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Quick question!

What are your favorite songs to hear on the piano? I'm asking because I want to expand my repertoire~!

I know that with tons of people who live in different universes, there's going to be a LOT of songs that I have never heard or played before. I'd like to try my hand at it.

So could you care to help me, Tifa Lockhart, with expanding my song list? I'd sure appreciate it! :D <3

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[On June 24th, another official video message appears on the network, once again showing ambassador Daniel Wright. He looks significantly more solemn this time around, and perhaps a little less well-rested.]

Hello everyone. This is Daniel Wright with the CCOA again. I’m afraid I have some troubling news. [A glance offscreen.] Over the past couple of days, several Created have gone missing. There was a pattern of property damage involved with each of these cases, though thankfully no one was injured. The circumstances surrounding these disappearances… well, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of so many disappearances in such a short amount of time.

[His expression grows apprehensive. He takes a breath as if to steel himself.] Unfortunately, given the timing of all this, I’ve been asked to pass on this mandate to all offworld visitors to Eastgate: you are all required to report to CCOA headquarters for questioning and, if applicable, code checks. Once we find out who or what is responsible for these disappearances, you will all be free to go. Until then, nobody is allowed to depart through the Ingress.

[He sighs.] I’m very sorry about this, but these circumstances are highly unusual and I’m afraid it’s only logical to suspect that there was an offworld influence involved. If you cooperate with our investigation, I’m sure you’ll all be released shortly.

Thank you, and apologies for the inconvenience.

(For more information on this development, see the OOC post for details!)


Jun. 21st, 2017 10:18 pm
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[The video feed here is set up very much like he's filming an orientation video; he knows little else other than strict formality here, but...when it comes to his school, he would say he finds the professionalism appropriate.]

The purpose for this is twofold, so I suppose I'll just get started.

Over the last few weeks of getting settled into this environment, learning its...well "intricacies" is a small word for it, perhaps eccentricities is better, I believe now more than ever that we need some tangible return to normalcy. I would like to have the school-- [and with the video feed he links something that looks very much like an old-school brochure, (which will very much omit the whole "subbasement" part of the post (and is not icly-literal).).] --up and running within the month. We have the faculties and facilities for a number of traditional subjects: literature, biology, philosophy, physical education [though it might sound like he means something very different by this] and a few other outliers, but we are still very much in need of some help in the history and mathematics departments. (Though I'll take more esoteric lessons under advisement).

[He pauses then, and his demeanor shifts entirely, shifting from cold to amiably warm like he's flipped a switch.]

As for the second point, and no less salient: it is my understanding that I am not the only one of my kind here, and that we are not, perhaps, the only ones particularly gifted. For those of you who may not identify as mutants, I would love the opportunity to speak with you about the nature of your powers.

[He pauses to consider that request for a moment, and follows up with an addendum:]

If any of you are comfortable doing so.


Jun. 19th, 2017 10:19 am
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Hey, so guys? I totally do not recommend eating wild berries. Tasty though they look, gentle on your stomach they are not. Oh, man. It was like being on the test team program all over again. Ship going backward sand forwards, up and down, side to si--

[He goes a little green and cups his mouth. When he speaks again he sounds strained.] Alright, okay, cool. So enough of that. That is officially all of that that's gonna happen.

So, yeah. No berries. Bad plan. Don't do it.
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[A couple of days after the path to Earth 201c is opened, another message appears on the network. This one is heavily encrypted with no way to determine the identity of the sender—it almost looks like it was spontaneously generated by the network itself. The following text is attached.]

I know none of you have any reason to trust what I’m about to tell you. But please, you must believe that it is the truth.

One week ago, a Program killed two people in broad daylight. That Program’s name was Kess. Kess wasn’t violent—no legally manufactured Created is—and no matter what you might hear, she wasn’t glitched either. I KNOW she was edited and I swear, it wasn’t by me.

You must believe me: I have reprogrammed dozens of Created during my career, but I did NOT reprogram Kess. You’ll hear whispers that I edited her to suit my needs, that I caused the glitch that made her kill those people. But I promise you, I never once touched her code. For as long as she lived under my roof, I never even touched her charging station.

Everyone is content to believe the accusations against me, and I don’t blame them. I’d know better than anyone how to forge access, after all. The alternative, that someone edited her without ever touching her backup, is unimaginable. And unfortunately, I believe it’s exactly what happened.

There’s somebody out there who can make Programs kill without editing their backups—maybe even other Created as well. And right now, that person is walking free, while I take the fall for what they did. If nobody from my world is willing to investigate further, I don’t see any other option besides finding someone from another world who is. If you care at all about the lives of the Created and Creators who live here, you need to find the one truly responsible and stop them before something like this happens again.

