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So annoying. [Says a low, lazy voice as the video starts. At first the feed is a little shaky, the focus is moving from dark hair to big shiny hoop earring and down to cheek, revealing some of the painted lips, before shooting up to show forehead and sunglasses. Guess someone isn't used to holding a camera.]

So um. Yo. [The woman in the video starts, sounding rather hesitant and awkward. She keeps a weird break before speaking again, this time trying to force the certainty to her voice:]

Got a few questions and these weird-ass looking tentacle faces are being too fucking pissy and annoying for negotiations. So umh, yeah. I'm looking for someone. Or someones, I guess. [The camera moves further away, now properly showing woman's face. She's lying on top of a big, bright colored scooter and her whole appearance is somewhat tense and fidgeting, almost as if she wished to be anywhere else but on live camera. It's dark in the background which rises the question why does she even need sunglasses?]

I'm looking for a guy. A really good looking guy so you'd definitely remember seeing him around. The other one I'm looking for is a kid. The most surliest girl you'll ever see, you know, like mouth full of lemons. But they look alike, the kid and guy. So. [She shrugs. Clearly she thinks she's given enough information.]

Other than that, anyone know where I can find this robot-something called Ted. Or Todd. Other Ingress Deputy shits will do. I got stuff to negotiate with them.

[In the last part her voice sounds much more confident than before, there's even touch of cheekiness to her expression.

There's another silent break before she ends the video.]
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[The mention of a missing adult doesn’t pique the Big Sister’s interest at all—definitely not enough for her to consider using her newfound method of communication. The mention of a missing girl, however, is another story.

A few seconds later, Michiko will receive a message in response that shows the flat surface of a table with three cards laid out in a row. Each card shows a single handwritten word:]




[It’s not a complete sentence, but hopefully the meaning still gets across: what does the girl look like?]

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[The Big Sister frowns fiercely at her TAB. How had the woman not understood that? She tries again. The next message shows another series of cards:]





[Why is this so hard?]
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[The Big Sister listens carefully to the woman’s description, though she still shakes her head at the question. She looks through her cards again and this time shows a few more to her screen.]





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These people have names, right?

[So, maybe she should provide them.]
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Okay. In that case, you can look them up on the TAB. If they're here, they'll be listed in the directory—it auto-updates, apparently.

If they're not...sorry.
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Yeah, obviously. I've done that. But I doubt they got down from the Ingress without someone getting their names.
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Oh yeah. He's hard to ignore when he wants to be heard. What do you need him for?
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Yeah, and he'll tell you plenty. Doesn't guarantee any of it'll be useful.
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Oh no, not at all. Definitely go talk to TOD. I'd love to hear about what he tells you.
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None whatsoever. Good luck, new girl.
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I'm also looking for a guy. A few guys actually. And a girl.

There's a distinct shortage of "guys we're looking for" around here, am I right?
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Just that the guys and girls that we want to find don't seem to be showing up around here.

Or if they do they like to act like they don't know you.