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There is something that I have been thinking about, something that happened when my parents were still alive. (That is how you know that it was a long time ago.)

I was only a child, and sometimes my mother would take me on the bus through the city to visit an intimate friend of my mother's. We called her Auntie Agata, and she and my mother had been dearest friends since they were children.

One time, as we were coming back, we accidentally got onto the wrong bus (I think they had changed the schedules, they were always doing that), and we ended up in an area of ill repute. We didn't have the money to take the bus again, so we had to walk home.

It was dark, except when the lights were bright and glaring, and there were people laughing in a way that I didn't like. My mother held my hand very tightly.

But at some point, my mother looked down at me, and she said, "Under communism, before you were born, this wasn't here, Wanda. They never would have dared." I couldn't tell what she thought about that at first, except that it was important to her, but after a while I noticed that as she walked beside me, her chin was higher and her gaze was sharper.

I don't know if it was really very dangerous; I was so young and I depended on my mother so much. Maybe she didn't know either. Even looking back, I can't say for sure. Things changed very quickly in my country during that time.

Perhaps that is why I have been thinking about that so often now.

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Name/Handle: Red
Preferred Contact: plurk @ redfirelight
Age: 30
Referral: Mars
Current Characters: 0

Name: Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane
Canon: Voltron
Canonpoint: Post Space Mall Episode (18)
Age: ~25 (it's never specifically said, but that's the general consensus)
Background/History: Wiki Link

Strengths v. Weaknesses:
You look at a guy like Shiro and you say, yes, this boy-slash-man is definitely the military man, the strong leader who will be serious and self-assured and keep everyone on the straight and narrow. You wouldn't be totally wrong. He is outwardly these things. But he is also, shockingly enough, something of a soft heart. While yes, he is very much the straight man in a lot of the shenanigans, he's also the one who makes bad jokes at his own expense – one involving space jail which literally no one else thought was funny – and occasionally joins in on making laser noises. He's not above affectionate physical contact with his teammates, such as hugs or manly shoulder pats. He's closest to the smallest, and angriest, member of their team, always looking out for her, and reassuring her when need be. This is a guy you'd want around if you had a bad day, and needed a big brother to cry on – or encourage you along.

A strong example of his kindness is the way he puts other people first. He is always protecting someone. In however way he can – whether it is actively herding them away from danger, or throwing himself into their place, he does his best to keep his friends and companions from harm. He is especially protective of his team, launching himself, handcuffed, into a combat situation to try and save them. It's sort of a “papa wolf” trope situation – if you hurt his people, he will do whatever he has to in order to save them.

He's not stupid, though, despite attempts at being a big dweeb who laughs at food fights and sloths. He is adaptable in combat situations, and knows how to plan effectively. Out of all of these disaster children, he is the one who was able to bond quickest and closest with his giant, vaguely magical, lion robot. Which speaks to him actually possessing the traits the Black embodies – leadership, intelligence, and steadiness. Whether this combat intelligence is from his training or just his natural skill, we don't know. But it's there, regardless.

Part of his ability to be a capable leader is his skill with putting on a brave face. It's shown he has a lot of doubts and scars (mentally and physically), but he keeps it under wraps. He knows he's the one the others look to, he knows he's in a position where he has to be composed. And so he is. That is just the say things are, and that's how he's going to act. His mission is to be the leader of the Paladins and he will carry it out. It's not a healthy attitude, but he'll do what they think is necessary, trying to live up to all these titles dropped on him.

It should also, very definitely be noted... this boy is not okay. For the most part, he has it under control. He can keep a proverbial lid on it, more times than not. But there are certain triggers – like being faced with certain members of the enemy army, or when placed in certain situations that remind him too much of events in the past – which either cause a straight-up flashback episode, or a more calmer memory recall. Both of these are the only times he can remember the missing pieces of the year he'd blocked out of his mind (or been made to forget, we're not entirely clear on that yet). And he doesn't tend to forget them immediately after, either. The flashbacks and memories are often accompanied by a lot of panic and agitation, as especially seen in the bit where he is either hallucinating being taunted by an enemy general, or actually is, and ends up panicking to the degree that he launches the aforementioned general's cryo pod into space.

These are more extreme cases, as he has shown he's capable of recalling previously forgotten events without so much as an outward twitch – such as when he's remembering guard patrol patterns. There is also a lot of lowkey dislike of his mechanical arm, which he literally woke up with one day, and had no memory of getting. All he knows is that it's made by the enemy, and isn't human. It ties him to the people who hurt him and his friends – so, naturally, this is not a Good Thing. No matter how brave a face he can put on it, the fact remains, he is deeply, badly scarred by whatever happened to him in that missing year.

