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[Oh, look at this, won't you? Another message from a black eyed monstrosity with a pleased smirk on his face. Pointed teeth flash in the light cast by Mettaton's TAB, but it's definitely not Mettaton who's holding it. At least...not the one which would seem familiar anymore.]

Hello, beauties!! How are you this evening~? I do so hope I find you well!! Oh, me? I'm positively fantastic--and why wouldn't I be, given the circumstances?

[He shifts, as if put off balance, and there's a shuffling sound out of sight...maybe from below the TAB's view? It's hard to tell unless you're really listening...]

So! I thought I'd talk to all of you about something veeery important! That is, I'm here to address the flagrant misrepresentation of myself which has been electing to hide himself--his true self!! Ahaha, just look at him trying now!! Sweetheart, there's absolutely no need to struggle!!

[At that point, the TAB finally angles downward and there's the real Mettaton, shooting a glare to kill at his shadow, but not exactly struggling. Perhaps the shadow was embellishing a little. He frowns, an expression caught in the peripheral of the recording device as he shifts it. His free arm reaches out, snaking around the real Mettaton and pulling him close for what had to be the most uncomfortable selfie in the world.

Mettaton's expression is dour and uncomfortable.]

So, everyone! Have a look at this pretender, won't you? This sham who sullies the name of Mettaton with such pitiful displays of weakness!! Why, I bet he couldn't hold a crowd if he wanted!! He's honestly so sad to behold, isn't he?! After all, he's not an actor, he's not a kind soul, and he cares very little for his friends and family--enough to utterly forget who made this body and force his poor cousin to tears, and even to fail his new bosom bestie!!! Wow!!!! How many times can you fail those you supposedly love?!

[The shadow nudges Mettaton as best he can when he's holding the bot captive, but Mettaton offers no defense for himself.

Seemingly disgusted, the shadow's arm releases Mettaton so quickly that he puts the robot off kilter, only to shove him to the ground. Mettaton doesn't fight. He just scowls as his shadow brazenly presses a boot against his chestplate, stepping on his scarf.

Mettaton doesn't fight, doesn't speak.]

Well, there you have it. Why don't we take an audience count on it, hmm? Should I let this embarrassing facsimile of a real star continue to ruin my good name?

Text or phone in at your leisure, beauties!! Toodles!!!
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[ It's been two weeks since she's woken up in the Complex, the effects of her cryostasis wearing off, finally. The effects of her death and resurging, that's another story. Her throat and lungs aren't feeling so raw but the latter still feels rough. At least she no longer feels like she's going to choke with each breath she takes. And the hacking up blood has stopped. On the other hand, the nightmares of the exact moment don't come as often but they're there.

They're always there.

I was always under the impression that when you died, you stayed dead. There were no second chances. Maybe I haven't come to terms with it. I've come close to death's door too often but never like that.

Has anyone ever...?

[ If anyone here has died and returned, wouldn't asking bring back unpleasant memories? Elena's aware of that, unfortunately there's only been one other person whom she's been able to talk to who can relate.

This isn't something she can talk to Nate about because of how sensitive a topic it is between them still, and that's why she's locked the post from him. She needs to know if there are others.

Plus there's just one more thing...

My wedding ring also seems to be missing... It's plain silver and has an engraving on the inside. It's been missing since I woke up in the Complex.

If it's shown up anywhere then please, I'd appreciate a heads up.

( ooc; the ring is gone forever, and although the post is locked from older!nate, it's still free game for anyone who knows him to bring up the post/topic/any conversation to him. c: )
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[Those present at the start of May might recognize the high, insistent tones that come across the TABs. Along with the small, floating orb-shape producing them. For those that don't...]

This is T-O-D, Deputy of Ingress Contingency Coordination, reporting a catastrophe of UNPRECEDENTED proportions!

On Day 77 of our current cycle, two recent residents of Thisavrou exceeded their clearance. They were discovered in a restricted sector of the Ingress Complex, engaging in Acts of Deliberate Sabotage. And fighting! The damage to the Ingress is currently unknown, and under evaluation by our finest technicians.

