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> Alright so
> I know some of you have dinosaur babies
> and I have a mighty need for some dino teeth
> sharper the better
> DON'T PULL THEM OUT MY GOD just ones that fall out on their own
> if you hurt a dinosaur I'll find you and you'll very very much regret it
> Anyways. 
> Dono how much I need
> As much as possible? 
> Can trade physical labor
> like moving shit or something
> Don't really have many items right now but
> i'll work a half hour a tooth 
> also any shaving cream or conditioner 
> or even baby oil idfk
> hit me up


Aug. 8th, 2017 03:36 pm
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[When the feed starts there's a quick flash of Elizabeth's distressed face before a flash of quick movement jerks the TAB away and Elizabeth yelps. There's a struggle happening, and a lot of what's being recorded is jerkycam of the ceiling. After a few seconds, some grunting, and solid thumping noises, Elizabeth comes back into view.]

This is Elizabeth DeWitt, I'm in my apartment, in the private collection and--

[The camera is obscured again by something pale covered in gray splotches. It takes a minute for the camera to focus while Elizabeth is shouting 'No, no, no, let go, let go!', but eventually it does focus to reveal... words on a page.]

[She screams again and the TAB goes flying and lands on its side, finally giving the viewer a clear shot of what's going on. Elizabeth is on her side and being swarmed by what can only be described as... overly excited puppy-sized books. At least fifty of them, all the same size and color. They hop about on the corners of their covers, flapping and clinging to Elizabeth while she tries to get up and fight them off. Gently, of course. Don't hurt the books. She starts shouting:]

I'm in the Moira's private collection in my apartment in Region Five and I need some help here!

[One of the books hops over to the TAB and after hopping around it, somehow picks it up and starts shaking it again, viciously, until it flies into a shelf and bounces until it stops against a box marked 'Thán's Collection - DO NOT LOAN OUT - Hands Off, Snart'.]
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Good morning.

[ the voice on the other end seems to have a vague Russian accent. ]

Since it seems to be a common theme lately, I have a question for everyone: What is the absolute strangest thing you've ever seen or experienced, either where you come from, or from here?

[ a pause ]

In the interest of good faith, I've got a story to share with you about mine. My first Commanding Officer had the unique ability to shoot electricity out of his hands. He was a real piece of work, [ no that was probably sharing too much ] but that's neither here or there. Anyways... he could shoot electricity out of his hands. Which you might or might not find out of the ordinary, but it wasn't quite the weirdest shit I've ever run up against.

[ but back to the story ] Anyways, he ended up getting killed by an enemy agent, much to the dismay of almost no one. But, even if his brain was gone, somehow his body was kept alive, almost out of sheer spite.

And twenty years later, he woke up. But he was on fire. And that fire... [ a pause as he looks for the right word ] zombie [ that was not the right word ] chased me and this other guy on a flaming unicorn.

And that was the strangest thing I've ever experienced.

[ but instead of it shutting off, his tone changes ever so slightly, as he seems to be talking to a person on the other end. ]

-So as you can see, I'm perfectly...

[ no. now it's shut off. ]

text; 1

Aug. 2nd, 2017 01:18 am
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[The username reads as 'Bismarck.' The picture is of a nondescript piece of purple-painted metal. Is there a pattern here with the previous post? Huh, he didn't notice.]

Tell me a little about your world?

[The request is simple, and harmless enough. No one is obligated to answer, no one is obligated to answer with details if they do.

[It's just a little bit of recon, that's all.]
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[ Life had taken so many twists and turns that Adrien had been sitting on certain events for a bit longer than he had originally anticipated. He had been pulled in multiple directions, which was nothing new in his life, watching over a friend, treating other friends and watching events from the shadows.

He hadn't been affected by the shadows, mostly because he suspected that whatever was causing them had taken one look at him and overloaded before retreating.

Also in the mix, was the consideration of just what to do with the information. To go underground with it or above board. He suspected his feed would be watched, fuck the Fates but he was used to that level of scrutiny. In the end, a specific and recent event, a finding during his most recent follow-up had prompted him to his next actions.

It was late, late enough that his electricity had gone out like clockwork. A fire burned in the hearth, it's light casting an amber glow and shadows across his face as he actually put himself in the frame for once. ]

Let me tell you about a child )

[OOC: Link to the log event some of these details/dialogue comes from ]
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[A woman's voice comes over the network. She sounds annoyed. Like she's been waiting and waiting for something and now that it's finally happened, she has to collect herself.]

