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Video - July 12th Evening - Shadow Event Booty Call

[ This expression? This expression is the closest to a pout you’ll ever see a Turian getting to. ]

Saren, that was awful rude of you. Here I was thinking we’d finally do something a little fun after all these years of knowing each other. Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited?

[ If Nihlus had lips to quiver, he’d be quivering them right about now with the most pitiable little look of disappointment he could muster, chin resting atop his upturned palms. ]

Anyways, since my partner decided to so callously ditch me, I thought I’d… appeal to the other cold, lonely souls out there on Savrou looking for some, mm, warm company for tonight.

[ A flash of teeth, a sliver of blue tongue and a sly little wink. ]

Honestly, my biggest regret is not getting to know you people a little more after waking up in this little hellhole of a universe. Spirits, there are so many deliciously attractive people here and I just want to eat.

All of you.


[ Any other Turian would be able to read the grinding, dark and heavy lust written into the words, dripping so thick it might as well be tar. Underneath it was a deadly, unnerving note of pure hunger. ]

And Jane? Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, you hot little thing, you.

I will find you.

[ He smiles a toothy little smile. Green eyes flicker black, a split second so quick you'd have missed it if you blinked- and the screen cuts out. ]

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