As a result of these barely-speakable crimes, the Ingress is currently restricted to authorized personnel. This means outbound travel-- like those idiots who brought the flesh goo back-- is currently forbidden. If you have to ask, that means you! If you don't have to ask, it's still you!

More information will be forthcoming.

[[For information not biased by a certain lawbot, check out the OOC post here!]]
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[Shortly after the Ingress pathway to Earth 91c is opened, the following video message will be broadcast to the network, delivered by a smiling, slightly apologetic-looking middle-aged man in a pressed blue suit.]

Hello Ingress travelers. Welcome to Earth. My name is Daniel Wright and I’m here as an ambassador to visitors from Thisavrou. You’ve come at a rather delicate time, so I apologize if security is a little tighter than usual—I hope you’ll enjoy your stay regardless. If there is anything you’d like to know about our world, its customs, and its laws, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do what I can to answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

I am attaching a text document that I highly encourage you all to read. It lays out the laws for visitors to our planet of both the organic and AI persuasion. Violating these laws will have consequences, and I’m afraid ignorance is no defense. Act in accordance with them and I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant and productive stay.

[He smiles and the message ends. The attached text document reads as follows:]


1. YOU MAY NOT PURCHASE, OBTAIN, OR OTHERWISE REMOVE AN AI/PROGRAM CREATED ON THIS PLANET. It is a monumental enough task to keep track of all the Created currently on this planet without worrying about what someone in a neighboring universe is doing to them. As there is no way for us to ensure that removed Created are being treated humanely and are not being altered towards destructive means, removing them from our planet is strictly prohibited.

2. YOU MAY NOT VIEW OR ALTER THE CODE OF ANY PROGRAM OR AI WHILE ON THIS PLANET. The only way for us to view or alter a program’s code is through their external backup drive and AI base code is highly protected as well, but given you may have access to technology we may not yet possess, it is possible you aren’t bound by the same restrictions most of our citizens are. However, even if you have this ability, we ask that you please refrain from using it. We do not want to jeopardize the integrity of our Created’s code, and furthermore, making this technology known to groups who would abuse it would only lead to suffering among Created and Creators alike.

3. ANY CREATED IN YOUR POSSESSION MUST REMAIN IN YOUR POSSESSION FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR STAY. We understand that on other worlds, Created may not be bound by the same laws as they are here. However, while you are on our planet, we ask that you honor our laws and ensure that your Created remain under your sight and care for the duration of your stay. Visiting Created may NOT wander unattended and must have a Creator overseeing them at all times. We understand that this rule is stricter than those we place on our own Programs, but please believe us when we would not enforce such a rule if it did not benefit the safety of everyone present.


1. REMAIN WITH A NON-NATIVE CREATOR AT ALL TIMES. For your own safety and the safety of others, we ask that you do not leave the supervision of a Creator companion, owner, or guardian for the duration of your stay. Unaccompanied travel or loitering is NOT permitted and Created found violating this rule will be removed through the Ingress or detained until a Creator is able to claim them. Repeated offenses will result in fines or permanent exile.

2. DO NOT ENGAGE IN ENERGY TRANSFER, INTERFACE, OR ANY MANNER OF ENERGY/CODE EXCHANGE WITH NATIVE CREATED. Though we appreciate that many Created treat such exchanges as private matters, we do not wish to facilitate the accidental transfer of viruses or potentially the accidental alteration of code between parties and thus ask that all visiting Created refrain from initiating or reciprocating such exchanges.

3. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISGUISE YOURSELF AS AN ORGANIC BEING. For your own safety and the safety of others, we ask that all Created make themselves known as such upon entering our world. For many of you, your appearance will ensure this is not a problem. For AI that are able to pass as organic, you will be issued an identifying bracelet upon entry that will be removed once you depart. Rest assured that the bracelet is merely a means of identification as an Created and has no additional effects or functions.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 09:05 am
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[ It's not immediately after arriving that Anderson finally accesses the network. Out of sorts and deeply discomfited, she falls back on professionalism, as she's been trained to do, and scopes out the area first. This reconnaissance includes a brief mental skim of assorted passersby, mostly to gauge honesty and make sure this isn't an elaborate psychic-induced hallucinatory trap.