Yes, hello? Is this the Customer Service line? I've been trying to call your shit for days now. I know that the sun is out and everything but that doesn't mean you can not answer the phone! If the sun goes out, who else am I gonna call? I've got to report this service outage to someone. The sun going out is also kinda unprofessional. I'm not exactly feeling confident in you guys here.

Anyway, my complaint is as follows. I need to get off this plane of existence like right fucking now. And I know that it's probably not your fault who you pick up and drop off here, it's just policy and blah blah blah but it's very important that I get back to the plane of existence I was on before. I want to return this kidnapping for a full refund.

I hate to show up and run without wrecking any shit as is my thing, but this is kind of getting in the way of what I'm trying to do. Which is literally ONE JOB. I had one fucking job and this makes it look like I can't do one job. So for the sake of my resume and the universe, send me back.

Also some asshole owes me 15 dollars and I need to collect. Priorities and all.

Yes, that's it. Thank you for your time. But next time if this complaint doesn't go through, I'm gonna ask for your goddamn manager!

((No TAZ spoilers really in the post but some might always appear in the comments, I will try to warn for anything in the subject head!))


Jun. 29th, 2017 05:43 pm
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[Liquid considered just using text for a message, but who needs to bother with that, huh? So here he is, looking into the camera, and while he seems a little annoyed, it's not much.]

So, now that we're confined to slightly less exciting adventures...

Who wants to bet on the next horrible thing making its way around? My entirely hypothetical money's on whatever that 'flesh goo' nonsense is.

[He might be slightly bored.]


Jun. 28th, 2017 01:54 pm
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[ In light of current events, Tetora's back to his old haunts on the Ingress. Which isn't too bad! Except for one small thing. ]

hey does this mean we're all fucking grounded? in space???


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:18 pm
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[The video feed here is set up very much like he's filming an orientation video; he knows little else other than strict formality here, but...when it comes to his school, he would say he finds the professionalism appropriate.]

The purpose for this is twofold, so I suppose I'll just get started.

Over the last few weeks of getting settled into this environment, learning its...well "intricacies" is a small word for it, perhaps eccentricities is better, I believe now more than ever that we need some tangible return to normalcy. I would like to have the school-- [and with the video feed he links something that looks very much like an old-school brochure, (which will very much omit the whole "subbasement" part of the post (and is not icly-literal).).] --up and running within the month. We have the faculties and facilities for a number of traditional subjects: literature, biology, philosophy, physical education [though it might sound like he means something very different by this] and a few other outliers, but we are still very much in need of some help in the history and mathematics departments. (Though I'll take more esoteric lessons under advisement).

[He pauses then, and his demeanor shifts entirely, shifting from cold to amiably warm like he's flipped a switch.]

As for the second point, and no less salient: it is my understanding that I am not the only one of my kind here, and that we are not, perhaps, the only ones particularly gifted. For those of you who may not identify as mutants, I would love the opportunity to speak with you about the nature of your powers.

[He pauses to consider that request for a moment, and follows up with an addendum:]

If any of you are comfortable doing so.
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[We interrupt your regularly scheduled Important Current Event Updates with someone's elbow knocking into their TAB. Or maybe alien metal plus alien tech equals some kind of spark and power surge or something. Either way, this is a close-up of Shiro's elbow for several seconds of blurred movement and muffled yelling.]

[Because something's on fire.]

[And he's hitting it with one hand. Which is probably alarming if you're new to the neighborhood and aren't aware one of his hands is made of metal.]

-- why? I just hit a button! Stop! Burning!

[Oh yeah, he's in the kitchen. Butchering microwave food.]

[Because before the TAB clicks off with another knock of his elbow, there's a brief shot of the poor, butchered food. It's space easy mac. He burned space Easy Mac.]


May. 23rd, 2017 10:46 am
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[With all of the quantum shenanigans Elizabeth has ever been involved with, this has to be the one that feels the strangest.]