It doesn't come up as often, but he has a bad habit of putting himself in danger to protect others (as mentioned above), even if he might end up worse off. Seen first in the case of Matt Holt, who he replaced in an alien gladiator arena. Granted, he did it through actually injuring his friend, but he ended up keeping the poor guy out of the ring. It's not unreasonable to assume he would go to even greater lengths to protect others, or put himself through more trauma, if someone else got out okay.

... in more hilarious weaknesses, he can't cook without setting something on fire.

Greatest Fear: There's nothing explicitly canon about this, but a lot of what he does seems to center around losing people and letting them down. He went along with the gang out of a desire to protect them, and not "lose his crew to aliens a second time". He went toe-to-toe with the big bad (apparently on the astral plane??) to be a better pilot for his giant robot -- to be better, to be a stronger leader, to not let anyone down -- and, possibly, to even prove he wasn't like the monsters they've been fighting ooo symbolic. Also, like two people have basically sacrificed themselves for him so that's kind of An Issue.

Greatest Flaw: "I'm Fine" -- no, seriously. Taking on too much, pretending everything is okay, when really, he's not fine at all. He needs a break, but he won't take one. He keeps on pushing himself past both physical and, occasionally, mental limits. In his mind, it's what needs to be done. What the team needs to be done. He's convinced himself that it's a reasonable risk to take (even when it involves him doing stupid things).

He's still human, albeit one with a fancy mechanical arm, but most of his skills are in the form of combat – hand to hand, specifically (and no pun intended), but able to adapt to using a weapon if need be. He's also an accomplished pilot, and likely could figure out how to drive and/or fly most things. His only “abilities” are more those of the arm – since it apparently functions like a keycard for Galra-based systems, can heat to seal metal doors, and... glows. The glowing seems to be a form of weaponization, so that the hand can be used like a blunt weapon. It's vague information, but that's all we've got at this point. Maybe it detaches, maybe it doesn’t? Maybe it has space Wi-Fi? Regardless of the maybes, the only concrete information we have is that it’s made of alien tech, very strong, and wasn’t part of his original body.

(1) set of black clothing, his typical canon outfit
(1) set of Black Paladin armor, made of fancy future alien metal and whatnot
… and that’s it. Aside from assorted pocket debris.

Setting Suitability: It's going to be one hell of an adjustment for the guy who's from this universe's future AND went off to be lost in space for years. He'll probably be the guy who drinks coffee like water and hoards old VHS tapes of bad comedies, but, after getting settled in, the chances are he'll adapt quickly and start pitching in wherever he's needed. He's not the kind of guy to sit by idly while others work on solutions and try to figure out what's weird here. He'll probably put himself on the frontline of any sort of investigating or exploratory shenanigans.

Or end up in a shed on the edge of town with a conspiracy theory board.

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[OOC: J's shadow is bit of a snowflake and she is not going to be violent towards anyone. She might even be few shades nicer than our regular J! However there's a chance for uncomfortable and triggery subjects to be brought up in threads with the shadow. You can find list on bottom of this post]

Looking for soul food and place to eat

[The creature looks like a real deal. She-- It moves around the city wearing a familiar looking pink dress. Her neck, ears and wrists are loaded with heavy looking jewelry that shine in the light as she strolls around the streets, hips swaying lightly with each of her step.]

♪♬I want to be loved by you.
Just you and nobody else but you.

[The thing sings cheerfully as she visits J's usual places. The flashy nightclub, the pubs and bars, park and restaurant. All of them are either closed or empty with no soul to be seen around. It seems like the news about the unpleasant copies have driven everyone out of the streets into hiding. Oh dear, what is there for a poor girl to do? But none of the disappointments and the let downs can make her satisfied and upbeat smile waver, instead she looks like a smug cat and turns around from her last spot and continues her walk. Without feeling any exhaustion or fatigue, she keeps trotting around the regions as if there was red carpet underneath her stiletto heels and catwalk camera men all around her. The song continues:]

♪♬I couldn't aspire,
to anything higher then to fill a desire
make you my own
--♪♬ Oh!

[She catches her reflection on a window surface and starts giggling. How foolish of her indeed! She leans in closer to the window and digs out a lipstick from her purse, smearing the red make up on her lips while continuing to hum the rest of the song. After being done with it she gently rubs her lips together, parting them then with an audible pop. There much better. But as she's putting the lipstick back she notices someone on the other side of the street. What are they doing? Maybe hiding from someone they don't want to meet? Well, it's fine either way.]

It's sick, isn't it? [A bright voice calls out to the other side of the street. Then, slowly, she turns her head to look over her shoulder, black empty eyes staring right at the other person. The smile widens into a vulpine grin and she quickly approaches them, reaching her hand out without caring who the other person is] Won't you be nice and give this poor freak a kiss?

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I'll detail this soon, but fire away anonymously if need be.

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