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text; july 5th

[It’s unfortunate that he has to turn to the network. Unfortunate, but unsurprising. He can only go so long without energy and his handlers hadn’t provided nearly enough guidance for him to find a solution on his own. He had hoped someone would give him further instructions before he hit hard limits, but after almost four days without charge, the situation is urgent enough for him to make a general request for assistance.

Calla elects for text over video or audio. He has no illusions that he’ll pass for a Creator with the message he’s about to post, but at least he can spare anyone from hearing his audio glitch. Plus, if what he’s doing is somehow against protocol, at least no one will have a face to match with his offense.]

Hello everyone.

[He reads and rereads the opening words a few times. They seem inoffensive enough...]

I was hoping someone would be kind enough to answer a small question of mine. I’m sure it’s a silly thing to ask, but I can’t seem to find any charging stations in the Ingress Complex. Would anyone please let me know where I might find any available for public use? I haven’t been installed in my new function yet and I just need enough power to tide me over until then.

[Calla can’t detect anything objectionable in that request. Perhaps it comes across as a little slow—the lack of readily available information on the subject suggests common knowledge—but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for a Created. He thinks for a moment and then adds another line.]

Liquid energy would be acceptable as well.

[Liquid energy had been a luxury in the Gardens, a novelty reserved for those who accompanied paying Creators. But given how strange this new world is, Calla can’t rule out the possibility that it’s the norm here.]

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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[Familiar terminology... and a strange ID. A new import? Or did they pick up a stray?]

Identify: function, system of origin.
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Rinzler's pretty sure that means "Siren".]

Reference ("Earth"): nonspecific.

Confirm/deny: system designated Earth-91c, recently networked through Ingress?
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[...and that would be confirmation.]

Left with them.

[A guess, but not a difficult one. Unless the Ingress just happened to import a program from that world the week after they left it?]

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Not an answer.

[Also not creators, but that mismatch can at least be blamed elsewhere.]

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[There's something about this message that feels so painfully familiar. She imagines that if Vision could run low on energy he'd ask for help in a very similar way, and this person sounds...not the same, but a related sort of being. And Wanda's never been one to turn away from someone who needs help.]

Are they refusing to let you use one yet?
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Have you asked the Savrii? There are places to charge devices, but I am not sure what kind of station you need.

[It's starting to sound like maybe calling Tony in for help would be a good idea. Or...if it's really an emergency...]

Will any kind of energy work?
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[It's more a question of mechanics - there are stations with special surfaces that will charge any device left on them, but somehow she doubts they have the output to power a person.]

Someone probably didn't realize you needed it.

[Though one would think 'needs a source of power to function' would get carried over from the medical exam to whoever is setting up housing.]

But if the Savrii don't have anything, I know people who can help.


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I'm sure the Savrii will help install one if you ask them, but they'll need to know your intake requirements. Or they can make something that taps into the station power supply at standard outlets.

[In fact Yori has something very like in her own room, which is on the Complex, but she's not sure if that's compatible with the request...or if this person is someone she wants to invite over so soon.]

No liquid energy around here. There are stored batteries for emergency use, but I don't know if they would work for you.

[She's willing to share her own emergency supply if the newcomer is as low as that, but not if it's likely to overload the unknown with the wrong kind of energy.]
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[That sounds like an urgent energy need. Yori squints at the specifications for her second-largest capacity rechargeable battery, the one she bought in Kauto just in case.]

Please verify you can accept electric current with no harm. Different worlds tend to have different power standards. You might need a specific converter.

[Also, she needs a moment to figure out a safe place to let him find it.]
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[Yori frowns at the response. That means she really can't leave whoever this is unsupervised for the test use of the battery, or no one will realize what is wrong if there's a serious mismatch or injury.]

Understood. You're on the Ingress Complex? Can you find the hallway right outside the security post by the Ingress? I can meet you there with a battery.

[The people working Ingress Security know her pretty well after months of working on the same station, so if she needs help Yori is certain they'll come. She just hopes that won't be necessary.]

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Who's neglecting their duties in giving you what you need?

[ Tex might have a few choice words for someone like that. ]
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Yeah, it's me. [ There's a hint of a smile on her face as she continues. ] And of course I remember you. How could I forget?
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There's so many different types of people here—they'll probably have to be told specifically that you need a charging station.

[ That look on his face speaks volumes. It's interesting, considering the conflict about being taken for a human she's had lately. She looks a bit wistful when she replies. ]

The line here between creator and created is a little blurrier.

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