[The doctor and nurses had been uncomfortably nice, even though Elizabeth had reassured them that they didn't have to treat her delicately. If this was a tragedy, she had no point of reference to mourn it. Seeing them give each other significant, sad glances was only irritating. What was possibly even more annoying though was that Elizabeth waited for the memory of her previous self to come back to her... but it wasn't. If she'd been here before, if she'd broken the rules again, memories of what she'd been like, what she'd said, how she'd died-- they would have been there. Sooner rather than later. But days went by and nothing came. She wandered around the hospital, the staff asked if she wanted to contact someone ("Who do you suggest?" she'd ask, and they would usually shrink back. No one knew who to call), and the day the 'Ingress technician' stopped by asking to talk to her she smelled a scientist and refused to let him in the room. The next day they suggested she go back to her apartment.]

[They drove her to a nice place, that they informed her she'd purchased, and once she'd been inside for a few minutes and her vitals remained stable, they took their leave to let her "get reacquainted".]

[And there she was with the strangest feeling in the world: not knowing what happened to her here.]

[There's an entire room of books-- which makes sense immediately, but the collection is the most eclectic thing she's ever seen. There are clothes in a hamper, rotting food in an ice box, dying plants on a porch, a wadded up blanket and many, many empty mugs. She was lonely, even before her apartment went abandoned for days. Did anybody know her?]

[The basic functions of the device on her wrist were explained to her on the ride to her apartment, but she's still unsure and careful as she makes selections and sets up a broadcast.]

This is Elizabeth DeWitt, formerly of the Moira's crew... [There's a long pause, and she finally realizes there's no way to avoid being straightforward.] ...I'm looking for anyone who knows me. There was an accident-- [Or incident, probably.] --and I've been told I left my timeline months ago and have been living elsewhere. Anyone who can shed some light on where I've been and what I've been doing... I'd like to speak with you.
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Helloooooo ladies, dudes, and various other genders, identities, and lifeforms! Some of you may already know me, but for those who don't, my name is Lance, and today I am comin' at you with some ice breakers! A couple of my friends who shall remain nameless but know who they are are really bad at socializing and are in need of new friends. And I figure, if they are, there's gotta be other people out there who are just as bad, right?

So here's the deal! I'm gonna read some questions, and you guys can answer them! And then you gotta talk to two people you don't already know. I don't count, but talk to me anyway!

Go into as much detail with these as you can want, because they're gonna help you make new friends.

[ He clears his throat, and starts reading. ]

Number one! If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?
Number two, if you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
Three, what are your top ten favorite foods?
Four, share a description of your favorite material object that you already own, and share why it's important to you.
Annnd five! What color do you think best represents you, and how does being that color make you feel?

[ He takes a second to copy and paste the same questions in a text format along with his video for ease of answering, then grins into the camera again. ]

Everyone got that? Cool, now go meet somebody!

OOC: for ease of copy/pasting )


May. 10th, 2017 10:04 pm
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Thank god I only have my weird ass powers to deal with and not more weird ass powers to make my life even weirder.

Unless I got something like, super knitting and I'm missing out big time.

Then again, intergalactic space viruses...never a dull day huh?
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okay, first thing's first--

[There are a few pictures of Kurt, a wide grin spread across his face, his head turned this way and that to show off his new haircut. The bangs are done in an up-style for the moment, streaked with a vibrant new shade of blue.]

i finally got my hair cut off after letting it grow for far too long.


look at this!!

[The TAB switches to video, although there's nothing to see right away. After a couple of minutes, an unfamiliar teen steps into view, peering into the lens of the camera with bright pastel green eyes. Except, this kid definitely has the same hair that Kurt was showing off only a bit ago and when he speaks:]

Pretty cool, ja?

[That accent is unmistakable and if that's not enough to ruin the gimmick, the left side of of his face ripples, fading back to a cobalt skin-tone and a single golden eye, which closes in a wink before returning back to the normal 'human' look.] I can shapeshift!
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 [When a project is complete, the next natural phase is to test it. Which is the phase that Pidge has reached with three makeshift television sets and an experimental game system Pidge had to build in order to play what appears to be a video game that was randomly found at the market. And maybe Pidge had been holed up in the bedroom room more than usual lately, and maybe without saying much about why to anyone.

Well. Everyone's about to find out whether they like it or not.

Because when the feed comes on, it's clearly accidental. Mainly because the first words that come through are:]

Oh, COME ON!! Getting in close doesn't work, ranged attacks don't work, no blindspots from behind or on the sides-- How the fucking quiznak am I supposed to beat your ass?!?!

