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video | shadow event | dorian just got creepy

[It might have gone beneath the notice of some that Dorian has been silent for a few days, not present in his home, presumably spending a superabundant amount of time in his apothecary. It’s inconsequential given how lost he can get in his own research, how crabby he can get when disturbed, and how much he enjoys his own work.

It might occur to some that he hasn’t even left for a bath or a change of clothing, but even that isn’t terribly odd considering Dorian probably kept spare clothing and a basin where he worked anyway as a means to stay fresh. Nothing to write home about, not just yet.


What was becoming apparent, increasingly so by the hour, was the most peculiar atmosphere hanging over the apothecary, a darkness mottled with shoots of electric purple. Curious passersby, usually enthralled by the wonders inside, didn’t come out again and even curiouser passersby were even more intrigued. Why were people going in, but not coming back out again? Was it something so wonderful that they couldn’t help their extended visitation? Was it something else?

It wasn’t until a few dozen had gone in and not returned that people began avoiding the place, giving it a wide berth altogether, walking by a little faster.

And the hours continued to tick by and the once charming Lunam et Sidus starts attracting more energetic attention, suspicion, something is definitely going on inside, something now recognized as magically malevolent. Something that can no longer be hidden in mystifying obscurity, and that’s why Dorian no longer bothers with the charade, people are catching on now, his own nest of turpitude is fully under suspect.

But it's fortified with magic and something else.

So when we finally get a glimpse of Dorian, of what’s going on inside, the man wearing the face of everyone’s favorite mage is every bit as striking and handsome as the real thing with a few striking differences. Those inky black eyes common of the shadow beings, his newly and uncharacteristically adopted ruggedness, strange scaly markings on his skin, replicated in his, long, hair design resembling that of a serpent.

Behind him are shadows of people, possibly people, they looked like the they had been blended with something else, shambling about quietly, some appeared floatier. It was hard to tell as the darkness seeping outside originated from the shop and it was heavier inside. Dorian was the most visible figure on the video…and perhaps the glittery stains of crimson that looked very much like stains of blood that gave his walls a Jackson Pollock appeal.]

It didn’t quite work out the way I wanted to, they’re not exact replicas, but almost…they [He waved a bored hand dismissively behind him and the shuffling creatures at his back.] helped…they helped to give them form, but this isn’t exactly Thedas. Magic has always been a bit tricky, but the blood helps, he knows it, but he’s too afraid.

[The mockup of Dorian wrinkles his nose in disgust.]

Afraid of what real power can do. [Is this real power, or is it just really disturbing.] His potential will always be squandered so why not make use of it. Why not?

[After a moment Dorian leans back in the armchair he’s been inhabiting, propping his cheek in his hand as though this couldn’t be more interesting for him.]

He’s alright, the other one, he’s…at peace, I need him to be whole, and unblemished doesn’t hurt. Damaging something so handsome would be a shame, though I find I’m much improved, wouldn’t you say? [They do have their vanity in common, some things seemed to have translated, but he’s not clear on his meaning.] He’s much too tame in his appearance, careful, he could be so much more. That’s what I aim to achieve, complete perfection, it's what we should be.

[He does like to hear himself go on, doesn’t he? As is typical of Dorian, but what is the end plan, the take away.]

I’m expecting a hero or two might present themselves...I’m feeling a bit squirrely, I could do with stretching my legs a bit, but I will also understand if no one up to the task. We are quite gifted, it can be intimidating.

[An invitation? Or something else?]

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