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Video | 7/15, Shadow Event | MTT-Brand Exposé

[Oh, look at this, won't you? Another message from a black eyed monstrosity with a pleased smirk on his face. Pointed teeth flash in the light cast by Mettaton's TAB, but it's definitely not Mettaton who's holding it. At least...not the one which would seem familiar anymore.]

Hello, beauties!! How are you this evening~? I do so hope I find you well!! Oh, me? I'm positively fantastic--and why wouldn't I be, given the circumstances?

[He shifts, as if put off balance, and there's a shuffling sound out of sight...maybe from below the TAB's view? It's hard to tell unless you're really listening...]

So! I thought I'd talk to all of you about something veeery important! That is, I'm here to address the flagrant misrepresentation of myself which has been electing to hide himself--his true self!! Ahaha, just look at him trying now!! Sweetheart, there's absolutely no need to struggle!!

[At that point, the TAB finally angles downward and there's the real Mettaton, shooting a glare to kill at his shadow, but not exactly struggling. Perhaps the shadow was embellishing a little. He frowns, an expression caught in the peripheral of the recording device as he shifts it. His free arm reaches out, snaking around the real Mettaton and pulling him close for what had to be the most uncomfortable selfie in the world.

Mettaton's expression is dour and uncomfortable.]

So, everyone! Have a look at this pretender, won't you? This sham who sullies the name of Mettaton with such pitiful displays of weakness!! Why, I bet he couldn't hold a crowd if he wanted!! He's honestly so sad to behold, isn't he?! After all, he's not an actor, he's not a kind soul, and he cares very little for his friends and family--enough to utterly forget who made this body and force his poor cousin to tears, and even to fail his new bosom bestie!!! Wow!!!! How many times can you fail those you supposedly love?!

[The shadow nudges Mettaton as best he can when he's holding the bot captive, but Mettaton offers no defense for himself.

Seemingly disgusted, the shadow's arm releases Mettaton so quickly that he puts the robot off kilter, only to shove him to the ground. Mettaton doesn't fight. He just scowls as his shadow brazenly presses a boot against his chestplate, stepping on his scarf.

Mettaton doesn't fight, doesn't speak.]

Well, there you have it. Why don't we take an audience count on it, hmm? Should I let this embarrassing facsimile of a real star continue to ruin my good name?

Text or phone in at your leisure, beauties!! Toodles!!!
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[Asriel's return to the living world hasn't gotten much better since before he died. He was thrown out almost immediately after a version of Mettaton - a shadow, was what they were called? - decided to take over.

So Asriel's outside, caught between Mettaton's house with a shadow inside of it, and the possible shadows that live in his own home.

Right now, he sees the video. Bristles angrily as he listens to the shadow Mettaton ripping the real one apart. But mostly? He's afraid for him. So when he speaks, he completely ignores the shadow and tries reaching out to the real Mettaton.]

Mettaton, are you OK? I'm going to find a way to get to you, OK?
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Don't talk to him like that, leave him alone!!

[He's got to find a way to get in there.]
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[That doesn't hurt his feelings. But with what Mettaton says next, it feels like he's been slapped. Shadow or not, it's still Mettaton's voice and face saying those things.

"You have Frisk now. You have Mettaton, to tell you what a good little boy you are. To pat your ass, and make it all better."

"Then why didn't you FIGHT back?"

That's right, everything that Mettaton and Chara have said...]

... You're right.

In some way or another, I've hurt the people I call family - hurt them in ways that I can never fix, even ruined their lives. I let my sibling die twice, and said horrible, unforgivable things about them over their own grave. I killed Frisk so many different times, and still hoped that they would forgive me and the end of everything - and they did, despite me deserving none of it. And Mettaton... was suffering while I was too busy wrapped up in my own problems.

I am responsible for all the awful things that's happened to my family, but Mettaton's not a lost cause. He just needed someone to be there for him when no one was.
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nobody hates asriel dreemurr more than asriel dreemurr

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[It's all true, everything he says about him. He can't care about anyone without hurting them, torturing them in some way-

And then the real Mettaton says that he loves him, and it nearly breaks his heart even more.]

If you want to hate me, that's fine.

Please don't hurt my best friend.
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Hey! C'mon! He's not that bad! I like him!

[Said like that counts for a lot, but in Sideswipe's head, it does.]
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Whoa, dude. "Doesn't care about me" is like... the story of my life these days.

[He props his chin up in his hands.]

You gonna let me talk to the guy yet or what? I mean, we've seen each other like twice, so. I'm super not surprised I'm not real high up on the list of priorities.

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Because, like I said. He was cool those times. I've met way worse in two talks, dude. Sometimes just one.

[He shrugs. Drooping a bit.]

Uh, probably cause he didn't ever like... tie people up and broadcast it?
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... Yeah, okay, but seriously? Let's be real here, pal.

Only one of you's holding the other guy hostage. And it's not Boots down there.
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Hey! Knock it off! Don't make me come over there!

[He... has no earthly idea where "there" is. But it works when other people say it!!]

Dude! Or maybe cause he's not a walking tailpipe?

'Cause uh, newsflash, Megaton? [Sideswipe that's not his name.] That's you.
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Psh, no I know his name. You get to be Megaton, because that's about how much scrap you're dumping out.

[He holds up a hand, in an imitation of a talking mouth. Opening and closing the fingers.]

Okay, cool. Where's the party?
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Wow. Somehow you're even more boring listen to than the other one.
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Hah! [J laughs and rolls her eyes.] What star? Like I said, you're a bore. At least the other one knew how to be entertaining.