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text backdated to July 2nd; HEY TECH PEOPLE

i'm no good with tech and not much better with magic, but i have a device that's supposed to do universe travel when it's not broken. if someone working on the ingress wants to have a look at it and play around with it, see if you can copy something that might help, go for it

cos i'm sick of evacuating my treehouse

[Well, no, he's not offering up the device which is his only way of using magic and also a solid barrier between him and death just because he's tired of evacuating. He's doing it for everyone here, because the twin planets' reliance on the Ingress has become immediately and tangibly clear since its outage, and if he has something that might help fix it, he's going to offer it.]

[OOC plotting comment about this offer if you want to use it as a springboard!]
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part of me wants to point out that this is why people shouldn't live in treehouses
the rest of me has to acknowledge that your treehouse is awesome
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which is why i'm not that jealous
i wouldn't mind a treehouse but not when crazy shit is constantly happening
i get enough crazy shit away from home
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i want to say the 'yet' part isn't inevitable
but i said i would never lie to you