[The camera seems to have turned on by itself after getting knocked down off of something. It's clearly laying on the ground, tilted up so that Pidge's face is just barely in sight. The controller is more clearly in the center of the frame as it's being used, fingers pressing buttons furiously as Pidge curses up a storm at the TV screen. Things like "C'mon c'mon c'mon mother fucker just try that punk ass move one more time" and "you piece of shit AI, you've got one job!"

Someone should probably interrupt.]
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[The video feed flickers to life, although there is currently nothing that is recognizable. Everything looks shadowed and tinted gray, like something is covering the TAB up.

A faint sound of footsteps, some other shuffling noises, then the camera shifts as the darkness is lifted away, revealing Kurt staring down at the device. Honestly, he looks a mess, clothes and hair disheveled, eyes rimmed red and bloodshot for some reason.

For the longest time, the cobalt-tinted mutant says nothing, simply stares blearily at the TAB, one hand still holding the blanket that'd been blocking the view before. Kurt opens his mouth, hesitates then sighs heavily, head dipping forward in defeat.]
He's gone, [he whispers, barely audible, despite the fact it's eerily quiet, wherever he's at.

He releases the blanket without much care as to if the video is still going or not and the lightest footsteps can be heard retreating, but they don't disappear. Alternatively, there's a rather loud thud before the feed finally clicks off.

That was just Kurt, hitting the floor. Everything is totally fine. (No, it's not.)]


Apr. 4th, 2017 06:27 pm
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Out of curiosity, is there anyone here capable of controlling the classical elements? Fire, water, air and earth, maybe some others.

And if there's such a person around, would they be willing to mentor someone else?

And for those that have nothing to do with that stuff, what's the coolest think you can buy with sencs?


Apr. 3rd, 2017 06:32 pm
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[ Someone may or may not have already been exploring the asteroid. Hard to tell, as the video appears to be back on Kauto.

This time, rather than picturing the orchard, there is a nice interior shot of his kitchen, along with the crashing of pans. Who the fuck knows. ]

Question to those of you who dabble or "don't dabble" in the clandestine arts. Where do you draw your moral line? Do you have a moral line for short term ... shall we say results and perhaps a separate moral line for the longer projects?

If you potentially had access to a methodology that would extend your prospects of survival in a long term op, but it was seriously sketchy from the moral side of things, would you pursue it?

[ On that note there is a massive crash and the sound of some very inventive cursing, before he continues. ]

Alright, that's it. Civilian life is driving me right over the edge. It's either find someone to fight or the other word that begins with 'eff'. As my requirements for the former are more easily achieved than the latter so let's stick with the former.

Inquire for details within.
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I didn't run away to join the circus, only the circus archaeologists. [Wanda's TAB displays a stone carving of an acrobat, and then a figurine of a bull. They're sitting on a shelf, and the wall behind the shelf looks like rough stone.]

They're replicas... I asked if I could have one of the real ones, because there were about a million of them just in the tiny tunnel we were excavating, but they wanted to catalogue them all, so I went to the museum and bought the acrobat. The bull...I carved that myself, to the pattern of the real ones. It's only a keepsake...

It's funny, there are a million of the acrobats in the archaeological records of Deslora, but the bulls were new to the site I was working on. They want to discover what it means, whether the acrobats and the bulls are connected. They think the site used to be... important... Sacred dances and ritual danger -- that's funny too. Ritual danger.

But I missed the fun house and the crowds, I went to the fair and all I got were these tiny figurines.

[She zooms the camera view out, so that the whole shelf is visible, dwarfing the few things on it. Two figurines, a few origami figures.]

Oh, and this is my house.

[Zoom again, and pan to show a very simple room with wooden furniture that looks like someone fashioned it with an axe. There are a lot of cushions, though, in many bright colours and patterns, and a number of plants growing out of the floor. There are no windows, but light filters in from somewhere above, skylights perhaps.]

I'm still working on it, I've mostly been away...

[Zoom in, back to the shelf.]

It'll fill up with memories, eventually. At least that's the idea...

[Wanda sighs.]

It doesn't really feel like home.

[She turns the camera on herself for the first time. Looking directly at the camera--] What do you think makes a home a home?