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[ In light of current events, Tetora's back to his old haunts on the Ingress. Which isn't too bad! Except for one small thing. ]

hey does this mean we're all fucking grounded? in space???
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Like small children, yes.
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I'd say the noisier the better at this point.
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Tempting. I suppose there's not much else to do now, hm?
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Either somewhere where it might bother those in authority, or somewhere where it might be a good space to spread out, I suppose.

[Okay, he wasn't actually planning to at first, but what the hell.]
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Alright, fine. Meet me at [Insert the top of some building here. Living on the edge.]

[Well, it's better than not really doing anything. Liquid's not complaining.]
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I didn't consider the fact that maybe this means they're not only restricting our travel to other planets but also in searching for our homes. I have to ask.
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I don't necessarily like my home, but I have obligations.

[Which is the first time he's admitted that, other than motherbase, he doesn't especially like it there.]

I already got in trouble. I'll be fine. [He doesn't specify what the trouble is. He doesn't want to spark too much of Savrii investigation.]
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Don't worry about it. I got out of it.

[He's not going to be talking about it on the network. Anywhere where the Savrii might have a chance to see. He's worried he'll get blamed for it.]

I'll let definitely let you know what's going on.
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I'm at home but I can meet you somewhere.

[His apartment isn't the greatest place. It's sort of bland.]

There's a cafe nearby. I'll send you a the address.
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[And he sends him the address and goes to the cafe himself, complete with leaving a note to say where he's gone (he's been having someone walk him to work lately). Some people could really say that where Kaz picked to live was his own fault. It's not a pretty part of Region One and he chose it because he wanted to operate in a place like Yokosuka.]

[So of course it wasn't the best place to live.]

[He shows up at the cafe and waits so he can order the kid something, too. Then he'll explain the surprisingly mild amount of trouble that he got himself into.]
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you are for sure
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no im nice and cozy while this clusterfucks goin on cause i can take care of myself
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no cavity search? you got lucky
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woooooooooooow what airtight defenses
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you mean there woulda been pieces of them left??
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what so a unicorn woulda eaten em? hmm
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im talkin to one
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text, says it's from Jane Shepard

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Two planets and a space station is a lot of space to be grounded to.

[That's a whole two planets more than she's been limited to!]
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y'all missed when we briefly had two legit Shepards and this kid

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But there's a lot longer until you hit the walls.
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stuck on just one planet yeah
never thought that would feel constricting before