take place at the Shock Box arena. I know there are many competent warriors among you, as well as spirits valiant and true-- and simply invested in our collective survival. If you have questions that cannot be answered by the uploaded file, you may lock a transmission to me. I will now open the transmission to their ambassadors. They have agreed to identify themselves with call signs. You may call them 'Red,' 'Blue' or 'Green.'

[with that, the video terminates; however, a discreet line remains available for those who need to consult.

in the meantime, the text transmission begins. words flow rapidly over the communications devices, swift as thought:]

hello! it is nice to meet you, peoples of moira. i am blue! i live on a spaceborne city too.

I am Red, Patriarch to the Lancers, Judge, and a veteran of the dueling art. The child draws false comparison. We were told of your ship. Our home is larger. However, some of your technology merits acknowledgment.

I am evidently green.
OOC Notes: If it wasn't clear, please use the OOC plotting Questions/Concerns/etc. thread for transmissions with the Savrii representative or background research/plotting with me, as necessary. We can discuss what OOC information should be taken IC. Thanks!


Mar. 7th, 2017 03:47 pm
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[ Yuuri doesn't really trust herself to show her face to anyone just yet -- the doctors and the officials and whoever else it was she'd been talking to had all been very nice but she can't pretend she's not still in panic mode. Text is easier -- she can control her tone a bit easier with text and sound as though she's reasonably calm about all this and not twitching in fright every time she registers something person-shaped out of the corner of her eye. ]

Hello -- I suppose this is a bit of an introduction? I'm a new arrival so I thought it might be a good idea to put myself out on the network.

My name is Yuuri Wakasa and I'm from Japan -- it's an island on Earth. Having to be that specific is a bit strange! But everything about all this is a bit strange. I'm doing my best to get used to it, though!

[ there, that sounds nice and normal. she just has to keep that up. ]

I think the best way to get settled is to find myself some work, so I thought I'd ask the people who've been here longer than I have as I'm sure you've all had more experience job hunting than I have!

I'm leaning towards farming work, since I've got plenty of agriculture experience but I'm sure I could put myself to just about anything that needs doing. Or at the very least, I can try and learn! But apart from farming, is there any work that would be a good fit for a newcomer?

I'd like to hear about the places you all came from if that's not rude to ask, as well. It should be interesting to hear, at least!

- Yuuri Wakasa

P.S: Have there been any girls here named Yuki Takeya or Kurumi Ebizusawa? I was hoping that if I'd arrived here then maybe they would have, too.


Mar. 5th, 2017 04:19 pm
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[technology like this is easier to learn the second time around. so steve rogers, product of the 1940's, takes to the tab like a duck to water.]

Just when I thought I couldn't get any farther from Brooklyn, I end up on another planet. But between the cave and all those Flash Gordon comics that my buddy and I used to read, maybe I should've seen this one coming.

[speaking of buddies:]

My name's Steve Rogers. I'm looking for anyone who might've ended up here with me, or maybe knew me before that. [steve frowns, brows thoughtfully furrowed.] Or...after that, I guess. I hear I look a little bit different then.

I'd also rather not waste any time when it comes to pulling my own weight, but I'd like to do that while also helping others. If anyone knows of jobs that can do both, I'm all ears. Thanks.


Feb. 26th, 2017 08:12 pm
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[There's a little rustling in the background before Emori finally speaks. She almost decided not to do this.]

Is there any kind of schools here? Not just for children but... does anyone know, in general, what options there are?

[There's a quiet sigh.]

Please respond in audio or video only.

[She can't actually read.]


Feb. 24th, 2017 03:07 pm
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['sup everyone. It's your friendly historianerd here today, speaking into his TAB from...somewhere kinda high, judging by the background.]

I've been doing some exploring in Region Five lately, and I think I figured something out—everyone who came from the Moira, we're not the first humans to get here. [He laughs.] Well, obviously—there are other people who look like us. But it's not some sci-fi TV show thing where they're just aliens who happened to look the same. Check it out.

[He angles the TAB camera around, and it becomes clear that high is high—not skyscraper-level, but Nate has scaled some centrally-located building with a good view of various streets.]

Over there—Victorian houses right next to Edwardian ones, like the block is showing the passage of time. Couple streets over [the camera swings around] and you've got the late Italian. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to architecture.

And on some of the nicer streets and in parks there's Colombian statuary from mid-1700s, some Greek stuff—I did some sketches if anyone wants to see. [No one does. Probably.] it's the real thing, too, the actual style and not some fake imitation bullshit.

It's not that surprising, right? Ingresses existed before we ever showed up on the Moira, so they probably grabbed people from Earth before we ended up here, too. The point is, this planet isn't just a crossroads of culture, it's a crossroads of history, too. If people brought their architecture and their art, they brought all kinds of other knowledge too, things that might not have made it into the historical record, at least not in detail. We should take advantage of that. I've already seen one library that's as big as the Moira's, if not bigger—I'm gonna go exploring there once I get down from here.

[So this is basically an overly excited PSA for the local Kauto library, apparently.]