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❧ 005 [video] (forward dated to july 18th)

[ Tired of shadow people going stabbitty on your loved ones and ruining your family dinners? Then listen up, because here's a psa from your friendly neighborhood blue-toned mutant and a cute boy who's never had parents (don't tell him that): Kurt Wagner and Matthew Lynch!

They appear close together in front of the camera, leaning forward earnestly, and both of them start talking at once. ]

Hey, guys--

[ They didn't practice this in advance, it was more important to get the message out as soon as possible. Matthew looks at Kurt, nods, then back to the camera. ]

We know how to stop them. All those clone-- people. You can get rid of them if you make, like, a sacrifice.

Exactly, ja. There seems to be multiple ways of doing this, whether you decide to forgive someone who has wronged you in the past, disclose something personal, admit to feelings for someone, allow yourself acceptance and closure of people you've loved and-or lost, or facing the one thing that you fear most. Then, and only then will you be able to defeat the shadow being. [Pause.] Or reason with them, at the very least.

Right, yeah. All of that. Or, they said you can give up a memory about one of those things and that'll do the trick, too.

[ Who said what exactly? Matthew doesn't think to explain where this information came from. ]

So, that's all you have to do, and then everything can go back to normal. [ He looks to Kurt again for confirmation. ] I think.

[There's a brisk nod from the teleporter, a brief glance from his peripheral at Matthew then back toward the screen, apprehension clear on his face.] I'm sure I speak for the both of us when I say this, but ... be careful.

[Kurt exchanges a final look with the dream boy before ending the feed.]

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[ York appears in armor, which is good because otherwise they'd see how exhausted he is. How stressed and worn thin. He sounds tired, but only Kurt would recognize that. ]

How do you know? And does it only work on your own clone?
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Re: video;

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Okay. Thanks for the information.

[ He knows what he has to do now. It won't be fun, but. He has to protect his people. ]
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Re: video;

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You too. Be safe.

[ And then he's shutting the feed off and getting moving -- they can talk again later. ]
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Kurt, you're okay? Your friend? [That is the first thing he has to ask. But then and only then can Carl's mind switch to other more serious things.]

How do you know that will work? You don't lose a memory of you share it, do you? [His questions are sort of directed toward them both.]
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[ Matthew bobs his head at Kurt, and then looks back to the screen. ]

Yeah, I talked to mine, too. He said this was the way to save everybody.

[ His nose wrinkles in thought. Truth be told, Matthew is not that smart and this sacrifice business is a little hard for him to grasp too. ]

I think if you tell somebody about a memory it's different. From letting yourself forget one.
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And they just went away after? [No. He is not doubting the two of them, least of all Kurt. Just gathering all the facts is in his nature.]

What sort of mutual agreement? Memories.
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[It's hard not to miss that side glance even with one eye. Instinctively, Carl tries to follow what Kurt is looking at but obviously it's off camera.

It's not hard to draw a line to what it might be though.]
The other you is with you? [His eye widens just slightly, partly fascinated.]

I didn't know that was an option.
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Oh-- yeah, they're both here, [ Matthew pipes up, and his video feed swings over to the two shadows sitting on a counter, feet swinging gently. Shadow Matthew is showing shadow Kurt something on a phone--an honest to goodness iPhone, not alien tech--but he looks up, black eyes widening in surprise, hesitates just a moment, and then gives a wave. ]

Mine was cool from the beginning, [ comes real Matthew's voice from offscreen, and then the camera spins back to his face. ] Just lucky, I guess?
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[Carl doesn't say anything to that or when he is shown the shadows sitting there looking like teenagers who just got their first phone. To be honest, he doesn't even know what to say. It's almost surreal seeing them chill in comparison to the one's he saw in the streets. So he stares for a moment, holding his hand up in a half hearted wave back.]

Huh. That is cool, I guess. The others I have seen have only caused troubled.
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Are you alright?

[The question is mostly directed at Kurt. So far, Kaz hasn't so much had a shadow problem. Good for him.]

[Then a more earnest.]

Can you tell us anything else about what's happening? [He's escaped having a shadow person so far.] What are they?
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Some sort of mirror self? Guilty conscious? Another universe gone extremely wrong?

I suppose the good point is we have a chance of getting at them.

Glad to know you're okay, though. [He likes Kurt and worries about him.]
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Mine said they're here because of a-- demon.

[ Matthew drops his gaze from the screen, uncomfortable. Demons... ]

But once you do the sacrifice thing, they get weak and you can get rid of them.
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I'm under strict orders not to fight, so I'm going to wait until someone comes at me first. Besides, with all the people with similar faces around here? Or strangely colored eyes? Throwing a punch because of a resemblance could be a bad call.

What do you mean by them not being 'evil', though? Usually, what I think of runs more towards "hostile" than evil. The latter's too abstract of a term to apply to most things.
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[There's something to be said for how much that Moira and Thisavrou and the Ingress have skewed his perceptions for him to go-] I'll take it.

[Because, hey? It's probably the acceptable explanation.]

I haven't run into any duplicate of mine but if someone wants me to hear them out, I'll be around.

[He's suddenly glad that he's mad so much peace with things in the past two years, because honestly... these shadow people are basically what he was at his worst, anyway, save for the powers.]
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They might show up late. That's what mine did.

[ Matthew is the furthest thing from a pessimist, he's just trying to be helpful. His own shadow may be fine, but he's seen others that have been horrible. He doesn't want even a stranger to be taken by surprise by a mean one. ]
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Did it attack anyone?

[He wonders what possibly could happen with his own. He doesn't want to ruin whatever peace he's managed to scrounge.]
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Mine didn't. He ate some peaches and pet my dog.

[ He doesn't know why his own shadow turned out to be so docile, and to be honest he's not concerned about it either. Why bother worrying about a blessing? ]

And then told me about the sacrifice thing. I think-- [ he brings his TAB closer so he can lower his voice ] --he's scared of the other ones.
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[Well, it could be a hell of a lot worse. That's for sure. He'd prefer his shadow be more interested in petting his dog.]

With good reason. [Some of them are horrifyingly dangerous.]

How is he different from you?
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I hope you're not getting any ideas.

[ Aimed at Kurt, of course. ]
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[ Matthew butts in here, trying to be helpful ]

Kurt won't have to do that. His shadow's nice.
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I'm filled with confidence.

[ Look at her. Totally believing. Wow. ]
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[ Matthew looks at Raven on the screen, then at Kurt beside him, then back to Raven. ]

So... How do you two know each other?

[ Yes, he should definitely focus on the issue at hand but focus has never been his strong point, also they're both very blue. Feels like there's something there. ]
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We worked together. [ Sort of. ] We're from the same place.
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[video;] (hella backdated I'm sorry)

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Kurt, we're not the only ones who need to be careful.

[ He may not look angry, or even anything approaching upset, but he is thoroughly not thrilled. Between Raven making a point of telling him to say something and a history of this very's deja vu at the very least. ]
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[ Charles just gives the feed a bit of a look. It isn't quite disparaging, and there's no anger in it, but he's not willing to brook much in the way of an excuse here either. He is concerned, and he's concerned more so when the directive comes from his sister that he should be more on edge than usual. ]

You, to start. Advice is often only as good what you'd take yourself.

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[ Why hello there, hi. Matthew isn't gonna say anything yet but he is here also, still sitting next to Kurt and observing this conversation. In fact he pops his curly head into view for a moment, blinking at the screen of his friend's TAB.

Hey Kurt, why does everyone keep telling you to be careful all the time? It's almost like all your friends think you're reckless or something. ]
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