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[ It's been a struggle, through the deep mire of apathy, exhaustion and a sense of crushing futility.

Adrien had thrown himself a right proper tantrum for most of the period from stumbling out of the Ingress until they got to the husk of the Moira. There had been no magic moment that had reinvigorated him, no pep talk ... or even proper coffee.

Part of him wanted to stay down on the floor. Hard to tell what got him to his feet but by the time the video clicked on, the doctor was just that; on his feet. As was usual with his videos, once he established the connection, he set the TAB down on the table. With the damage to the ship it might be hard to tell where he was but a good guess would be, MedBay. ]

Alright. I don't know about anyone else but I've enjoyed myself a right proper pity party for the past ... who the fuck knows. However long it's been since we came through the Ingress to get here to the Moira.

Not important.

What is important is the fact that we appear to have been 'returned to sender' without a proper forwarding address.

I'm curious; what do we have, what do we need? Who is pursuing what in terms of a course of action to get us back on our feet? And if you are doing anything, do you need any help?

I'll go first.

I got to what's left of the MedBay. It's not in great shape but it's serviceable. I packed a couple of pacdiscs with some medical supplies before I left Kauto, so if anyone is in need of treatment, we may be able to help. As for assistance, the MedBay could benefit from any and all hands that have any medical knowledge, ability, or fuck it if you won't pass out at the sight of blood and want to help.

[ There was a pause, somewhere off screen he may have been rubbing his eyes. Trying to think of anything else to say, before closing. ]

Okay so ... that's medical. Who'd like to go next? [ Another pause and then a mutter. ] Please let it be someone with coffee.

[OOC: This post is intended to encourage all the thread-hopping and thread-jacking!

Things learned so far:

1) The characters are a little a lot cracked around the edges.
2) Shepard is hating on puzzling over locked doors and that pesky 'turned around' habit of the Moira's.
3) Shiro is discussing a distress beacon & possibly collecting items from home
4) There is an offer of instant and also regular coffee. ]
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[ It's been two weeks since she's woken up in the Complex, the effects of her cryostasis wearing off, finally. The effects of her death and resurging, that's another story. Her throat and lungs aren't feeling so raw but the latter still feels rough. At least she no longer feels like she's going to choke with each breath she takes. And the hacking up blood has stopped. On the other hand, the nightmares of the exact moment don't come as often but they're there.

They're always there.

I was always under the impression that when you died, you stayed dead. There were no second chances. Maybe I haven't come to terms with it. I've come close to death's door too often but never like that.

Has anyone ever...?

[ If anyone here has died and returned, wouldn't asking bring back unpleasant memories? Elena's aware of that, unfortunately there's only been one other person whom she's been able to talk to who can relate.

This isn't something she can talk to Nate about because of how sensitive a topic it is between them still, and that's why she's locked the post from him. She needs to know if there are others.

Plus there's just one more thing...

My wedding ring also seems to be missing... It's plain silver and has an engraving on the inside. It's been missing since I woke up in the Complex.

If it's shown up anywhere then please, I'd appreciate a heads up.

( ooc; the ring is gone forever, and although the post is locked from older!nate, it's still free game for anyone who knows him to bring up the post/topic/any conversation to him. c: )
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[The video feed flicks on to show Hawke sitting at a table. Covering the table are all sorts of circuit boards, wires, a laptop, various tools. You know, the things that you see and you go "this person must be some kind of tech genius". She's also wearing glasses. They make her look like hipster garbage.

Finally, there's a little handwritten note on the edge of the desk that says Hawke Industries. The Hawke part seems like it used to say something else but it's been scribbled out. A name that starts with an S? Something like that.]

Hello fellow Moirans and those that were never on the Moira. Morianots? Never mind. Terminology isn't what's important here. What is important is all the shiny new abilities being passed around like the plague. Sorry to anyone who accidentally lit their breakfast on fire when they woke up a mage. But I bet it was hilarious for everyone else.

Anyway, my important announcement is that I'm a genius now. See? You can tell by the spectacles. [Oh that explains the glasses] I know all about computers, engineering, physics, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and making suits out of metal. Which I won't do. Because, let's be honest, it's embarrassing.

So from now on you can direct all your technological questions to me. I'll answer them in a very overcomplicated and round about fashion with a slight bit of scorn for your inability to understand. But fear not, I'm prepared to throw myself on that sword for the sake of everyone here.