She's strong, but she's not invulnerable. She knows that's a possibility.

Except... it seems like it isn't, and she really is here, wherever 'here' is in the universe. After the two days she's spent poking around and reassuring herself of the reality of everything, though, that's not even the most incredulous part to her. ]

Looking for some information. [ Her voice is smooth, pleasant, a young woman's voice largely stripped of tone and easy to listen to. ] Someone told me there's no police here.

No judges.

How does that... work? Has anyone had experience with the intermediary system?

[ How can a place like this exist? It seems impossible to her. And just who is she, here? Who is she if not a Judge? ]
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On behalf of my employer, I'm looking to hire a few people who are capable and discreet. If you have skills in any of the following areas, and you would be interested in occasional work, please let me know, and we'll arrange a task for you. If you complete it satisfactorily, it could lead to further jobs.

- Information gathering
- Infiltration
- Surveillance (short term or long term)
- Item retrieval
- Hacking
- General security
- Forensic investigation and testing
- Anything else that seems to you like it might be useful in an investigation

Mr Lane's primary requirements are that no one is seriously hurt or killed and that you keep the work you do for him to yourself. It's all right if you have a teammate in mind, as long as the task is suited to that kind of work and you can fulfil the request without drawing attention to yourselves. Payment depends on the task, but should average around 200 sencs for an evening or two of work.

It's also all right if you're working for someone else; Mr Lane is willing to hire you through your employer if your employer is unwilling to allow you to take the task as a freelance assignment. However, you may not share the details of any assignments Mr. Lane gives you with anyone else, including that employer.

Let me know if you're interested and find these terms acceptable.

[OOC post for more information!

Also, all threads are super super locked between characters.]


May. 23rd, 2017 10:46 am
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[With all of the quantum shenanigans Elizabeth has ever been involved with, this has to be the one that feels the strangest.]

[The doctor and nurses had been uncomfortably nice, even though Elizabeth had reassured them that they didn't have to treat her delicately. If this was a tragedy, she had no point of reference to mourn it. Seeing them give each other significant, sad glances was only irritating. What was possibly even more annoying though was that Elizabeth waited for the memory of her previous self to come back to her... but it wasn't. If she'd been here before, if she'd broken the rules again, memories of what she'd been like, what she'd said, how she'd died-- they would have been there. Sooner rather than later. But days went by and nothing came. She wandered around the hospital, the staff asked if she wanted to contact someone ("Who do you suggest?" she'd ask, and they would usually shrink back. No one knew who to call), and the day the 'Ingress technician' stopped by asking to talk to her she smelled a scientist and refused to let him in the room. The next day they suggested she go back to her apartment.]

[They drove her to a nice place, that they informed her she'd purchased, and once she'd been inside for a few minutes and her vitals remained stable, they took their leave to let her "get reacquainted".]

[And there she was with the strangest feeling in the world: not knowing what happened to her here.]

[There's an entire room of books-- which makes sense immediately, but the collection is the most eclectic thing she's ever seen. There are clothes in a hamper, rotting food in an ice box, dying plants on a porch, a wadded up blanket and many, many empty mugs. She was lonely, even before her apartment went abandoned for days. Did anybody know her?]

[The basic functions of the device on her wrist were explained to her on the ride to her apartment, but she's still unsure and careful as she makes selections and sets up a broadcast.]

This is Elizabeth DeWitt, formerly of the Moira's crew... [There's a long pause, and she finally realizes there's no way to avoid being straightforward.] ...I'm looking for anyone who knows me. There was an accident-- [Or incident, probably.] --and I've been told I left my timeline months ago and have been living elsewhere. Anyone who can shed some light on where I've been and what I've been doing... I'd like to speak with you.
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Listen, I know it's like three a.m. ship's time, so it's perpetually Thursday on this planet. And Thursday is the worst, because it just sits there, when it could be a perfectly good Friday instead.