I don’t have much time left. I’m attaching a video of the incident in question—maybe you can make more of it than I can. Other than that, the only other thing I can give you is a name: Calla. He ca

[The message ends there, as if the writer was cut off early. The attached link is to a short video clip. Playing the video will show what seems to be a clip meant for a news reel. A camera shows an older woman standing on a podium, addressing a crowd of people—mostly humans. There are several people standing behind the woman speaking. She has only been speaking for a few seconds when there is a sudden commotion behind her. A Program with teal blue circuits tries to push her way through towards the woman speaking. One of the humans places a hand on the Program’s shoulder and she retaliates by driving something long and sharp into the human’s stomach. He collapses, and when another human tries to come to his aid, the Program stabs him as well. As the crowd explodes into chaos, the Program locks eyes with the speaker—and then takes the knife, plunges it into her own throat, and wrenches it down, creating a deep gash that crumbles into voxels in seconds.

The audio in the second half of the recording is almost completely drowned out by the screams of the horrified audience. But those who listened carefully may have been able to pick up on a quiet, underlying noise before the Program struck the first blow: a low, angry rumble that, for those familiar with Thisavrou’s own resident Programs, may be all too familiar.

At the video’s conclusion, the link closes, revealing that the text component of the encrypted message that carried it has vanished without a trace.]

(OOC Note: Those who wish to follow the “Calla” lead can visit the OOC Post for more information.)
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scenario: bae is mad cuz u didnt fuck him good

& now there ain't nothing making it right. not all the fucking cocaine and free porn and $900 scotch and diamond encrusted watches and faberge eggs (literal) and novelty dildos and dick sucking in the world. in two worlds. i'm talking about two fucking worlds worth of that shit on offer, and he still mad.

what the fuck am i supposed to do

waht do you do

what have you done. only solutions that work thx
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[Shortly after the Ingress pathway to Earth 91c is opened, the following video message will be broadcast to the network, delivered by a smiling, slightly apologetic-looking middle-aged man in a pressed blue suit.]

Hello Ingress travelers. Welcome to Earth. My name is Daniel Wright and I’m here as an ambassador to visitors from Thisavrou. You’ve come at a rather delicate time, so I apologize if security is a little tighter than usual—I hope you’ll enjoy your stay regardless. If there is anything you’d like to know about our world, its customs, and its laws, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do what I can to answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

I am attaching a text document that I highly encourage you all to read. It lays out the laws for visitors to our planet of both the organic and AI persuasion. Violating these laws will have consequences, and I’m afraid ignorance is no defense. Act in accordance with them and I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant and productive stay.

[He smiles and the message ends. The attached text document reads as follows:]


1. YOU MAY NOT PURCHASE, OBTAIN, OR OTHERWISE REMOVE AN AI/PROGRAM CREATED ON THIS PLANET. It is a monumental enough task to keep track of all the Created currently on this planet without worrying about what someone in a neighboring universe is doing to them. As there is no way for us to ensure that removed Created are being treated humanely and are not being altered towards destructive means, removing them from our planet is strictly prohibited.

2. YOU MAY NOT VIEW OR ALTER THE CODE OF ANY PROGRAM OR AI WHILE ON THIS PLANET. The only way for us to view or alter a program’s code is through their external backup drive and AI base code is highly protected as well, but given you may have access to technology we may not yet possess, it is possible you aren’t bound by the same restrictions most of our citizens are. However, even if you have this ability, we ask that you please refrain from using it. We do not want to jeopardize the integrity of our Created’s code, and furthermore, making this technology known to groups who would abuse it would only lead to suffering among Created and Creators alike.

3. ANY CREATED IN YOUR POSSESSION MUST REMAIN IN YOUR POSSESSION FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR STAY. We understand that on other worlds, Created may not be bound by the same laws as they are here. However, while you are on our planet, we ask that you honor our laws and ensure that your Created remain under your sight and care for the duration of your stay. Visiting Created may NOT wander unattended and must have a Creator overseeing them at all times. We understand that this rule is stricter than those we place on our own Programs, but please believe us when we would not enforce such a rule if it did not benefit the safety of everyone present.


1. REMAIN WITH A NON-NATIVE CREATOR AT ALL TIMES. For your own safety and the safety of others, we ask that you do not leave the supervision of a Creator companion, owner, or guardian for the duration of your stay. Unaccompanied travel or loitering is NOT permitted and Created found violating this rule will be removed through the Ingress or detained until a Creator is able to claim them. Repeated offenses will result in fines or permanent exile.