[And off goes the feed. Is she really going to actually fix shit or do anything? WHO KNOWS.
She's a wild card.]
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I’m going after the thing we saw on that security feed. My associate and I want a few people who know what they’re doing.

The goal is one or two small teams to do the dirty work, but medical personnel or anyone with experience in containing potentially biohazardous material is also appreciated. We can hunt the thing down and neutralize it, but we’d like to capture it if we can, which means we’ll need a containment method.

Might save everyone a few trips to the decontamination center if the Savrii can determine what it is and if it’s actually dangerous. If you're interested, inquire within. If I don’t know you, be prepared to talk about your skill set. We’ll compensate you for your time.


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:28 am
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everybody loves polls, right?
cause i got one for all of you, and it's important.

"clones are an abomination": Y/N/elaborate your thoughts

figured this might be a timely question to ask, you know, considering the asteroid's a goddamn genetic nursery.


Apr. 3rd, 2017 06:32 pm
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[ Someone may or may not have already been exploring the asteroid. Hard to tell, as the video appears to be back on Kauto.

This time, rather than picturing the orchard, there is a nice interior shot of his kitchen, along with the crashing of pans. Who the fuck knows. ]

Question to those of you who dabble or "don't dabble" in the clandestine arts. Where do you draw your moral line? Do you have a moral line for short term ... shall we say results and perhaps a separate moral line for the longer projects?

If you potentially had access to a methodology that would extend your prospects of survival in a long term op, but it was seriously sketchy from the moral side of things, would you pursue it?

[ On that note there is a massive crash and the sound of some very inventive cursing, before he continues. ]

Alright, that's it. Civilian life is driving me right over the edge. It's either find someone to fight or the other word that begins with 'eff'. As my requirements for the former are more easily achieved than the latter so let's stick with the former.

Inquire for details within.


Mar. 19th, 2017 03:50 pm
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[ the feed flickers once, twice, before it settles on Thisavrou's latest Turian resident. ]

I have heard of machine-gods that could harvest entire civilizations and render them into nothingness in nanoseconds, or even create a symbiotic relationship between machines and organics...but I have never heard of the likes of machinery that could resuscitate the dead.

Yet, I am led to believe the technology here is so highly advanced that it is as common as any other glitch in a program. Is that right?

[ here, Saren pauses, clearly disbelieving. ]

I seek more credible answers, which surely someone must have uncovered by now. Is there more to how we arrived here? What is known about our gracious hosts, is there information regarding them or their government?

Humans are known for their arrogance and non-compliance. I cannot imagine that all of you have been content to act as no better than cogs in a machine, submitting so that our gracious hosts could reap the benefits of your contribution.


Mar. 5th, 2017 04:00 pm
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[There is all of two seconds where Carolina does debate actually taking her armour off (or at least her helmet) and addressing the network like that, but old habits die hard. It may well as be a second skin for her now, which is why viewers are greeted with that aqua-ish coloured armour. The helmet tips slightly.]

I'm seeking information about two things.

[While she has done some recon on her own, she is of the mindset of why not use all available resources. And she is well aware that others might know some things that aren't exactly written down in a guide book to this place.]

Firstly, I'm looking for someone who is good with armour- a combat suit with tech. Repairing and maintenance. Though don't get any ideas.

[Because she is picky, and not just going to let her armour be looked at by any idiot on the street. Even if the AI enhancements are not functional now that Epsilon is gone, it still is tech that she doesn't need getting in to the wrong hands.]

Secondly, I've been told that we're supposed to do our part. Is there data accessible about the history of what has transpired, especially before you were brought here? I'd prefer to know more before simply accepting employment.

[Which is about all that she needs.]

If you know anything about either, ask for Carolina.


Feb. 27th, 2017 05:21 pm
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Attention Former Crew of the Moira--

Former Head Librarian Elizabeth DeWitt, in case I needed introduction. Now that we're all... more or less settled into things here on Thisavrou, I have time to turn my attention back to the Moira's collection. As some of you may know, the collection began out of Captain Thán's personal collection and grew as we traveled. Or as the Ingress spat out various items for me to scratch my head over and catalog somewhere.

