Jun. 29th, 2017 05:43 pm
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[Liquid considered just using text for a message, but who needs to bother with that, huh? So here he is, looking into the camera, and while he seems a little annoyed, it's not much.]

So, now that we're confined to slightly less exciting adventures...

Who wants to bet on the next horrible thing making its way around? My entirely hypothetical money's on whatever that 'flesh goo' nonsense is.

[He might be slightly bored.]
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[ Ardyn's face comes across the broadcast. He tilts his hat in respect to those he will greet and who will greet him. He then leaves his hat on his head and lowers his hand out of sight from the video camera. ]

Hello! Good day. I hope this message finds everyone well. I have but a simple question and thought to ask it here! Hm. Is there an organizer of events, concerts, art and historic museum showings... any of that sort in which I may look to? I am curious and most interested in learning of our collected cultures here.

Thank you!

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