But I digress.

Most of us have been through a lot together, whether aboard the good ship Moira or here in the utopic gardens of Thisavrou.

And I know we're in for nasty weather, and there's lava beasts cutting swathes through upper Kauto midtown, but.

But, all that aside, I have a desperate and serious conundrum. I mean, like, I've got a real problem.

Right now.

And I need your help.

Which of these looks most like an apology to you?

...Bonus points if you can rationalize why.


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:28 am
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everybody loves polls, right?
cause i got one for all of you, and it's important.

"clones are an abomination": Y/N/elaborate your thoughts

figured this might be a timely question to ask, you know, considering the asteroid's a goddamn genetic nursery.


Mar. 4th, 2017 07:54 pm
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[The feed turns on and a handsome teen with brown hair and hazel eyes, mildly muscular build, and a small, polite smile, appears on screen and sits back to more squarely look into the camera. It seems like he’s a natural at appearing on screen like this, composed, like this isn’t a big deal to him despite being brand new here.]

Hi there. My name is Richard Gansey III, though just “Gansey” is preferred.

[In the background is a huge open room…it looks like a warehouse. Though there are home furnishings around—he’s sitting on a bed and in the background are bookshelves full, a desk, a nightstand.]

I’d like to speak to anyone that knows where there’s a compilation of the different worlds that have been explored thus far. I’m interested in learning as much as I can. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me.
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[ Good afternoon fellow Ex-Moirans, enjoy a dizzying spin of the device before it settles to show a wide expanse of apple orchard. Occasionally, darting into the frame, is the form of a certain well known bahari, only he seems ... different.

Bigger, much bigger, probably standing almost four feet at the shoulder, his scales are now smoother and more colorful, with bioluminescent lines along his sides that are currently lit up with what appears to be a joyful color. His mane is also smoother, more mature and at one point, as he darts past, he gives what sounds like a little hiccup and a small burst of fire comes from his mouth.

The fire seems to surprise him, someone is still getting used to having grown up.

However, that is not the purpose of today's network contact.

From off to the side, comes Adrien's voice. If it sounds like he's picking apples it's because ... he's picking apples. ]

Quick question to the company assembled. Does anyone have any experience with very old Earth based computer technology? Specifically, floppy disks.
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[ It's just a voice post at first, but the sounds of nature that overwhelm the audio makes it clear where she is more or less. Not anywhere populated, that is. ]

Names' Archer. Yeah, you heard that right. My mama had a really interesting sense of humor. [ Must be really interesting because she sounds wry and clearly not amused for a moment there. When she next speaks though, the lightness in her voice is back. ]

Lots of things to ask and lots of feelings to vent, but none of you need to deal with yet another hormonal teen feeling like ranting, do you now? So I'm gonna let you off the hook easily if you do me a solid.

[ A pause here, for effect. ]

Say, what are the "must see" places in these planets you've been at so far? Anything worth of trekking to? I've got a tent and a new pair of shoes and nowhere else to be.

[ She then switches to video. Hello bright pink/purple hair! Archer waves a hand meekly, lips pursed for a moment. She's obviously not comfortable on video. ]

One more thing. Kind of a long shot, but does anyone know where I can find hair dye of this color? I would owe you big time, seriously.


Feb. 24th, 2017 03:07 pm
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['sup everyone. It's your friendly historianerd here today, speaking into his TAB from...somewhere kinda high, judging by the background.]

I've been doing some exploring in Region Five lately, and I think I figured something out—everyone who came from the Moira, we're not the first humans to get here. [He laughs.] Well, obviously—there are other people who look like us. But it's not some sci-fi TV show thing where they're just aliens who happened to look the same. Check it out.

[He angles the TAB camera around, and it becomes clear that high is high—not skyscraper-level, but Nate has scaled some centrally-located building with a good view of various streets.]

