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video sent from Asriel's TAB; cw for poisoning and child death

[They turned on the recording as soon as he started to fall to pieces, his fur soaked with tears and turning the dust to slurries of gray. There's a flash of green and yellow sweater before the camera spins, dizzyingly, to settle upon a Boss Monster curled up against the floor. He looks like he might be - melting, or falling apart, white fur slicked with sweat and dust and worse, his fangs and lips stained with flecked yellow.]

Ready, Asriel?

[A swirled nest of dust and bruised golden petals scattered across the floor, and Asriel is trying to speak, but the child overrides him easily:]

Do your creepy face!

[He starts to split apart by the seams, dusted cracks spiraling up his fur and down his claws and along his crumbling ears. He always did love to record things, and holds the memories close to his heart and SOUL.

This one, too, will remain with him forever.]

Ch...ara... [Every word sounds like an effort, and he's falling apart, more and more, by the moment.] ...hel... p... m...e...

[He doesn't last much longer, after that.

The visual cuts. A child sits cross-legged on the kitchen tile next to the heap of dust once designated Asriel Dreemurr, a disturbingly serene, domestic scene to contrast the horror of his slow, protracted demise. Smiling, as though nothing is wrong.

Their eyes are black, right down to the whites. Ha ha.

In their hands is a disk. Asriel's disk, in fact - his identity, compiled into one useful little compendium of easily-rearranged code. Everything he is, packed into one handy drive. They turn it slowly, slowly, between their fingertips in a continuous revolution.]

Would you like to hear a story?

[They address the network via Asriel's TAB with an even disposition, a smile peaking white beneath parted lips.]

It's ever so funny, really.

Once upon a time, a pair of children tried to make a surprise for their father. A butterscotch pie, like their mother would always make. But they made a small error, see: instead of cups of butter, they used buttercups.

[They pick one of the gold petals from the ground, crushed and coated in gray as it is, and pinch it between forefinger and thumb.]

He grew terribly, terribly ill. One of the children felt just awful about it. But the other...?

[The petal drops to the ground, spiraling lazily as it catches in the air's resistance.]

Why, they laughed.

[The word twists out in a sickening burst of crimson. It's unclear, how it is that a word can feel red, but regardless of how possible such a thing might be, the child has accomplished it. They are, after all, very determined.]

You see, they just wanted to see him suffer.

[They smile, sweetly, at the feed one final time.

And the recording ends.]
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action; on the hiiiiiighway to hell

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[It's sheer luck, really, that Frisk even notices the post go up. With Rinzler all but holding them hostage from letting their own sins devour them whole, they've been somewhat busy themselves. But paranoia about the possible state of their loved ones has them checking their TAB as soon as notification of the post comes in.]

[And what they see is...]

[Their grip on Rinzler suddenly tightens. He's surely heard as well.]

Home. Now.
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action; no stop signs

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[Rinzler heard. Rinzler saw, when the voice over the TAB froze cold his efforts at retreat. Frisk's duplicate has apparently been left too far behind for that to matter, but a different horror plays out on the feed. Crumbled dust and flower petals, the same golden fragments Chara hacked out at the carnival now strewn in Asriel's remains. Asriel's disk, spun about so casually, in hands that had held his with care.

Rinzler nods. Rinzler nods, and Rinzler doesn't stall or loop or check the record. He doesn't reach for his own TAB. If there is anything to be communicated, Frisk can do it. That's not his function. And it's not the promise he made.


Even without transport batons, he can travel much faster than Frisk. He scoops them up and moves, making for the house in Region Five.]
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jams [z] repeatedly

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[As soon as they reach the house, Frisk wastes no time. Movements precise and without waste, they make their way through the small house with no mind for any detail aside from the location of bodies.]

[One left.]

[They come to an abrupt halt in the doorway with their own disk in hand and lit a blazing red, their face completely blank of emotion but their voice trembling with ill-contained rage. They want to launch themself at Chara, strike and strike without mercy or remorse, but yet--]

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[Frisk knows where they're going. Rinzler lags a beat—go around the back, catch the threat off-guard... but this isn't just killing. It's a production. A call. They're supposed to come here. Frisk, more than anyone, is supposed to come.