The point is, even with my new position at Kauto's public library, I don't feel comfortable handing over our collection wholesale without some discussion on the matter. Not to mention I imagine there are some personal items that landed in there that some of us might not feel comfortable being shared with the universe at large. Those will go to the parties involved without question, and I'll hold them until I hear one way or the other.

Should any of our collection go to Kauto? The other option is I house the collection personally and anyone can come and use it if they contact me ahead of time. We don't have to give it up if I'm... the only one hanging onto this.

So? What should I do with all of these materials? It's up to all of us, not just me.


Feb. 19th, 2017 12:58 am
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Normandy Securities

Ingress Complex (HQ), Various locales (Missions)

Full-time, part-time, freelance available.

Full-time - ~500 sencs/mo. +Mission Bonuses
Part-time - ~200 sencs/mo. +Mission Bonuses
Freelance - Rotating remuneration & availability dependant on missions

Interested in Ingress Complex security, but looking for something a little more hands-on? Normandy Securities is a private security service offering tailored solutions for each mission that emphasize the safety of all parties, and complete satisfaction. We want you to be able to utilize your unique set of skills to achieve what other private security companies can't. Assist in the safety and well-being of all Savrii citizens, as well as the researchers and scientists who have personal interest in helping ex-patriate Savrii find their way back to their home universe safely. Join our team today, and become an active part in helping others — and yourself.

- Proven combat experience
- Ability to think strategically under pressure
- Excellent communication skills
- Dedication to providing results
- Professional demeanor
- Unique skill set

- Can provide their own body armor and weaponry
- Has previous survival and self-defense training
- Available during all hours; rest hours included

If you think you have what it takes, REPLY with your relevant details, and we can set you up an interview timeslot ASAP.

[Interested in your dudes hulksmashing into an interview either accidentally or on purpose instead of replying? Head over here for the log! :D]
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  1. A job more regular than the off planet missions. I can code and fight but I'll try almost anything.

  2. Someone with biotics, telekinesis, or similar who's willing to teach.

  3. Any name books saved from the Moira library.

[All replies will be in text regardless of responders' format and my font or lack thereof! She just prefers it; I reply from e-mail a lot on weekdays and font changing doesn't seem to stick.]


Feb. 3rd, 2017 07:52 pm
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I feel like, with everything that's going on, I've lost track of time.

I mean, we've been on a ship for so long, we've gone on a few planet trips, and then there was that whole— [ Elena waves a hand, dismissive. Only because that's a difficult one to process. ] —year thing. Or at least I think it was a year.

Not only that but we've gone and swapped out captains, most of us have survived a ship crash landing or two, and Lord knows what else.

But in all of that— and yes, there's a point to this— how are you supposed to celebrate a birthday when you've barely had any time to sit down and process everything? When you sit down and keep asking yourself, "What day is it?" or "What month are we at?" or better yet— "How old am I again?"

[ Like the song What's my age again? ]

I really doubt this place has a bar with decent male strippers.

[ A tiny pause. She makes a face. Oh god. ]

...what if they're alien male strippers? What am I supposed to do with that?
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[The video opens on the face of a handsome man in possession of a truly magnificent beard. He hesitates for a brief second until he's sure the device is working, then flashes a charming grin.]

This is a really strange question, but I'm going to ask it anyway:

Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to befriend oneself? Multiple attempts at striking up a friendly conversation have ended in vomit and tears, so I'm kind of at a loss.

I warned you not to try and pick me up after I’d been drinking. I hope when you go to the bar you don’t literally pick anyone up.

...And there were no tears.

[The camera shifts to as the man looks at a thin woman with dark hair and light eyes, playing idly with her TAB. This is Marian Hawke as many know her. Unlike the man who’s grinning, she mostly looks like she’s bewildered at how she got into this situation and how best to get out of it. Despite the different expressions, however, the resemblance between them is distinct.]

Normally I'd take them out for a few drinks and then maybe stumble over to a brothel, but that seems a, I dunno, is "incestuous" the right word, here? Or would "masturbatory" be more appropriate?

“Masturbatory”, definitely.

[Is the lady Hawke’s vote.]

Let’s not disrespect biology by going with "incestuous". Though you can buy me another drink all the same. I never turn down a gift.

Hmm...I was leaning that way too, honestly. Still, awkward.

[Here he pauses again to flash another charming grin at the TAB, and also wink conspiratorially.]

