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audio; forward-dated to immediately after Kurt and Matthew's post

All right, I'm making this fast and dirty. Whoever is around my shadow, you should be able to kill it in just a second.

[ There's a long silence here, as if Tex is having second thoughts about doing this. ]

Look, this is just for the benefit of anyone in my shadow's vicinity, because it's fucking powerful and violent and I don't want it killing anyone.

[ Another pause, a shorter one, and her voice returns, quieter and full of grief. ]

I killed Connie. I didn't know until later what she was doing and I killed her. She left a file full of evidence behind and I found out later that was probably the worst thing I could have done.

I've...never...forgiven myself for that.

[ There's a lot more Tex could confess, but it just takes one, as far as she knows. Hopefully it's good enough. ]
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audio; private

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[ York's chosen to handle his sacrifice more privately, and listens to Tex's confession with a heavy heart. Connie. ]

We tried. To make good with her intel.
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Re: audio; private

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I would have helped you. It just would've hurt more.

[ He sighs, the sound muffled by his helmet. ]

Maybe I should have explained to Carolina instead of just asking her to trust me, and then we might have succeeded. We can drive ourselves crazy with maybes... it went down how it did.
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Glad to know she trusted someone.

Hello Tex.
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You killed her. Of course she made a mistake. She must have thought all of us were so fucking stupid.
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Re: Audio

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Why the hell did she even trust you?

[Why Tex when he had been right there? Except he knows why and he hates himself for it. And he knows why Connie had trusted Texas too. He doesn't have to like it though.]
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Re: Audio

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[He swallows. He knows too much. He doesn't like that Tex knows what's in his head.]

She could have come to me.
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You're right, it doesn't matter. Everyone else is dead. What's one more?
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[text//locked//pretend this came in like two seconds after her initial post]

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That isn't what I was asking.
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gentle apologies for this tag

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[It's amazing that she wants to tell the entire network this this way -- but not him. If she "didn't want to tell him this way" she should probably have told him first, he thinks.]