One was enough.

Their steps are shadowed. Another disk burns clear red-orange, inactive but ready in his hand. A low, harsh rattle echoes through the halls: something broken, something wrong. No traps. No tricks. Everything in plain, clear sight.

A threat. A disk.

(Black eyes. Like Frisk, before.)

Scans sweep periphery for hidden threats, but Rinzler doesn't stop when Frisk does. He advances two steps: into the room, off to the side, leaving their path from the door clear.]
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[Frisk goes still as ice the instant Chara's grip closes down, their eyes boring straight into the black hollows with fierce intensity. What they hold is more fragile, more precious than anything, than themself, than the world--]
[But not you.]

[The color is raw in their throat, a flicker of reality stolen and forced to where it doesn't fit. Rage, frustration, determination bubbles up inside with little other vent but to snap values into place that don't even exist.]

You had your revenge. Why are you doing this?
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[He doesn't need the reminder. Not at all. He doesn't need them to spell out what they could do with Asriel's code, either—how many ways it could be mangled or cut down.

Still, it does help a little. More than the black eyes. More than the dust, even.

This can't be Chara, because Chara wouldn't threaten that.

Which begs another, urgent question, but Frisk is speaking, and their inquiry holds nearly the same weight. Rinzler waits, wordless and unmoving, calculating trajectory and speed. If it's like before, he should be faster. Maybe enough to get the disk in time... but maybe isn't sufficient. Not now, and not with this many unknowns.]
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[This is...]

[This is going nowhere. Every question has always gone in a circular path, spiraling around until there's nothing left but a miserable feeling of not quite measuring up. And if they don't know what to say, then...]

...because we can, we have to. Right?

[It's the only warning Frisk gives before they break forward, trying to cross those last few feet before the Demon or the Shadow or whatever they are can react. Just a few steps and then they can grab, strike, end this as quickly as possible--or have at least damned well have tried.]
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[Pressure builds, and noise rattles up in a low growl, mask fixed on the threat. Rinzler's already shifting forward a half-step: pointed reminder, deliberate warning. Frisk isn't the only one here, and if they're going to harm the disk now, when they're complying, there's no reason not to try for that maybe.

He doesn't expect Frisk's attempt.

He doesn't expect it, but he can read it, release of coiled limbs with nothing holding back. He doesn't expect it, but he reacts, empty hand abandoning the line half-typed into his TAB as Rinzler flows forward too, entering his own lunge. Frisk moves a fraction sooner, but Rinzler aims all his speed to intercept, targeting their target's central mass. Disk arm braced flat across its core, free hand knocking that disk out to the side. Frisk can grab it. They have to. They don't have to risk damage, not when he's here.

And if they can, he wants this threat alive. For at least a little longer.

Rinzler wasn't made to communicate. Rinzler isn't allowed, and the loophole he's laid claim to can't be used amidst a fight. But he didn't pause to cancel before moving, and for just a moment, a few distorted, too-close characters can be made out, before the jumble of inputs dismisses the display.]

e   r   e      i   s
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[Frisk slams into the edge of the bed, breath rushing out of their lungs from the impact and leaving them coughing for a few moments. They whirl back around, staring at--that isn't Chara. It's not them, they have to remember that.]

[But their eyes are fixed on that disk, and they tremble in frustration. So long as the Shadow has it...]

You already made your point.

[Their eyes slide upward, bright with anger.]

Where is Chara.

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[What the hell.

This isn't something that Michiko hasn't seen before. Crime, violence, death and torture have all been part of her life as far as she can remember. That's what you get from getting caught between of two crime organizations. She knows how bad things can get in the worst situations and she never regrets learning that. But what stops her here is that damn, these are two kids. Probably at the same age as Hatchin.]

Are kids into snuff films nowadays?
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Didn't look like you were much of a help either.
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Hah? The furry looked pretty alive to me just a second ago.
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Does he run on batteries or shit? Because that doesn't make damn sense, kid.
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[To be honest? A little yeah. To her it looks like the kid has eaten too much sugar and decided to have fun with their stuffed animal.]

So what's point of this, then?

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