Over there—Victorian houses right next to Edwardian ones, like the block is showing the passage of time. Couple streets over [the camera swings around] and you've got the late Italian. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to architecture.

And on some of the nicer streets and in parks there's Colombian statuary from mid-1700s, some Greek stuff—I did some sketches if anyone wants to see. [No one does. Probably.] it's the real thing, too, the actual style and not some fake imitation bullshit.

It's not that surprising, right? Ingresses existed before we ever showed up on the Moira, so they probably grabbed people from Earth before we ended up here, too. The point is, this planet isn't just a crossroads of culture, it's a crossroads of history, too. If people brought their architecture and their art, they brought all kinds of other knowledge too, things that might not have made it into the historical record, at least not in detail. We should take advantage of that. I've already seen one library that's as big as the Moira's, if not bigger—I'm gonna go exploring there once I get down from here.

[So this is basically an overly excited PSA for the local Kauto library, apparently.]
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[When the TAB first flickers to life, all that's visible is an intricately scarred cheek with just the slightest peek of ivory fangs past blue lips. There's the faint sound of something shifting about and finally, Kurt comes into full view.

He's sitting on the edge of an old stone fountain, his tail swishing back and forth behind him, a grin plastered across his face.]
I know very little about this holiday, but I've read a few things in an attempt to try and understand better.

[Meaning that he has forgone all the really romantic and couple-esque things about 'Valentine's Day' or whatever they would be calling it on Thisavrou.]

Giving chocolate to someone you like is traditional and I have more than a few friends and other people that I enjoy being around, so ... [He reaches over to pick up a small black box and pops the lid off of it, revealing the candy inside.]

Who wants some chocolate? [A soft laugh follows shortly after his inquiry as he replaces the lid and clutches the box to his chest, smile somehow broadening.]

I'm more than willing to deliver it, too.

(ooc: cw for anyone that decides to read the thread with kurt and j. [mentions of self-harm, internalized transphobia and ... self-loathing?])

001; Text;

Feb. 19th, 2017 07:54 pm
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Now that we're getting all cozy and settled in here, it has occurred to me that I'm without some of my kit from back home, and I'm starting to feel a little naked without it.

I'm thinking of doing a little DIY to rectify that, so if anyone would be a dear and is willing to part with:

- windshield wipers
- hose clamps
- old brassieres (underwire only)
- a propane torch
- pliers
- a grinder

I'd be grateful and maybe even inclined to owe you a favour.


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[ see john murphy. see what looks like the interior of a very fancy treehouse behind him, as the tab sits propped up on a sink faucet, murphy in front of what looks like an electric stove (no gas fires in the tree houses, okay). he's turning the knobs and frowning as he talks, distracted, but multitasking well enough. ]

Show of hands, how many here actually want to head back to their world? [ he's asking with what seems like a bored drawl. it's just how he talks, okay. ] How many think they have it better here?

[ murphy and emori certainly do, but that isn't the sole issue. there's bryan, and if emori weren't here, murphy knows he'd be doing everything to get back to earth with her. they can't ask him to stay without nate. so - ]

Have they said anything about being able to pull people through to this place from your homeworld, once they lock onto it? [ or how many can be pulled through? because who knows if bryan wants just nate, or all of skaikru. which seems like more of a pain in the ass than murphy wants, but thisavrou is a big place. easy to avoid the others. ]

Last one - anyone know how to use this? Like, for food making?

[ he knows what a stove is and what it's used for, it's just the how he's concerned with - the actual cooking part. the Ark had rationed food tabs, and on the ground they just used campfires. how do appliances??? halp???? ]
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[it's been a while since rey has shown her face on the network. this will be the first time she's used the TAB to do so, and she's unceremoniously stuck it to bb-9's... face. the droid beeps softly, letting rey know that the video is recording. the scavenger is sitting cross-legged with her back to a wall, her staff laid across her knees and her pack beside her. she does not look pleased. in fact, she is frowning very deeply. she isn't very comfortable actually talking to people, but this is important, so she's making the effort.]