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Oh, I can’t wait to see what the people come up with. Hopefully it involves more drinking.

[She just… shakes her head and glances at the sky, wondering what she did to deserve this.]
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[So remember that cheery blonde asking people to come screw? Guess what! She's back on camera already. Only the call's coming from Rinzler's MID (didn't he kill her that one time?), and J looks to have undergone some fairly rapid... changes.

First? She's a technozombie!

Second? Extra dead.

Her skin is dull and grey, split apart in papery, cracked lines that show the glow of circuitry beneath. Her eyes are flat and hollow, glinting dimly in the light above, as if the switch behind them was burned out. Her head lolls to the side at a twisted, malformed angle, and the slice visible through one collarbone is oddly bloodless. What liquid does ooze out is black.

The camera lingers for a long moment, only the low ticking rumble of Rinzler's noise offscreen to break the silence. Then, several lines of text scroll out below the screen.]

Active virus detected.
Affects users. Infected subjects: hostile, attempting to spread.

[Shepard starts talking before she's on camera, allowing for the image to assist in her addition to Rinzler's information. Her voice is urgent, stern — and a touch strained.]

This is a red alert. Something on board is turning crew into beings called husks. They're the result of organic cells being replaced with psychological and physiological-controlling synthetic material.

[As the camera shifts to her, the source of the strain is clearer — she's attempting to patch up a wound to the gut in a hurry. More discerning types may identify it as a gunshot wound.]

See a friend, but they're looking a little different? Keep your distance, and let us know. It's not a exactly your traditional virus, but any bite or scratch can open up a host site, and turn you, too.

Private to: Nihlus


[[ooc: Monolith Plot continues! Red is Rinzler; orange Shepard—they'll both be responding to non-privated threads.]]


Nov. 11th, 2016 10:24 am
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[It's late in the night -- nearly a morning, when the post goes up to the network. Now, Moira's had plenty of drunken nightly posts in the past and in the beginning this really looks like one. In the video you can see J who's looking happy with a calm smile on her lips. Almost too happy to be someone suffering from insomnia and the cheerfulness doesn't really make her appear drunk. Maybe she's taken something else. ]

Now darlings. I know that things are looking very unpleasant to us at the moment, which is about as big news as water being wet I know. The ship smells like a dumpster, the new found information about Ingress, incompetent captains and the uncertainty whether our next stop is going to put us in danger again.

[Her voice is soft and sweet as she speaks. Coy yet inviting]

But I tell you it doesn't have to be that way. I now know how to make it better, how to make you feel better, darlings. All you need to do is come and join me in I.L.R and I'll show you.

[She winks her eye at the camera before showing her surroundings in J deck.]

Now please don't leave me hanging. It's like they say in songs: every baby doll needs her daddy, right?

[ooc: this is part of the monolith/indoctrination plot. J's been affected and if someone does come see her she's going to try convert them into her new found brainwashing religion.]


Nov. 1st, 2016 02:06 am
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Hi all — just a small announcement.

I know we have quite a few new arrivals on board, so, quick introduction: the name's Shepard, I'm the Assistant Head of the Tower. Any issues on that front, feel free to reach out to myself or Ryuuzaki.

But what I actually want to talk about is this: [Here, she steps out of the video's frame, letting it fall across an incredible aquatic paradise. There's fish, jellyfish, corals, seaweeds, microwhales, anemones, sea-snakes — you name it, if it swims, it seems to have some sort of representation here.

Also present is Andyr, in the background, kicking a filter with a look of clear irritation. Shepard continues to speak, a disembodied voice as the camera moves around the tanks, showcasing their inhabitants.]
The Moira Aquarium.

Andyr and I received some pretty ridiculous supplies in the mail a while back, and with permission, we've been working on getting them all set up for the rest of the ship to enjoy. We're even getting some scuba and snorkeling time set up! Got an interest in aquatic life? Feel free to come by and take a look.

[The video focuses for a moment on the largest tank, a serene picture of beauty — before Andyr walks into the frame, face etched with suspicion of countless would-be aquarium ruffians. He gestures at the tanks, points two fingers at his own eyes, then points at the camera, accusingly. There's a beat of laughter before the recording cuts.]
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[Dave, social media mogul, definitely has a lock on how to work a fancy future smart watch - you’ll be greeted by the sight of a be-shaded blonde and also a gray dude with horns (and no shades, sadly) crowding the same screen.]