2. DO NOT ENGAGE IN ENERGY TRANSFER, INTERFACE, OR ANY MANNER OF ENERGY/CODE EXCHANGE WITH NATIVE CREATED. Though we appreciate that many Created treat such exchanges as private matters, we do not wish to facilitate the accidental transfer of viruses or potentially the accidental alteration of code between parties and thus ask that all visiting Created refrain from initiating or reciprocating such exchanges.

3. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISGUISE YOURSELF AS AN ORGANIC BEING. For your own safety and the safety of others, we ask that all Created make themselves known as such upon entering our world. For many of you, your appearance will ensure this is not a problem. For AI that are able to pass as organic, you will be issued an identifying bracelet upon entry that will be removed once you depart. Rest assured that the bracelet is merely a means of identification as an Created and has no additional effects or functions.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 09:05 am
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[ It's not immediately after arriving that Anderson finally accesses the network. Out of sorts and deeply discomfited, she falls back on professionalism, as she's been trained to do, and scopes out the area first. This reconnaissance includes a brief mental skim of assorted passersby, mostly to gauge honesty and make sure this isn't an elaborate psychic-induced hallucinatory trap.

She's strong, but she's not invulnerable. She knows that's a possibility.

Except... it seems like it isn't, and she really is here, wherever 'here' is in the universe. After the two days she's spent poking around and reassuring herself of the reality of everything, though, that's not even the most incredulous part to her. ]

Looking for some information. [ Her voice is smooth, pleasant, a young woman's voice largely stripped of tone and easy to listen to. ] Someone told me there's no police here.

No judges.

How does that... work? Has anyone had experience with the intermediary system?

[ How can a place like this exist? It seems impossible to her. And just who is she, here? Who is she if not a Judge? ]


Jun. 1st, 2017 08:08 pm
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[Lisbeth can get by just fine with some mediocre job if she has to, that's not the issue. She's not going to advertise herself for a job. What she is going to do is try and get some resources on the technology here and maybe, just maybe, find a few like-minded people that share her interests. Maybe they could even be useful in the future.]

Anyone good with the tech here?

I've figured out a few things. I need to learn more.

[She hates putting herself out there like this but after days of going back and forth and considering the consequences, she has decided it's really the only way. She just doesn't have the network or resources she had back home.]

Any kind of computer or machinery or anything.


Jun. 1st, 2017 01:24 pm
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Is there a way to look for someone specific here or do I have to wait until I stumble on them? I'd really like to find someone in particular and I'm not good with this technology yet even with the help I've gotten.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: if someone could help me find out if Miss Tina Goldstein is here, I would appreciate it very much.
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[As the feed clicks on, quite intentionally, the viewer is greeted by a fuzzy, out of focus, green pupil. It seems to be focusing intently on something just beyond the frame.]

Alright...let's see here...this should...

Yeah...this should do it...

[A huff of satisfaction, and Darin takes several paces back. He's in his bedroom at Lion House, looking considerably more healthy after his stint with the virus outbreak from the asteroid. His room itself is a complete mess; there's scrap metal and various parts and components littered throughout the room itself. There's a desk off to the side with no clear space on it at all. Instead, the entire surface is covered by open books stacked five or six high, with notes and sketches and blueprints littered about and hung up all around the room. Atop that is a tablet with a holographic blueprint hovering idly above it. On the other side? A hammock. Why a hammock? Because it's easier and more space friendly than a bed is. But that's not the point. The point, is that Darin is currently wearing his heavy blacksmith apron and heavy duty industrial goggles. His hands and forearms are covered with armored mitts, that he excitedly claps together as he looks at the camera.]

Alright, so it's been over half a year since I've been whisked away from my technologically stunted world. I think my first day aboard the Moira, I started a fire in Ingress engineering because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Well, I've been putting my nose to the grindstone, and I've been eagerly studying up on whatever tech I can get my hands on. And finally, I think I understand it well enough to start building with it.

[He grins and reaches behind him to grab what looks like a really long industrial grade flashlight.]

It took some work, but I think I've got all of the bugs ironed out. I think I can finally do a trial run on my newest work: The beam saber.

[Excitedly, he holds what can now be discerned as a hilt sans blade out and hovers his thumb over a pressure sensitive switch. With a grin, he presses the switch and, with what could only be described as a quite audible FWOOM the video on the camera is flooded with bright white light. What follows is a loud hum, then something that sounds like a knife scraping burnt toast. Also a string of curses and expletives that should in no way be repeated. There's another click, and the white light that's washing out the video fades...to show Darin sporting a rather intense tan. Also, his eyebrows are just gone and his bangs are on fire. And there's sunlight streaming in from a basketball sized hole in the ceiling...and roof.]