Wasn't there a point to all this?

[she pauses, knowing she should probably be more specific.]

The planets, the months of travel, everything— [her voice has been getting louder, so she stops for a breath. she has to calm herself down, pushing flyaway hairs from her face.]

We were supposed to be able to go home. We wasted a fracking year on that moon—if we'd gotten here a year sooner, would this all have been the same? We all saw the corpses on the way here. They died for this—some of us died for this. Coming to this hub, finding this working Ingress... that was supposed to be the end. But now we're just going to go to another planet, another unknown, and what? Live there? Or will there be another promise made, another contract to sign? Another delay to our return?

That's shit. We all know it's shit.

[rey sighs, closing her eyes and not speaking for a few more moments. she's tired, and just wants to go back to jakku. she just wants to go back to her old life, since what was supposed to be her new life seems nigh impossible now. she reaches forward to shut off the TAB, mumbling one more sentence under her breath:]

Why wasn't it the end?


Jan. 20th, 2017 11:58 pm
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[So, after some fiddling with the new TAB, the video kicks on to a very up-close shot of a green pupil. As the camera attempts to focus, Darin pulls away enough that his face is visible.]

I think...

...Yeah, I think that's got it. The light means it's recording...? Well, I guess I'll find out...

Anyway, I guess...this is sort of an active journal...? I'm starting to run out of notebook space and everything and Pidge seems to think that notebooks and sketchbooks are 'old-fashioned' so...I figured I would give this a try.

Anyway, goes. Video journal entry one; Date is...uh...


Man, where do I even begin. It's been a couple of months now since I got picked up by the Moira and maybe a little over a month since it crashed? Oh, yeah, for the record, that was totally not my fault. I wasn't even near the Ingress when the ship crashed.'s been insane. I can't believe everything I've already learned...all of the amazing things I've seen and the people I've met...! They made me an Ingress engineer...! And I had no idea what the hell that even was until I got the chance to study! Can you believe it? I got the chance to study! Everyone's so annoyed and pissed off about being plucked from their worlds but...I don't really think I could be happier? Sure, I'm worried that people might find out about me and what could still happen but...but...! I'm learning! And there's so many amazing things out there and so many wonderful places...! Hell, that's why I'm running out of notebook space in the first place...!

And...I have friends! Real, actual friends! People my age! There's Lucio and Shiro, my two best friends. Lucio is the nicest person I think I've ever met, and Shiro is like that one guy who you want to be your best friend who always acts like you annoy him, but he's just looking out for you, and also only smiles when he tells the worst jokes in the world. Oh! And there's this really annoying Princess that won't leave me the hell alone, and Pidge who is teaching me about science and stuff! And then there's Fareeha and her mom...! Fareeha even let me work on her armor...! OH! And speaking of armor, there's this guy, Tony? HE HAS THE COOLEST ARMOR I'VE EVER SEEN!! And get this! A talking sword forged by the Gods! I know, it's insane! She's even helping me deal with some things...!

[He laughs and sighs contentedly.]

I'm even getting the hang of this tech junk! Look, I made this!

[He holds up his other hand, which is housed in some sort of...contraption. With three long claws at the end.]


[He turns and fires the claw offscreen with a bang, and when it retracts, it has his water bottle...which is crushed.]

HAH!! And with all this talk about going to another world through the Ingress...? Man, sign me up! I can't wait to find out what's around the bend, what's through the next door.

[He seems to settle down a bit, smiling]

...I kind of wish Acteon was here, though. He'd probably complain a ton but...

...Well, I guess I'll wrap this up. I'll make another entry when I'm settled!

Now, how do this...? Is it this...?

[He presses something...]

[Which just made his journal entry upload and visible to everyone.]

Wait. Wait, what did I just do...? Did I...? Crap. Crap! Undo! Undo!

[He starts whacking his hookshot against his TAB which...causes the hookshot to misfire with a loud bang.]

Wait, wait I didn't mean to hookkGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH[CRASH]