Yo. I get it, we gotta show our faces on here - give you the low-down on the fresh new shit in town, lay out what the fuck we’re about. So back on my home planet they call me Owen Wilson, but you can call me Dave that’s cool. [Maybe it’s his middle name.]

Right. And I’m beloved and seriously underrated Jen Aniston co-star Ben Stiller. You may refer to me exclusively as Mr. Stiller. Assuming you’re given permission to address us at all. For now, all of you have probationary permission to speak to us, so consider your questions carefully.

Think we’re supposed to list all our superpowers and shit, bro, give the club a heads up as to what the fuck we can do. Actor, model, Oscar nominee, dated Sheryl Crow, recently coronated Troll King, fashion icon, DJ and rap artist. Also in the dope-ass driver’s seat of all your entertainment needs.

Yeah. Sure. We’re the king of all the trolls and all of that. I mean, listen. Between the two of us, we have some pretty fucking formidable superpowers. That’s all I’m going to say about it. I don’t actually see how it’s any of anyone’s business or why they need to know our powers anyway, so that’s pretty much all that needs to be said about it.

Oh yeah, also, I’m in charge of emotionally counseling you chucklefucks from now on. There will be some new policies put into place in the future, but more on that once I’ve determined where letting you whine on about your problems fits into my very busy schedule.

The dude has got shit to do. He'll pencil you in. Anyway, cool, icebreaker obligation friggin’ demolished, we have introduced the fuck out of ourselves. Weirdly probing questions, comments, concerns, whatever.

Don’t forget about the probation, though. I’m serious about that.

[Red = Dave, Gray = Karkat


Sep. 29th, 2016 10:10 pm
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[Having noticed the general quiet on the ship, someone is going to speak up in an attempt to fix this problem.]


How about that crazy party stuff, huh? I know like, years and stuff are important to humans so. Sorry? About that?

But seriously is it really that bad? I mean, you guys have like, what? Two-hundred of 'em?

[Sideswipe, no, humans don't live to be 200 you ninny.]

What's one more! I mean there's worse ways to go than a big party, right? [... he's trying to give a peptalk. He really, really is.] I guess if you really feel bad, um.

Talk to each other! That's totally what everyone keeps telling me to do when bad scrap happens.

Yeah, that's like, all I got, man. Just relax, okay dudes? Next planet's gotta be better.

[you tried, sideswipe]
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Uh. So, uh. What up!

[ Skinny, scrawny guy on the video feed here. Jesse is trying to appear confident, together, like he ain't bothered by any of the shit that's been going on, or the fact that he's apparently lost an entire freakin' year of his life partying with a bunch of mantis freaks. There's something wide-eyed and twitchy about him, though. Off-screen, his leg is jiggling up and down anxiously.

He might be high. Because waiting for him in the mail was a whole two ounces of meth, and what was the first thing Jesse did after spending a while staring at the two baggies of crystal, trying to will away the gnawing temptation to take a bump? He slammed a bump. Lit up that meth pipe that had been shipped in the mail with the meth when his willpower finally caved. What better way to try and drown out how scared he is and how much he wishes like hell Mr. White was here, because Mr. White would know what to do.

Of course, Jesse might not seem high to look at over the video feed. Just anxious and on edge. In fact, that's pretty much exactly how he's coming across. ]

Uh. So, uh. Name's Jesse, yo. I'm, uh. Guess I'm kinda one of the newer kids on the block around here.

[ Pausing a moment while he smears his hand down his face and rubs the back of his neck. That hand drops away as he fixes his attention back on the screen. ]

Anyway, um. I'm-I'm all outta smokes, and I was wondering if, uhh. If anybody's got any smokes to spare. Like, cigarettes. Or… whatever.

[ Another pause. Another anxious rub of the back of his neck. He so badly wants to say something about… everything. Those mantis people. The fact that they'd been drugged. The fact that he's a year older, just like that. Not to mention all the goddamn robots and other weird shit he's still trying to wrap his puny brain around. But instead… ]

I'll… I'll find a way to pay you back. Dunno how yet, but I'll think of something. Um. So, yeah. Just. Lemme know or whatever. No problem if nobody's got any.