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01 ☂ Voice; (backdated to sun's out, fun's out event)

[A woman's voice comes over the network. She sounds annoyed. Like she's been waiting and waiting for something and now that it's finally happened, she has to collect herself.]

Yes, hello? Is this the Customer Service line? I've been trying to call your shit for days now. I know that the sun is out and everything but that doesn't mean you can not answer the phone! If the sun goes out, who else am I gonna call? I've got to report this service outage to someone. The sun going out is also kinda unprofessional. I'm not exactly feeling confident in you guys here.

Anyway, my complaint is as follows. I need to get off this plane of existence like right fucking now. And I know that it's probably not your fault who you pick up and drop off here, it's just policy and blah blah blah but it's very important that I get back to the plane of existence I was on before. I want to return this kidnapping for a full refund.

I hate to show up and run without wrecking any shit as is my thing, but this is kind of getting in the way of what I'm trying to do. Which is literally ONE JOB. I had one fucking job and this makes it look like I can't do one job. So for the sake of my resume and the universe, send me back.

Also some asshole owes me 15 dollars and I need to collect. Priorities and all.

Yes, that's it. Thank you for your time. But next time if this complaint doesn't go through, I'm gonna ask for your goddamn manager!

((No TAZ spoilers really in the post but some might always appear in the comments, I will try to warn for anything in the subject head!))
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[Sniggering to himself.]

Oh yeah? Well, turns out, I am the manager, and we don't give away the sun to just any old customers. So I want to speak to your manager. Put them on!
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Oh yeah? Check again. We just bought you out. Yeah, you work for the sun now, and you're fired.
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Wha-- ??

[He sounds completely taken aback.]

What gave me away?
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Well, I was aware I was known for having a particularly gruff voice, but the bad sense of humor is just uncalled for.

[The problem here, with this interaction, is logically right now Magnus would ask her name, demonstrating he doesn't know who she is. Unfortunately, Magnus is a very rude boy who never asks anyone's name.]

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[Huh, well.

Something in this voice is really rattling Taako's cage, but he can't quite put his finger on it. He's barely even paying attention to what she's saying - did he eat something expired, is he experiencing gastrointestinal comeuppance? Is thinking too hard about stomach distress ruining a potentially emotional moment? Either way it's weird, and he hasn't actually heard a word she's said. Whoops.

Uh, yeah, kemosabe, turns out - fun fact! - they don't give a crap. Seriously, I've tried, but it is a shitshow here. Start-ups, what can you do? Don't bother. Trust me on this one, they won't even give you coupons for staying on the line.
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[ Don't be rude, he did a great job. He's so grown up and independent now. ]

Oh! A fan! Wowza, just from my voice too - now that's, uh, dedication. It's great, great to hear from the folks at home, you know? I'm glad I could be an inspiration. Listen, I just got new 5x7s, I'll send you one. Might make up for the whole Sun-being-out thing? Brighten your day? Tell you what, I'll spring for the 8x10. What's your name, I'll make out a dedication.
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Excuse me? Plenty of people want 8x10s. Roadside coffee shops, laundromats, mid-range family style dining establishments. They're in demand! I could charge, two, three hundred bucks for this and I'm offering limited edition memorabilia for free, not yanking your chain.

[ It's probably not decisive yet. He's pretty good at straightfaced deception, but he does seem a little weirded out. ]

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Sooo sorry the number you have reached is just as boned as you are, and of all the destinies that are on hold cause of this weird space shit, 15 bucks is like a fart in the wind in comparison.

I owe at least three times that much and I'm doing a-okay.
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If you plug it up or eat five fiber one bars you'll never shit again, let alone get a single squeak outta those cheeks.
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Yeah but, 25 years of constipation? That's too tough, dude.

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We all need to get off this plane of existence. It's not just you.
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[ 'My lady'. Oh. That's a new one. She blinks at her TAB and pauses before typing out a reply. ]

What kind of big stakes?
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[ Super cliche. Who is this person? ]

And probably powerful?

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backtags you into the sun

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