[Darin pulls his goggles off, which leaves a rather hilarious reverse tan around his eyes and stares up at his new skylight.]


...I have absolutely no idea how I'm gonna explain this one to Shiro.

Kauto Region 5

[It's a rather peaceful, almost uneventful day in Region 5. That is until a beam of light fires skyward for a solid thirty seconds, followed by a rush of heat in all directions. It's not enough to do any damage, it just feels like a warm breeze, but that light definitely came from a residence. And if you're close enough to Lion House, you can probably hear all of the cursing.]


May. 31st, 2017 08:19 pm
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[Chloe is sitting in what looks like a library. She's surrounded by heavy books, some of them looking pretty old and dusty and dog-eared in places, and there's a couple of paper take away coffee cups stacked off to one side.]

Right, so I've been thinking. We can choose to live in a pretty diverse areas, where there's all this history or agriculture or cool tree houses or whatever and that's great, but there's still a hell of a lot that doesn't quite match up to what we've left behind, or at least that's what I think. I know there are some pretty big empty spaces for some of us.

Now me? I miss Tim Tams and Patron. There isn't a single acceptable substitute for Tim Tams in space and that's pathetic. It's amazing; I can drive a hover car, planet hop, read all about the great space battle between two alien races who couldn't agree on what the hell Covfefe is, and yet there's nothing close to a Tim Tam in any of the space shops. That seems like a pretty backwards state of affairs.

[She thumbs through one of the books and hums thoughtfully.]

So. If you were going to get space kidnapped again and you could pick and choose three things from home you could take with you, what would they be and why? People don't count.

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On behalf of my employer, I'm looking to hire a few people who are capable and discreet. If you have skills in any of the following areas, and you would be interested in occasional work, please let me know, and we'll arrange a task for you. If you complete it satisfactorily, it could lead to further jobs.

- Information gathering
- Infiltration
- Surveillance (short term or long term)
- Item retrieval
- Hacking
- General security
- Forensic investigation and testing
- Anything else that seems to you like it might be useful in an investigation

Mr Lane's primary requirements are that no one is seriously hurt or killed and that you keep the work you do for him to yourself. It's all right if you have a teammate in mind, as long as the task is suited to that kind of work and you can fulfil the request without drawing attention to yourselves. Payment depends on the task, but should average around 200 sencs for an evening or two of work.

It's also all right if you're working for someone else; Mr Lane is willing to hire you through your employer if your employer is unwilling to allow you to take the task as a freelance assignment. However, you may not share the details of any assignments Mr. Lane gives you with anyone else, including that employer.

Let me know if you're interested and find these terms acceptable.

[OOC post for more information!

Also, all threads are super super locked between characters.]
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[We interrupt your regularly scheduled Important Current Event Updates with someone's elbow knocking into their TAB. Or maybe alien metal plus alien tech equals some kind of spark and power surge or something. Either way, this is a close-up of Shiro's elbow for several seconds of blurred movement and muffled yelling.]

[Because something's on fire.]

[And he's hitting it with one hand. Which is probably alarming if you're new to the neighborhood and aren't aware one of his hands is made of metal.]

-- why? I just hit a button! Stop! Burning!

[Oh yeah, he's in the kitchen. Butchering microwave food.]

[Because before the TAB clicks off with another knock of his elbow, there's a brief shot of the poor, butchered food. It's space easy mac. He burned space Easy Mac.]
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[ Where oh where has the doctor been?

Well, a biological hazard with contagion ramifications. You do the math.

Now, however, having gotten a chance to sit down and look back over his notes, Adrien is taking the opportunity to put together something resembling a report to share with the class. Eventually it reads something like this. ]

In regards to the recent out-break of the biohazard and potential contagion situation on this planet.

Diagnosis of patients revealed no obvious affects or presence of the contagion still within our systems. This was a blanket finding across all species.

Material taken from the digestive tract, or equivalent, was likewise studies with no evidence of material outside normal parameters.

However, bloodwork lead to neurological follow-up, in the following circumstances. Where very slight alterations to the hormone levels (regardless of species) was identified further review identified these alterations as affecting the endocrine and adrenal systems (again we’re not all the same species, so the equivalent in those of you who don’t lay claim to either of these exact systems). The tests show minor, but consistent disturbances, that upon review against baseline levels, suggest a similarity to variations of withdrawal.

