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Video - July 12th Evening - Shadow Event Booty Call

[ This expression? This expression is the closest to a pout you’ll ever see a Turian getting to. ]

Saren, that was awful rude of you. Here I was thinking we’d finally do something a little fun after all these years of knowing each other. Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited?

[ If Nihlus had lips to quiver, he’d be quivering them right about now with the most pitiable little look of disappointment he could muster, chin resting atop his upturned palms. ]

Anyways, since my partner decided to so callously ditch me, I thought I’d… appeal to the other cold, lonely souls out there on Savrou looking for some, mm, warm company for tonight.

[ A flash of teeth, a sliver of blue tongue and a sly little wink. ]

Honestly, my biggest regret is not getting to know you people a little more after waking up in this little hellhole of a universe. Spirits, there are so many deliciously attractive people here and I just want to eat.

All of you.


[ Any other Turian would be able to read the grinding, dark and heavy lust written into the words, dripping so thick it might as well be tar. Underneath it was a deadly, unnerving note of pure hunger. ]

And Jane? Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, you hot little thing, you.

I will find you.

[ He smiles a toothy little smile. Green eyes flicker black, a split second so quick you'd have missed it if you blinked- and the screen cuts out. ]
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[J is so going to shame him for this.]

Aren't you a kinky one.
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Really? Interesting. All our previous conversations has led me to believe the opposite.
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Or then you have the wrong kind of stick shoved up in your rear that you can't tell the difference.
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[And J listens to his rant patiently, eye brows only slightly arching up from surprise. Now where did this outburst came from.]

Watching me you say? Sounds like we have a stalker among us. Gross.

But unfortunately you're either blind or stupid. I have no idea about any of this "dark" you think you're seeing.

[it's denial of sorts. He's both very right with his accusations yet very off.]
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[This time the silent pause lasts little longer than before. The beautiful green eyes nor painted red lips betray the calmness in her expression as she looks at the video feed, mildly amused.

The truth is, however, that she's everything but calm. There's a heavy bile stuck in her throat and she can hear the blood rushing in her ears. Nihlus managed to hit somewhere very close. Too close for her liking.]

And? [She eventually says, swirling the lock of her hair around her finger.] Isn't that what you're trying to do here?
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And there you go again! [She shouts somewhere between his rambling, shaking her head with amused smirk on her lips. It's an angle -- a leverage, something to keep the curtain from falling down. The show must keep going, even if Nihlus had found a way out to spoil the ending.

She's not letting him, or anyone know how right he is.]

Always, always assuming that I'm offering myself to you! Say, what makes you think I'd want someone weird and abnormal as you as my partner? You're the only one looking for fulfillment through others.

And to think you're trying to mock me for your own desires and acts.
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NOPE nope NOPE nope NOPE

N O P E]
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[this day is a nightmare, this month is a nightmare

they don't think it be like that

but it do]
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[Anyways, the FIND YOUR FRIENDS application's GPS finder feature is now very off for Nihlus' TAB. Good luck trying to find her and kill her and eat and/or bone her now, you slutty nightmare hellshade!!]
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... what?

Is ... this a joke?
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[Excuse you, sir, he'd thought better of you.]

That's -- Now?
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Like when we're not coming off the tail end of an Ingress shutdown. Or when there's not attacks in the streets.

[This really doesn't sound like the guy he'd spoken with a few times.]

I would've thought you'd know better.

[Shiro you can't use the Disappointed Dad Voice on people a) older than you and b) not under your command what the heck.]
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[His expression is quick to turn harder. Flatter. Something's wrong. Something's off. And while the urge to lecture just how much he knows what some of that feels like, he bites down on it.]

[Getting into that kind of thing here won't gain any answers.]

No. I can imagine. More than I want to.

[Well, truth be told the answer to that question is "I don't know anything, but you're not the guy I ran into milking a plant". But that would probably go over about as well as a brick. And--]
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[Instead, there's the whole... last bit there. After the squealing static.]

... Are you kidding me? Did you just -- are you even listening to yourself?
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I think I'd rather see you when you've come back to your senses.

[Or not at all if this is the new alien secret agent.]

What's wrong with your eyes?
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Okay, I fully get the rights to judge the hell out of you for this bullshit.

[brb saving this to shame him later.]
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[Her whole face twitches at the "hon". Not even Suvi got to use names like that. And that girl could get away with anything. Including licking rocks.]

When they keep adding fuel to the fire.

Someone dump something in your drink?
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Good for you.

[All of it. Why the hell should she care? He's made it perfectly clear she's inferior, by virtue of her making one judgment. Just like every other turian asshole out there.]

Sorry. You don't get the backstory for graduating to a new level of asshole.

Try getting held back a grade.

[You fucker.]
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[It's not known only to other Turians, that sticky basso profundo undercurrent that prickles teeth in their sockets. Somebody's in a mood.

Trust? Not for one hot picosecond.



You never text, you never call, and you're lonely?

I'm wounded, is what I am.
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[This is not quite--something prickles caution: and is summarily ignored.]

I thought you liked playing with your food?

[That is a ping. It's not his location, but it will be in short order.]
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I don't know what you are, but I promise, as soon as I discover how to kill you, it will be swift.
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[Feelings... so split...]
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[ Saren snorts without humor. ]

You might wear his face, but you are far too obviously just some sort of imitation.

[ If this were a video feed, the shadow would see him rolling his eyes. ]

No points for subtlety. An Ardat-Yakshi would be more discreet than whatever you are.

I wonder if you would survive having your head blown off? Not many things could.