This effect is presenting as similar to other neurochemical imbalances, particularly anxiety and depression. If you happened to flag on these variances in testing and were taken for further questioning, I’d be interested in hearing how that went in hopes to continue to collect data on this outbreak.

Because experience, and my own prominent level of paranoia, suggests this information may be important in the future. Also, there’s a betting pool over whether the initial outbreak was an accident due to piss poor protocols, or a deliberate release of something weaponized.

For the record, I put down sencs on deliberate release, because this is precisely the sort of thing certain individuals would love to weaponize.

Finally, to those individuals who went crashing through the Ingress back to the slaver planet on some misguided mission of retributions? That was a fucking stupid move. Care to share with the class what long term solution you accomplished?


May. 24th, 2017 02:14 pm
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[Nate's face looks unusually serious when it appears via TAB today. Not sad or upset or grim, just like he's feeling unusually contemplative. Shut up, he's allowed to have a moment once in a while.]

You know, when I first came through the Ingress, I actually thought I was dead? I'd been flying in my best friend's plane and suddenly I was in bizarro land, so I figured we went down and I'd just blocked out the fiery death. And then they gave me a job and I knew I was in Hell.

[He's mostly kidding, but only because the teaching gig had turned out to be surprisingly fun.]

Space isn't the worst place I've had a rude awakening in, and I figured okay, we're on a ship, we're going somewhere with a way to get home, it's just a matter of time. And then the ship crashed but we found that place anyway but actually getting home depends on a bunch of science bullshit I don't understand.

And then I took a closer look at the local calendar and, near as I can figure out, it's been almost a year. [He holds up a hand.] Yes, okay, we also spent a year back on party planet, but I try not to think about that so it doesn't count. Makes me wonder how long it'll be—how much time will people spend passing time before deciding to actually live their lives?

Honestly...I'm not sure it makes a big difference with me. There's stuff I want to get back to, sure, but passing the time with some of you guys hasn't been too awful. [He grins.] Hey, to mark the anniversary, I'll do free sketch portraits for anyone who comes by to find me on the front steps of the big museum in Region 1.

action option )
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[ You know what, he's not even going to pretend to know what the fuck has been going on the past few weeks since he got here. Yeah, he knows about the decontamination and the parasite blob thing and the new security thanks to some asshole kid. He knows all that.

Any of this other stuff? It's a blur. He just needs a way to preoccupy his mind. Some damn stability. ]

For anyone that isn't a native of this place: how long did it take you to find a job? Do you know of any places that are hiring? I'd appreciate any help or possible offers.

[ Because he's been trying on his own and by God if he's stuck here, they better give him something to do. ]


May. 23rd, 2017 10:46 am
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[With all of the quantum shenanigans Elizabeth has ever been involved with, this has to be the one that feels the strangest.]

[The doctor and nurses had been uncomfortably nice, even though Elizabeth had reassured them that they didn't have to treat her delicately. If this was a tragedy, she had no point of reference to mourn it. Seeing them give each other significant, sad glances was only irritating. What was possibly even more annoying though was that Elizabeth waited for the memory of her previous self to come back to her... but it wasn't. If she'd been here before, if she'd broken the rules again, memories of what she'd been like, what she'd said, how she'd died-- they would have been there. Sooner rather than later. But days went by and nothing came. She wandered around the hospital, the staff asked if she wanted to contact someone ("Who do you suggest?" she'd ask, and they would usually shrink back. No one knew who to call), and the day the 'Ingress technician' stopped by asking to talk to her she smelled a scientist and refused to let him in the room. The next day they suggested she go back to her apartment.]

[They drove her to a nice place, that they informed her she'd purchased, and once she'd been inside for a few minutes and her vitals remained stable, they took their leave to let her "get reacquainted".]

[And there she was with the strangest feeling in the world: not knowing what happened to her here.]

[There's an entire room of books-- which makes sense immediately, but the collection is the most eclectic thing she's ever seen. There are clothes in a hamper, rotting food in an ice box, dying plants on a porch, a wadded up blanket and many, many empty mugs. She was lonely, even before her apartment went abandoned for days. Did anybody know her?]

[The basic functions of the device on her wrist were explained to her on the ride to her apartment, but she's still unsure and careful as she makes selections and sets up a broadcast.]

This is Elizabeth DeWitt, formerly of the Moira's crew... [There's a long pause, and she finally realizes there's no way to avoid being straightforward.] ...I'm looking for anyone who knows me. There was an accident-- [Or incident, probably.] --and I've been told I left my timeline months ago and have been living elsewhere. Anyone who can shed some light on where I've been and what I've been doing... I'd like to speak with you.